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Things to know before installing solar panels

The benefits of solar energy do not require direct sunlight or a specific temperature. Some people have achieved better nutrition and better results on gray days. You can protect the planet by using solar panels to heat the water. For this, you need to remember:

  1. Find a safe way to store your energy, with a quality battery that saves a lot of energy for a long time.
  2. You should try to find the angle that works best for summer and winter.
  3. You should take your time getting informed to make the right decision. The immediate purchase can mean making the wrong decision.
  4. Have five hours of good sunlight a day to maintain the panels most efficiently. Solar water heating can reduce the cost of keeping a pool warm.
  5. Solar energy reduces the amount of pollution that occurs annually. There are already many machines that work autonomously using the power of the sun.
  6. You need to know exactly how much you consume daily before switching to clean energies. This can help you achieve proper alignment with your electrical installation.
  7. Older models are cheaper, but they do not do so well in the long term.
  8. Check the regulations where you live before installing the solar power system.
  9. If you are going to buy solar panels from a company, do a background check on them. You should try to contact an experienced company that has many years in the world in solar energy. The reason for this is so that this group can answer your guarantee.
  10. The use of solar energy saves money. If you have installed solar panels in your home or your business, it is essential that you get a quick return on investment.
  11. Place solar panels. They come in various forms and have different prices according to watts and manufacturing material. They are sold separately, or you can also resort to a company that installs residential panels. There are some to generate electric power and to run motors that in turn produce electricity, for example, or to heat or heat the water (DHW, hot water).
  12. Take advantage of the light and heat entering your home by opening well-oriented windows so that they receive direct sunlight or place skylights.
  13. Buy gadgets that work with solar energy such as chargers for batteries and batteries, mobile chargers, calculators and other.
  14. Placing solar tiles on the roof. There are them anyway and colors, some produce heat and additional electricity. Of course, they are more expensive than the panels because they are newer and are still under development.
  15. If you are going to build your house, get yourself a bioclimatic design since you can save up to 70% of the total energy used by the home.
  16. Use clear paints because that way you project sunlight and save energy by not having to turn on the light earlier.
  17. Use the south-facing rooms for everyday life because they get more sun than the others and you can use their energy to light and heat.
  18. Use the solr lights to illuminate the garden. They are charged during the day and when night falls they turn on automatically. It also uses lights with photo cells that turn off by themselves on the day.
  19. Use solar accessories for your mobile or iPhone, and there are chargers, Bluetooth headsets and much more.
  20. Place mirrors on the walls of your home to reflect the sunlight and illuminate the interior without the need to light lamps.
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