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The Rgar Case Summary

For the more vital of resources and items needed by the RGA, including the more powerful MAFVs and related components, along with the synthetic fuel used to power them, the vast number of Wehrmacht weaponry and cartridges, pickup trucks and transports, as well as other heavy ordnance had to be built by the Remnants. Through the power of German engineering and industriousness, the small numbers they possessed was the equivalent to the combined productivity of the Children’s Paradise and the Coalition. Even their robotic machinery, which they personally created to bolster their production capabilities, was not the real reason why.

Because of their connections to various South American companies, the Remnants were able to be supplied with components that they later assembled stateside. They were also responsible for the creation of equipment needed to repair damaged tunnels and Dweller cities, in addition to building new ones. And unlike the other two primary producers of RGA and Adelbu activities, they were the ones who tested and engineered prototypes of new equipment for infantry, MAFV and Luftgeschwader use. Schlo? Adelburg, the personal palace of Adelbukorps leader Walther Schaffer, oversaw the developmental processes. ** (Ten days later)

On the night of September 5th, at the Brotzman residence in Lansdale, the Wise Man was sleeping in the bed he and his wife shared. Allison was in the Dweller world, overseeing the final construction work on the Dweller Palace that will be used by the Coalition to host all of their summit meetings. He was having one of those dreams involving two government bureaucrats. But because one of them has died, only one remained in the office, and instead of talking to anyone, he was literally addressing the Brotzman family by name.

In the dream, he saw the enigmatic Director sitting at his desk, sipping a glass cup of aged Brandy on the rocks. With a Cuban cigar on his other hand, after setting the now empty cup aside, he smoked the cigar before putting it out on a metal ashtray next to the cup. Next, he made an address to none other than the Brotzman family and their associates. “The pieces have been placed, the players prepared for battle, and this cosmic game of ours has already begun,” announced the Director. “You may or may know who I am, but my name was never important to begin with, yet I know all of you.

I know that you all intend to stop the Golden Dusk Aristocracy from destroying this world, from which their worldview was born out of turmoil. Frankly, I cannot blame, but I know for a fact the moment you all stop them, America’s importance on the world stage comes to an end. 1991, as Shylock and I once thought, was supposed to be the year that American hegemony could exist unopposed across the globe. ” He continued: “We were so close, yet we were wrong the whole time. The so-called ‘Bambie Doll’, whom you all know best as Emily Ryan, chased enough of the Golden Dusk Aristocracy legend to the point she uncovered their existence.

Thus, it would be of no surprise for me and the rest of you idiot children to find them making moves in that despicable Otherworld. ” Before this part of Harold’s dream sequence ended, the Director had one last set of statements to make. “Go ahead and defeat them, find the truest extent of your destinies, but be forewarned that my wrath will be chasing you all to the ends of this Earth. So long as live, you will have no other choice except having to deal with me first. I am done with petty politics–This. Means. War. ”

Not long after the Director made his address, the Wise Man noticed that the surroundings were being filled with static, as another setting in a different place was being transmitted to him and possibly others in the form of a dream. Suddenly, it became apparent to him that he could see four familiar faces. It was the Old Plaid Guard: Bambie Doll, Herbert the Great, Edelweiss and Hubert. Yet there was something different about them. They seem to be a lot younger, like they literally reverted back to being either seventeen or eighteen year olds, and dressed in the ceremonial outfits of their old BCA order.

For once, Harold expected them to be older in the sense that they should have been around the same age as the Director. And much like the Director, they too were broadcasting a relay message in the form of a dream. Judging from their positions during that night, it seemed like they were in a large room housing a lot of advanced equipment. It was all high technology, the type of which that normal, average people were not accustomed to using regularly. “Is he done talking? ” Herbert O’Connell asked the Bambie Doll, armed with what appeared to be an Adelbu-issue laser rifle.

