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The role of talent and hard work in reaching success

“Rome was not built in a day,” and basically, there exist in a society, two different category of successful persons of different discipline – the talented and the hard worker. Some people are talented at making hard work and at the same time, are hard worker at making talent. The hard worker is dedicated, determined and disciplined. Undoubtedly, hard work is more important than talent at every sphere of life with a goal termed, “success.” It is on the track of success that hard work importance cannot be over emphasized. Above and beyond this, this essay seeks to point out, as an attestation in such ambit of reality and every day experience, the importance of hard work.

The existence of talent is a well known trend present in diverse kinds of people, but a piece of work is necessary and required for the discovery of that little glimpse of talent in a little child. I am talented. I silently, in my mind, ask myself: “how do you even know, especially when you are in a world of multifarious kinds of field? Which field fits you perfectly and of which you can peruse and perfuse your performance of your God-given talent?” By the time I finish my questioning, I conclude that it requires my efforts, and work-doing capacity. Expedition of my energy is paramount and imperative in determining the visibility and feasibility of my talent; and the maintenance of an outstanding success in a field out of many kinds of field.

Needless to say, it is only the people that are hard work that become an indispensable stalwart of their society in which; they attain a great altitude in various sphere of the society. Their achievement is like smoke and cannot be covered. Henry Wadsworth Long Fellow avows this by saying: “the height great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.” Thus, everyone knows about it. I, as an individual, believe that with consistency, one can make a success after all, practice make perfect as hard work is epitomized with experience, proficiency and skill over time which could make someone be on the track of success, inter alia, fame. It is obvious that hard work is significant for success and there is no need for dispute.

In the same vein, the pre requisite for sweet success is sweat determination and hard work; as Colin Powell rightfully said: “no one ever drowns in his sweat. A dream does not become a reality through magic; it takes sweat determination and hard work.” Then I came to the think of it that the difference between a successful being and an unsuccessful being is a zealous basket of hard work; even though these two beings has the same talent. A person that is hard work and has no talent will be successful over time after considering the fact that he or she has no potential but zealous, and that will be the impetus necessary for the motion on the track of success. This simply implies that, whether or not one possess’ a talent does not matter where on will get in life or the level of one’s speed on the track of success. Showing significantly hard work watch-word: “though hard to learn; easy to earn success.”

Talent is a puissant illustration of the theory of Lamarck “use and disuse.” Literally, if you ‘use’ your talent, it will be conspicuous and effective; but if you ‘disuse’ your talent, it will be ineffective and disappears over time. ‘Use’ and ‘disuse,’ I mean, in terms of working hard and not working hard. As every successful ambition is a matter of time and the quality – hard working. The only driving force any one can have on the path of success when our talent is not or no more working is this “more working,” and when our talent finds it hard to work for a successful success and a victorious victory, is hard work. I term it as, “the pilot and pivot of success.” Thus, a talent is only termed a talent when it is discovered, developed through hard working. A talent is not to be referred to as talent without working, whether it is ranging from a piece of work through ‘soft work’ to hard work. Hard work should ever and forever be considered important as it can guarantee one successful.

In the end, then, one is clear: sweat hard work is more important than talent in every scope of the society with a goal termed, “success” that is sweet. As examples in such ambit of reality and every day experience can attest to this. Since, hard work will give anybody or rather, everybody an edge, a cause, and a reason to be successful and talented in their endeavor. Sure enough, that person that is a hard worker at making talent, over time, has gotten to the end of the track success and truly, a hard worker will be successful as they are unique to be found.

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