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The story of true family love: Antigone

Even though it was forbidden, Antigone decided to defy the state’s law and give her brother a burial. Antigone was right to defy King Creon because she had the right to bury her brother and her brother deserved a respectful burial so they could honor their family. Every person deserves a respectful burial. Even though Antigone was committing a crime according to the laws set by state, according to her she was right because she was just following the will of the gods.

Many people claim that they would do anything for their family, but Antigone showed that she truly feels the need to honor her family. She broke the law to bury her brother. Antigone takes her sister into a room and tells her “What hath not Creon destined our brother the one to buried to shame” (Sophocles,11). Antigone is telling Ismene about the death of their brothers. Antigone say’s to Ismene “I will do my part and thine if thou will not to a brother. False to him will never be found”.(Sophocles,13) Antigone is saying that she is going to Bury Polyneices even if it is illegal he is our brother so that’s what we have to do. Antigone wasn’t going to die, if she was going to die she would die with honor. Antigone say’s “But I will bury Polyneices. I will do what I must do and I will die an honorable death” (Sophocles, 13). Antigone is having an argument with her sister, Antigone is basically telling Ismene you don’t have to come with me I’m still going to bury him. In response Ismene say’s” I do them no dishonor, but to defy the state I have no strength for that”. (Sophocles,14)

Ismene is saying that she doesn’t want to bury her brother because it’s illegal and doesn’t want to deal with the consequences if she were to do that. Some people might disagree that Antigone buried her brother because she needed to honor his death and some instead might argue that she did it for herself. Antigone says selfishly to Ismene “Creon cannot keep me from the one I love”.( Sophocles, 13 )

It sounds like Antigone is being selfish and saying that she sounds she will break the law for herself and that she was burying her brother so she could be at peace. However Antigone clearly cares about her family because she was willing to break the law to honor Polyneices. Antigone tells Ismene Angrily “He is our brother.Perhaps you wish he was not. I will never forsake him”.( Sophocles, 12)Antigone is saying that Polyneices is their brother so they need to bury him even if it is illegal.Antigone was right to bury her brother even if king Creon made it illegal because it was the right thing to do.

Many say that they live for their family and that they would die to protect them or do anything for them but none more than Antigone. She proved that she cared about her brother,because she broke the law to defend and bury him with honor. If someone’s brothers were killed and one had a funeral but the other didn’t, wouldn’t they fight to make sure he had a funeral, that’s what Antigone did.

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