Have we even managed to get an uplink with those kids? ” Edelweiss, who was standing next to him, wielding a CAR-15, informed him as she pointed at what she saw. “According to the supercomputer mainframe, it seems that we have gotten a hold of not just one, but every single one of them. ” “Looks like we did,” muttered Hubert, who was standing off-screen, away from what can be seen. He told his cousin, Emily Ryan: “It’s all yours, Emily. ” Walking to the center of the viewpoint that Harold had in this dream, he saw the Bambie Doll, armed with some kind of rifle disguised as an umbrella.

She spoke to the others in a fashion similar to that of the Director, but on more benevolent terms. “Well, I’m hoping you all are doing fine, because we are doing great, even while we’re deep in the middle of Helheim, the GDA’s ‘home world,’” said the Bambie Doll. “I know you all have a lot of questions that require me, Hebert, Matthew and Felicity to answer them, but please bear with me. ” Emily Ryan continued. “Listen carefully, my fellow Helden von Katholische Ausbildung, the Order of the Golden Dusk Aristocracy is alive and well here.

They are planning to make their move into the Real World – our world. When exactly? I don’t know, sometime next year, assuming the intelligence the four of us gathered earlier is correct. ” She revealed before the Wise Man the White Stone of Destiny. “The National Aristocrat legends my great grandfather left behind were correct: this was a key that could gain access to a map that will uncover the GDA’s true location. But as I and the rest of the Old Plaid Guard learned, we found the map inside a wooden chest, which we found at JT-20, before the Circus raided it.

The chest was marked ‘to be sent to Base 113’, TDO-VII’s nerve center. The map looks like it was one of several cartographical documents that the Brotzmanstab created toward the end of World War II, yet it does not appear to be of their handiwork, since all their copies were destroyed. ” Soon the sounds of someone trying to bust through some blocked-off doors could be heard in the background. “We got company, Emily,” Hubert told her, “Just hurry up and tell them what we need to them to do. ” Just as it was expected of her, Emily Ryan proceeded to inform everyone listening to her what they needed to do.

As much as we would like to get all of you to come over here and help stop the GDA, there’s a problem,” she said. “You all are probably aware that we cannot allow you guys to follow our tracks to the Helheim, unless the Catholic School Underground is off your case. Don’t worry about the Director: the Brotzman brothers have a surprise for him. In the meantime, take care of the Underground and we’ll see what we can do. ” The moment the sounds of doors being busted opened, followed gunfire and loud voices, signaled the end of that dream sequence. *** (Three days later)

On September 8th, an emissary from the Oberkommando der RGA came to the Brotzman residence in Lansdale via the subterranean tunnels connected to a section of the nearby sewer system. He knocked on the secret door that linked the house’s basement and the sewers outside it, to which he was subsequently allowed in by the Silent Orphan, who happened to be down there at the time. Once upstairs, all of the occupants in the house assembled at the house’s living room. Harold’s wife, Allison, was not present at the time, partly due to some errands involving the grocery store. Evening Herr Hochkonig (High King),” the RGA emissary greeted the Wise Man out of courtesy.

The honorific he used to refer to the Wise Man was a term invented by RGA High Command to refer to the new Dweller High King in German. He proceeded to give the Wise Man the letter, before being promptly allowed to leave the household by the Silent Orphan. “Das Oberkommando der RGA– High Command–wanted me to give you this,” the RGA emissary told him. Following the emissary’s departure, the Wise Man opened the letter, examining the letter that had been sent to him.

Based on what had been relayed to him, the Republic Program and its southern equivalent will be hosting their respective meetings in the usual meeting places. These three meetings, which both Programs held, took place at one of the largest school gymnasiums in the Greater American Catholic School System. For the RGA and its allies, it was no coincidence that they established a sort of ‘formal’ presence in the classrooms and hallways of Archbishop Robertson, partly since the Republic had their three meetings there during the Brotzman Era. But there was more to that message than any of the house’s residents anticipated.

