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Time To Rethink Our Schools Reading Lists For Diversity

The article I have chosen is called “It’s time to Rethink our Schools Reading lists for Diversity”. It is about how books like “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee is racist and should not be taught at schools. In “To Kill a Mockingbird” Tom Robinson, who is a black man, is falsely accused of sexually assaulting a white woman. He has a lawyer, Atticus, a white man, tries to defend him. But Tom still goes to prison, and tries to escape, but dies trying. Overall, the novel does portray a lot of racism.

In Minnesota, they removed “To Kill a Mockingbird” from the curriculum reading lists. In my opinion, I disagree with that action. I think that the book is racist, but it could be helpful for students to be educated on racism, since it is still an ongoing problem today. I believe it is important for everyone to be educated from a young age about racism and the severity of its effects on people.

Although, I also understand why they would remove it. As it could hurt many students or decrease their self esteem because of the violence or hateful speech towards their race and cultures. But I still do still think these topics are important and need to be addressed. I think that teachers need to teach the novels in a way that clearly explain that the racism in the book is wrong and isn’t tolerated and should never happen.

My connection to this article is to the world. There is an ongoing debate on the sex-ed curriculum in Ontario and what should be in the curriculum and what should be removed. This is similar to the racist novel debate because many people are debating on if and how the curriculum should change. With the sex-ed debate, many people are saying that a lot of things should be taught by parents, instead of teachers in the school. They would do this so the parents can decide how much they want their children to know and when they want to teach them.

But, other people are saying that we shouldn’t rely on parents to teach them because some parents won’t teach them all the information they’ll need to know in life. Or some parents might be unfit for teaching sex-ed. Or maybe they just teach it wrong, and then the kids won’t be properly educated.

I understand the argument on both sides, but I personally agree more with keeping most things in the curriculum. I think they should keep it because it is extremely important that from a young age all children are taught the proper information. But if parents do still want to teach their kids they can still do that outside of school, but they will still be required to do the regular classes in their school. Overall, I think it is important for everyone to be taught in school so they get the proper education they deserve.

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