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The Pisonia Tree Lures And Murders Birds For No Good Reason

Let’s start with where the Pisonia tree is found. It is an indigenous tree species indigenous to the tropical waters of the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. When talking about a cruel and a savage plant, the Pisonia just fits the bill.

But, how does this thing happen and the tree claim the lives of many birds?

Experts studying the behaviours of the tree have yet to explore how this unusual thing happens and why does the tree show itself as an abundant food sources and murder all birds that are lured by its food diversity.

From the explorations of scientists, the tree jerks and birds think that it is an abundant food source. Then they land on the branches of the tree. Trapping any kind of insects and birds, the tree responds by releasing a kind of glue that is sticky, resulting in the birds’ instant death or death a few days later. Birds that are latched with this sticky material will not live much. The instances can clearly be seen on birds living around.

The bottom of the tree is full of carcasses. The shores of both the Indian and Pacific Oceans are full of bird carcasses as well. There is no way for these birds to get rid of the situation. There are lots of bird and insect bodies littering the area.

Until the 1990s, these macabre trees were not touched. A team of experts landed on the archipelago to figure out why and how these slaugterous trees were some kinds of tormentors.

When we evaluate their conclusions, we can say that these trees are in the habit of murdering birds and insects in order to use the corpses as fertilizers so as to grow better. At this point, one question is inevitable: Is the tree intelligent enough to release a sticky substance, murder the animals landing on and entering into them and use them as a fertilizer in an attempt to grow?

The mystery has not been solved yet. But the tree has been proven to be ruthless and is entangling birds fatally.

Although the main intention is still a mystery, one thing is obvious: this tree is forbidden for birds if they do not want to lose their lives.

Here, another question may be raised: birds are also natural fertilizers and they do not have to die in order to contribute to the physical development of the tree, but why does the tree insist on claiming the lives of the birds landing on.

In sum, birds are lured by sprouting seeds, think that the tree is a good nutrient, the tree responds by sabotaging bird clusters.

As is stated above, the real reason of the behaviour of the tree is not clear. This is one of the mysteries we come across in nature.

Maybe, we will discover the reason of such a behavior, however, there will always be some things awaiting discovery.

The planet Earth has not fully been discovered yet.

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