The Wise Man and the Godmother were supposed to meet Schaffer and Brunnhilde at the newly constructed Dweller Palace in Mother’s Den. By earlier September, it was finally available for the Coalition’s use. From what the document entailed, they want him and Margaret to meet them in one of the hallways there at exactly 10PM, on the night of September 11th. Exactly what they were going to talk about, the letter did not say, but the Wise Man inferred with the implication that it must have something to do with the dream he had five nights ago.

Ending the message was a very cryptic phrase: “Eine Hans Guck-in-die-Luft Koaleszenz (A Hans Head-in-the-Air Coalescence). “So what’s does this mean, cousin? ” asked Brenda, not sure as to why she and the others were called to the living room. “It looks Margaret and I have an arrangement to make,” explained the Wise Man, crumpling up the letter with his own two hands. “Are they expecting us? ” Siegfried asked Harold, assuming that everyone in DHvKA was expected.

“No, it’s just Margaret and me,” the Wise Man told him flatly. In the meantime, I need Tanja and the three of you to look after this house while I’m gone. Somehow, I got a bad feeling about this… ” He allowed the others to leave the living room, going back to doing whatever they were doing, prior to being summoned to the living room. In the meantime, the Wise Man used his cellphone, a disposable and untraceable one, to call the Godmother. There was no doubt in his mind that he was going to get in contact with her, since she was currently residing at her retreat at Black Camelot, up high in the Appalachian Mountains.

Somewhere in Black Camelot, the Godmother got a cellphone call from the Wise Man’s disposable cellphone. Earlier, before the Wise Man called her, the BCA sentries charged with the maintaining of Black Camelot encountered an RGA emissary who had a similar letter to give to the BCA Kaiserin. And like the letter said the Wise Man received, the Godmother’s also said to meet Brunnhilde and Walther Schaffer at 10PM on the 11th of September, with the same location being the newly constructed Dweller Palace at Mother’s Den.

Yeah Harold,” she said over the phone, “Was there something you wanted to tell me about? ” “There was,” replied the Wise Man, keeping all the details over the phone to a minimum for security reasons, “And it has to do with those letters send by those two. I assume you manage to have gotten yours over the mail, is that true? ” “Pretty much, Harold,” answered the Godmother. “But you should know: I don’t think we’re caught in the middle of a cosmic chess game. For I, on the contrary, interpreted it according to another set of parameters. ”

Harold implored her to specify what she had in mind at the moment. “Do tell,” he said of her, “And specific enough, so that the federal agents listening in on this conversation can arrest you and I for conspiracy to commit whatever crime that they wish to imprison us for. ” Right as she was about to make her analysis in euphemisms, the Wise Man conditioned his thoughts to associate her statements in the correct manner. “Basically,” she began to describe their life story up to this point, “Imagine for a moment that we have been playing a Celestial Poker game for the past five years.

Celestial Poker’ is different than regular Poker, in the sense that it’s meant to be played on a spiritual or metaphysical level, yet the same rules apply. Within the context of that game, our cards have been issued to us by the dealer, whom the Jackbooters call ‘Our Friends with the Golden Rosaries’, and they just so happen to be some low-class cards. We look at the other players at the long table you and I are sitting. ” The ‘other players’ were the RGA’s rivals, with everyone’s dealer being the collective dispositions of all Catholic bishops, archbishops and cardinals in the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The given cards represent events that occurred, both before and during Brotzmanskrieg. “Then we decided to place our bets or fold out of fear. Instead of folding, we chose the former. Our low-class cards, we believe, were not sufficient enough to give us an advantage. Tell me, what do you think we did from that point onwards? ” Symbolically, the low-class cards signified the Greater American Catholic School System, the support of the laity and clergy, and the willingness to write a new chapter in American Catholic Education’s history.

Thus, the Wise Man responded by saying: “Either we get some high-class cards, or else we call a bluff to manipulate the actions of the other players. During our first round, we made a lot of bluffs. Through the power of Intercessions, we were able to get better cards. ” The high class cards meant the RGA and all its allies, the Confederation Program, the First Great Leaps Westward, and the clergy’s interest in making the Children’s Paradise pursue a curriculum that was different from the other school systems, while still palatable to Catholic teaching.

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