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The Unforgettable Experience of Receiving My First Dog

Almost every dog owner remembers each dog he or she has owned. Personally, I remember the exact day I received my first dog, even though I was only about five years old. My family and I went to the pound, and I was the one to pick a dog to adopt. The dog I chose was a white mutt named Katie. Katie is now long gone, and my family has had many other dogs, including the three we currently own. Unlike with adopting Katie, my family has purchased all three of the dogs we currently own. Even though the outcome is the same, the process of adopting a dog and buying one is exceedingly different.

One difference between adopting and buying a dog is the type of dog in which someone is able to choose from. When adopting a dog, the dog someone will most likely choose will be a mutt. Of course being a mutt does not make the dog any less lovable or adorable, but there is little choice in breeds. In contrast, if a family decides to buy a dog, almost any breed of dog is available. A family may type a certain breed of dog into a search engine online, and a numerous amount of matches will show up ready to be purchased. This will influence a family’s decision whether to adopt or buy because the family may have a certain dog in mind.

Secondly, dogs usually differ on where they come from by if they were adopted or bought. When families adopt a dog, they usually have no clue on where the dog came from. The dog could come from a loving home or an abusive one, and the dog’s personality and habits can somewhat depend on the type of home he was from. The dog may have behavioral problems because he came from an abusive home. Dogs are sometimes able be trained away from these behavioral problems, but trying this is exceedingly difficult to do so, and there may be a problem before a trainer is able to. For example, a dog may bite a young child, if he has not been trained yet. On the contrary, a family has the ability of knowing where their dog came from when buying. If the family chooses to buy from a pet store, it may not know if the dog it has chosen came from a puppy mill or a respective breeder, unless it does extensive research. Many families who buy their dogs go directly to breeders, and they usually become close friends with breeder as well. These families will often visit the place where their dog was bred and raised before the family takes their new dog home. Buying a dog has the advantage of knowing what the dog’s previous life was like.

Finally, cost is one of the most important factors which tends to make the decision for families whether they adopt or buy. Adopting a dog is usually free or at an extremely low cost. Gaining a dog for a small amount of money is appealing to many families who are looking for a dog. On the other hand, buying a dog from both a pet store or a breeder becomes expensive, especially if the dog is a purebred or a popular breed. Buying a dog directly from a breeder tends to be less expensive than buying from a pet store. Buying from either a breeder or a pet store allows consumers to support a local business, which is a shopping practice many prefer.

Most dog owners will likely relay the message, “dogs are man’s best friend”. Many studies and experiments have been done proving dogs makes life better. When trained to do so, dogs serve many roles, such as service dogs and guard dogs, and they are an excellent addition to a family. The process of adopting and buying a dog is different, but the decision usually comes down to a family’s preference and budget. Both adopting and buying a dog will lead a anyone to a friendship he or she will never forget.

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