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Vegan Gains – Canadian YouTuber And Bodybuilder

It was on the 26th day of June 1991 that vegan bodybuilder was born in Canada. The Canadian launched his YouTube channel in December 2014 with a self-introduction in a video named Why a Bodybuilder Became Vegan after he went vegan in 2011. Since then, he has made a number of other videos most of which are in favour of veganism while the others have opinions which border on extremist behaviour. Richard claimed his decision to become vegan was taken after he watched a Gary Yourofsky video, somebody linked on Facebook which he said emotional connection than I’ve ever.

He has demonstrated violence, aggression, and delusions and talks about having mental problems as well as has described himself as a sadist and misanthropist. Though his love for and promotion of veganism could be considered a goal, the way he carries about that is what is often debated. He claims to love animals but dislike and enjoy hurting people and often wields a knife threatening meat eaters.

The knife-wielding YouTuber also stated his hatred for children and babies stating that they make him sick and his desire to slam his foot through them. Though he claims his statement is ironical and only intended as a click bait, he demonstrated his hatred by getting a vasectomy so he would never have tots of his own.

Ann evidence of his aggressive and unstable behaviour is his threatening to slit the throat of a fellow YouTuber, MrRepzion who detracted from his opinion.

Apart from his attacks on other bodybuilders and fellow YouTubers, he often pits himself against celebrities in videos with title forms Celebrity vs Vegan Gains. Not only does he attack meat eaters and seemingly animal mistreaters, he takes a step further in expressing delight in the “woe” of others which he claims is caused by eating meat.

In one of his videos, he made fun of a fellow YouTuber, Peter Czerwinski aka Furious Pete who had testicular cancer saying he deserves what he got shaming him for his dietary choices. That is wishing another death because he eats meats. Interestingly, not even his family members are left out in his outbursts. He went as far as recording his granddad’s death to promote veganism. Absurd, huh?

In addition to his numerous exploits on YouTube, Vegan Gains has a popular series therein called Worst of the Fitness Industry, where he tries to let people know that bodybuilders as good as they look or nice as it seems, they don’t necessarily want to help them but rather to make money from them either by selling supplements or even their lifestyle. As such, he has often been referred to as the Keemstar of bodybuilders.

Vegan Gains cuts such an interesting personality. If one mentions him in a video or comment, that one should expect a grossly miscalculated, rambling, conceited response within hours of the remark or post. An instance was when LeafyisHere responded to one of his videos titled How I Humanely Kill People, by proposing Vegan Gains be thrown into an insane asylum. In response, he posted two videos against him.

However, while many may have criticized him for his extremism, others have lauded him for being a big influence on those who wouldn’t look into veganism otherwise and surprisingly, for his controversial approach to presenting his case which they felt breeds attention which encourages thought on what he discusses.

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