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What kids around the world eat during lunch at school

What kids around the world eat during lunch at school

Each country has its own standards for school meals. Some schools offer cooked meals and snacks for lunch and some cook for students. The most popular foods are potatoes, rice and coleslaw. In most schools there is also milk instead of fruit juice. We has discovered what school meals around the world are.

South Korea

The school meal planning system in South Korea is one of the best in the world. The two largest parts of the tray are usually for soup and rice. The smaller parts are for salads, seafood, vegetables and fruits. Skinny kids get fish oil in a measuring spoon. Popular dishes include kimchi, sesame leaves stuffed with rice and pumpkin soup topped with honey sauce, green onion pancakes, pepper and octopus, cucumber and carrot salad.


Japanese school meals are almost the same as in South Korea: hot soup, rice, poultry or fish, salad and milk. Students are not allowed to bring their food to school until they reach school. There are no vending machines in the dining rooms and students do not eat in the dining halls. They put on white coats and eat in their classrooms, they serve in the offices and eat there.

United Kingdom

Chips, carrots, rice porridge, salad, fruit and a Belgian chocolate waffle. Many schools are limited by the budget, which is why the students are often offered fast food. The kids love it. And it is not expensive.

United States

This is school lunch in Virginia. Peaches, corn, chicken, pizza and salad. The dishes are quite different in American schools. Most of the time it’s fast food and practical food that kids love: nuggets, fries, hamburgers. Parents also give children a lunchbox for the school.


It’s a lunch prepared for the student at home. Rye bread, walnuts, grapes, apple, pomegranate and kefir. It is the food that helps to increase the intellectual capacity.


Today’s menu features pork in sweet and sour sauce, rice and pudding wrapped in banana leaves.


It’s a lunch in a school in western France. Fish, spinach, potatoes, cheese and bread. It is considered the main meal of the day. The lunch lasts one to two hours. Students can also go home for lunch during this break.


Finland takes planning for school meals very seriously. Each student receives refreshments during the morning, afternoon and lunch. Children eat their lunch in a canteen, where they can choose whatever they want from a variety of dishes. Each school offers lunch for children with special dietary needs, either in terms of health or religion. Lunch in the photo includes meatballs with sauce, potatoes, salad and cereals.


In Russia, students can have breakfast for free from 9am. until 12h00 Lunch after 12h You are paid. But it is not always clear what food is breakfast and what is lunch. For example, this meal includes sausages, buckwheat and tea.


Here children are offered very large lunches. Noodle soup, baked beans with chicken and nuts for dessert.


Fresh fruit, cereal bars, sweets and flatbread sandwiches. Get an overview of photo credit cards

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