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The Philips Company: analysis and profile of the company

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Philips is a technology company that is diversified and it is active in the lighting, healthcare markets, and the consumer wellbeing. The company has its headquarters in Netherlands (Amsterdam). Fredrick and Gerard Philips founded the Philips in the year 1891 in Netherlands Eindhoven for the incandescent lamps manufacturing and the other electrical products. The Philips foundation in 1891 is when Anton laid it, Gerard Philips established in the Netherlands a place called Eindhoven, the Philips & Co. the corporation started to manufacture the lamps with carbon filaments, and over a short period, the company was among the largest Europe producers (Archives, 1952). The article helps in analysis of the Philips Company, the metrics and calculations applications, and the marketing strategies and recommendations.

Metrics and calculations Applications

The few first sets of the measuring methods and metrics that help the marketer stay ahead of his or her lead goals generation. The lead waterfall is a chart like that helps the marketer to guide their development by imagining what they want to accomplish on each and everyday basis. As the month continues, they are able to plot what they have actually achieved on every day and they can compare the outcomes to their goals (Mabotuwana, 2017).

The traffic waterfall is all the same perception as that which can be utilized for the traffic, which is very vital if the marketer is hoping to achieve a certain leads goal. The marketer will be able to use a waterfall in monitoring closely their traffic growth. If the Philips Company falls behind then they will be able to perform quickly, by generating perhaps content that will bring more customers to read at a faster rate. Another metric is the Average lead close rate, which is recommended on a monthly basis. It will help the marketer of the company in the monitoring of their leads quality at given period.

Average leads of business per day month growth over a month is a metric that a large number of the marketers in tracking monthly growth, but as the smaller number lead per the day of the business month track over the month growth. It is very different and very important because of that not all of the months are having the same length. This metric will help the marketer to measure more fairly the growth by down drilling on how you can produce how much in a day of the business.

Marketing strategies and recommendations

The marketing strategies that I will recommend for the company are the advertising strategies that are best for the company. The first strategy is that they should target their audience. The company should be able to create a target of the customers that is accurate on the profile based on the information that they have collected. In addition, they should be able to measure and track their advertising. The advertising platforms on online like Facebook and Google AdWords will provide the company with extensive stats that are related to the company’s ads and will assist in determining those things that are working and those that they are not.

On the advertising strategy, also the company’s recommendation should be also branding well their products for the advertising. The customers should be able to identify your products immediately basing on imagery, choice of the color, copy, and typeface or logo. Over time, the customers will be able to identify the products and respond to your layouts ad (Hulland, 2018). The major goal of the company should be to show up their products in the places that are expected with the looking ads that are familiar and they resonate consistently with the target customers.

Philips is one of the healthcare companies that are world-leading basing on its sales along with General Electric and Siemens. Its largest market is the United States representing forty-one percent of their health business globally. The company’s competitors are divided between the businesses that are carried out by the company (Shuli, 2017). The Johnson and Johnson, Medtronic, and GE Healthcare when comes on the Health. Led manufactures their competitors are Nichia, Osram, and Samsung LED on the lighting sector.

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