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The Success Of Amy Nauiokas

Amy Nauiokas is a typical jack of all trades who has ventured into various technical fields. From the world of finance to the world of entertainment showing excellent skills and success. Amy Nauiokas is married to Harry Harrison, who works as the head of Barclays Non-core. Besides, Harry Harrison holds a Masters in philosophy from the University of Cambridge and a degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge. Before joining Barclays, Harry Harrison has held diverse leadership positions from Global Financial Markets Association(GFMA), Bubble Foundation and Barclays Investment Bank among others.

Amy Nauiokas narrates her success story from the barn to business and later to the world of entertainment. Despite her tender age, Amy Nauiokas never did anything halfway. It was for this reason that she had to pursue as many hobbies as possible. Amy Nauiokas purchased the Washington Equestrian Center which she later transformed it from a barn to a training business. With her trainer, Nikka Therrien, Amy Nauiokas’ industry has dramatically succeeded attracting riders all over the country from Vermont to Florida.

Amy Nauiokas narrates how she visited Connecticut together with her family over the weekend to relax in their gateway home. Harry Harrison together with her wife Amy Nauiokas purchased the house sometime back in 2007. Amy Nauiokas proves her excellent skills in interior design by designing the country house brilliantly and attractively. She incorporates creative designs and colors on walls and ceilings displaying elegance and perfection.

It’s barely three years after Amy Nauiokas joined the entertainment world producing films and television projects that have exemplarily performed than her earlier life in the business world. Amy’s first hit theatre production was the Broadway hit Seminar with Alan Rickman as the starring. Later, her second film musical film Once won eight Tony awards.

In some instances, we can call Amy’s success story as luck. There was a time Amy decided to extend her sleep, and by chance, she escaped death by a whisker when terrorists’ plane struck, and her coworkers died. With so much success to showcase, Amy Nauiokas explains that the reasons for her success are her ability to take risks at every opportunity.

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