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Vision Paper Example

The organization and mission and vision statements that will be discussed are from SGT (Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies), Inc. which is an aerospace services company that was founded in 1994 by Harold Stinger and Dr. Kam Ghaffarian.

They are headquartered in Greenbelt, Maryland with locations throughout the country and I had the pleasure to work for them for a year before my contract was bought out by a competitor. SGT states that they are dedicated to customer satisfaction and providing high quality support in the areas of Engineering, Science, Project Management and Information Technology.

Their vision is “to be the provider of choice for innovative and high value solutions in the technical services markets we serve.” Their mission statement is “to provide technical excellence and innovative solutions for our customers, employees and shareholders.” As you can see, their mission and vision are closely aligned and revolve around their core values of customer satisfaction, quality, and innovation.

SGT has a long history of proven performance on a variety of NASA programs dating back to the mid-1990s when they supported the design, development, integration, and testing of avionics for the International Space Station program. In recent years, they have provided critical support to both human spaceflight (The Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle and Space Launch System) and robotic exploration (Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover) programs.

SGT’s work on the Orion program is focused on providing avionics integration and test support, as well as developing the mission control center software that will be used to operate Orion spacecraft during future missions. For the Space Launch System, SGT is providing engineering support for system integration and testing. In addition, they are also helping to develop ground support systems that will be used to process, launch, and recover SLS rockets and Orion spacecraft.

SGT’s involvement in the Mars Science Laboratory program began long before the Curiosity rover touched down on Mars in 2012. They were responsible for developing and testing several of the rover’s key instruments, including the Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) suite and the Radiation Assessment Detector (RAD). more recently, SGT has been providing support for operations of the Curiosity rover, as well as developing and testing new software that will be used on future Mars missions.

SGT’s experience in developing and supporting some of NASA’s most complex spacecraft and systems provides them with a unique understanding of the challenges associated with designing, building, and operating robotic exploration systems. This experience, combined with their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality, makes them an ideal partner for NASA’s journey to Mars.

The purpose of a mission statement is to help employees and leaders understand the main goals of the organization. A good mission statement allows different objectives and strategies to be considered without stifling creativity.

A vision statement is for the whole company and is what the organization would like to achieve in the future. Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies has two separate statements for their mission and vision.

Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies’ Mission Statement: We are a leading provider of technical, engineering and program management services supporting government and commercial clients with innovative, cost effective solutions. Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies’ Vision Statement: Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies aspires to become the partner of choice for our customers, providing them with innovative and cost effective solutions that exceed their expectations.

Our company specializes in delivering end-to-end systems engineering, technical, and program management services to support our clients’ most complex missions.

Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies (SGT) is a global company founded in 1997 and headquartered in Greenbelt, Maryland, that provides technical, engineering, and program management services to government and commercial clients. With more than 1,000 employees working in 22 states and the District of Columbia, we have a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

SGT has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Washington metropolitan area for five consecutive years by the Washington Business Journal. In addition, SGT was ranked number 42 on their list of the Top 50 Government Contractors and number 46 on their list of the Top 100 Private Companies.

Our core values are at the heart of everything we do:

– We are a team that works together to succeed

– We act with integrity in everything we do

– We nurture talent and creativity

– We are committed to our customers’ success

– We have fun doing what we do!

These values guide our behavior and decision-making every day as we work to provide innovative solutions for our customers.

Our company is organized into three divisions – Civil, Intelligence, and Space – each of which supports government and commercial clients with a range of technical services.

The Civil Division provides engineering and program management services to support the construction, operations, maintenance, and decommissioning of critical infrastructure for federal civilian agencies, state and local governments, and commercial clients.

The Intelligence Division supports the intelligence community with analysis, collection, and reporting of mission-critical information.

The Space Division provides engineering and program management services to government and commercial clients in the areas of space science, exploration, and operations.

SGT also has a subsidiary company, Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies Aerospace (SGT-A), which is focused on providing technical services to the aerospace industry.

No matter what division or subsidiary you work in, when you join SGT, you become part of a team of talented and dedicated professionals who are committed to making a difference for our customers.

The following is the SGT mission statement: “To contribute to the success of our partnerships with government and industry through disciplined, reliable, evolutionary Systems Engineering, Technical Management, and Engineering Analysis Processes and Capabilities.” (SGT 2012). In my opinion, this is a decent mission statement because it covers many of the nine required key components.

The company states what they do and how they do it. They also show what industry they are in, which is helpful for people who might not be familiar with the organization. SGTVision statement is “To continuously enhance our reputation as the government’s and industry’s partner of choice for addressing technically complex challenges.” (SGT, 2012) I think that this is a good vision statement as well. It shows that the company wants to be known for their work and that they want to be the go-to company for difficult projects.

SGT has been in business since 1997 and has worked on many different projects over the years. Some of their more notable projects include working on the James Webb Space Telescope, the Curiosity Mars Rover, and the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Overall, I think that Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies is a company with a strong mission and vision. They are a company that is always looking to improve and be the best at what they do. I think that their work speaks for itself and they are definitely an organization to keep an eye on in the future.

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