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The Unusual Car Accident of My Friend

Being in the place of Stanley, I am no longer a part of this world of living things. I am already dead and now to my great surprise, my friend, the author Conan Doyle as well is going to meet me for he lost his wife in a car accident. Now I am comforting him in his death.

The car accident my friend had was a very unusual one. He is now dead. I lay my hand upon his shoulder. I know that when he will know that he is no more alive, there would be a scene. I know the pain; he will be shocked. So I have to prepare him for what is waiting for him ahead. He was my friend and now our friendship will last forever. It is now my duty to prepare him and console him. Accepting the fact that one is no longer in the world is a hard nut to crack. It takes time to do so. It is no longer the world where humans live, here it is a completely different world.

Great people have thought about what happens after death, books are written about life after death. But few of these theories can be completely true unless one experiences it. Now that I know what happens after death, I wonder how my friend will react. I am eager to see his reaction and he is lucky that he had me to welcome him in this new world.I can understand what goes through somebody who has just faced death. I am now going to talk to him and make him at ease. I cannot wait to see his reaction.

I asked him “no pain, of course”, to start a very comfortable conversation. What is the use of revealing to him everything now? He said “no” in reply. He does not even realise that after death, no pain is felt, except that you feel bad about not having to see your family and loved ones again. Others will argue that they should regain their life because they have a lot more to achieve in life or they do not want to leave their money, wealth and so on. I hope Doyle is not of this type.

Finally, my friend talked some sense by finally saying: “Stanley, you are dead.” And yes, this was what I was waiting for. The shock on his face, the fact that he seems to be lost completely is something unusual. My friend does not even know that he is no longer part of the world of living things. So, does he think my ghost is haunting him or what? These human beings I tell you, they have ruined the reputation of ghosts.

Anyway, now is the time to reveal to him the deadly fact, so I replied, “So, are you.” The shock on his face is the only way he can express his feelings since he can no longer feel pain. He can neither shed tears nor shout. Conan Doyle will be welcomed in the new world of death and I really hope that he joins me in heaven and not in hell. He was a good fellow after all. I will now try to relate to him what has happened and how he is here. All these have to be done so that the new dead people can accept the fact that they are dead, unlike others who try to cry but no tears comes out.

Really, after death is really another world without pain. But the time when we, dead people come on the earth to console the new dead people, it is also something else. We have to be well prepared to prepare them to accept their death without ifs and buts as if everybody refuses to accept death, the world will be overpopulated and the world of death will be empty. This is the cycle of life.

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