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Types Of Dab Rig

Dabbing rigs are available in different ways, each of which is devoted to different purposes. If you enjoy a healthy way to consume cannabis concentrates without burning a hydrocarbon bottle, The key is to find the right set and spend some time to research how they work, this way you avoid possible beggars battle. Below are few of the different types of dab rigs available.

Daily Rigs for Regular Dabbing

The daily driver is your starting point, so it must be functional, sturdy and easy to clean. The key to this setup is the electric nail or “e-nail. ” I use the MiniNail because it is small, provides precise temperature control and does not require the use of a torch. It is always warm and ready when you want to dab or share it with a companion. This is one of the much reasonable options, but keep in mind that it is less than portable and better for everyday use at home. This setup is perfect for large-volume dabs in social settings or for choosing the desired settings for low-temperature dabs without breaking the bank. The sole disadvantage is that you are limited by the cable length and the need for electricity.

Quartz buckets for the Dab Connoisseur

A setup like this is good to get the smoothest, tastiest dab. When it comes to taste, I prefer quartz bucket that is also known as bangers because they do not meddle with the natural terpene profile of the saps and smash that I dab. The deep bucket can handle a great number of concentrates without clutter, and the clear aesthetics are much cleaner on the artistic glass and heady rigs. The only disadvantage of this setup is that it uses a torch. Although there are some attachments with which you can use an electric nail with your quartz bucket, I have discovered that the cord attachments can cause some chaos. So please use the STOK R-series double barrel torch. It has two adjacent barrels that heat the tank quickly and evenly.

E-rigs for the Dabber on the Go It is in one way or another difficult to achieve the same functionality of daily driver-setup while traveling. Concentrate pens, even with percolator attachments, just do not hit the target. Fortunately, new technologies are marrying the portability of concentrate pens with the capabilities of standard dab rigs. The result is electric dab rigs or e-rigs. Use Dabber because it offers the portable performance you might be looking for, with just a few clicks on the power button, the nail is hot and ready in about 30 seconds, and the battery lasts pretty much 40 to 50 dabs before it needs to be charged. The only shortcoming of e-rigs currently on the market is the size of the nails and the vapors, making it difficult to take more than one dab at a time. It is an understandable consideration given the mobility of e-rigs, and I expect that this function will evolve as the technology improves.

The Quintessential Dab Rig

The word “Quintessential” may not be the technical term, but it is the most commonly used term to refer to this type. You could say that the average height on these rigs is 9 inches, but do not be surprised to see them in a vast variety of sizes. Typically, this style kit will be smaller than your average water pipe. These rigs exceed expectations in both function and style, which is why they have become immensely popular. The water filtration will produce nice smooth strokes. Finally, this typical dab-rig is made by many different glass artists, giving you many options for different price categories. The competition between glassblowers makes these rigs very affordable. If you are starting out and are looking for a good all-around rig, then I highly recommend this style. A disadvantage of this is the size. If you are in search of a dab rig that is easy to travel with, then this is not the way to go, there are still much of options left on this list.


People accustomed to smoking large water pipes tend to chuckle a little when they see mini-rigs. What is a mini-rig? It is almost exactly how it sounds. These are extra small rigs that can easily sit in the palm of your hand. What is so great about an extra small rig? There are two main advantages. The first advantage is the fact that it is of a travel size. If you need a rig that is easy to carry to a friends house or on vacation, then this is it. The second advantage is the taste. Many smokers prefer a very small rig because it better preserves the flavors of the terpenes. A disadvantage of these rigs is that they retain less water compared to others, so the smoke/vapor tends to be hotter in your throat.


Recycler dab rigs get that name because water is moved (recycled) by two different chambers. They are a scientific experiment that can be used to take dabs. These type of dab rigs have become famous for two main reasons. The first reason is that the recycling function offers great water filtration and gives super smooth hits. The second reason is that it looks great. It looks great when it is stationary or in use with water rotating around it. It also sounds great when you take hits. What is the disadvantage? They are going to cost a bit more. That does not mean that there are no affordable recyclers, but they usually cost you a little more than rigs with simpler functions. If you are willing to spend the extra money, it is worth it. Recyclers are usually on the bigger side, so they do not travel as easily as some of the other options.

Honey Straws

These go by different names; Honey straws are sometimes referred to as nectar collectors. You should not use these term because it refers to a specific brand. In the course of time, this brand name has become unintentionally synonymous with the productApart from semantics, honey straws work uniquely compared to any other type of dab rig. Usually, you use a dabber to place your concentrates on a nail, but in the case of a honey straw, you put the nail directly on your concentrates on a glass dish. These rigs are super portable. Not only is the rig itself small, but you can also use smaller torches to heat them up. They are also really affordable. If you are looking to start with the smallest amount of money, then a honey straw is your best choice. There are two major disadvantages. The first is, most holds little volume or no water at all, so you do not get the filtration you should on a typical drill or recycler. The second disadvantage is that if they are not used properly, it is possible to lose concentrates. Newcomers will all too often dive directly into honey straw without starting to inhale and send a massive cloud into the air. You can reduce this possibility by putting only a small amount of concentrate on your dish at a time.

G-Spot Dab Rigs

This rig is ideal for the frequent and experienced dabber. The G-Spot is a full-size dabbing rig with a detachable mouthpiece for easy cleaning. The curved mouthpiece makes eating easier, and the thick, massive base ensures stability. The G-Spot comes with a titanium nail that lasts for years. We believe this harness offers super-reliable quality performance for a device lower than $200 and is excellent for everyday use. As dab rigs go, it is considered a mid-priced model and one of the cheaper titanium nails on the market. If you take good care of it, you can expect your money to be worthwhile from this dab rig, because it should last a long time and perform well. Advantages of Dab RigsIf you’re into dabbing, a decent rig is an absolute must.

A few of the top benefits of using a dab rig include:

  • Convenience – You will have everything you need to enjoy your favorite concentrate.
  • Safety – Unlike homemade rigs, a well-designed rig will keep you safe while you are dabbing. After all, you are dealing with heat and fire.
  • Style – Like bongs, pipes, and other smoking devices, rigs often double as works of art.

There are lots of styles to choose from, and you can mix and match components to achieve your distinct design.


There aren’t any downsides to using a dab rig. The only exception would be if you bought a low-quality rig with a poorly designed nail. In that case, you could end up wasting a lot of concentrates because the nail either gets too hot or doesn’t get hot enough. As any dabber can tell you, nothing is more frustrating than dabbing on some concentrate and getting so little vapor that you can’t even really inhale it. You can avoid running into those kinds of problems by investing in a decent rig. Choose a nail that will retain the heat long enough to produce plenty of vapor, but make sure it doesn’t hold onto the heat so long that it causes the concentrate to combust. If that happens, you will inhale more smoke than vapor, and the beneficial c

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