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The Most Popular Designs Of Womens Underwear

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Women’s panties come in all shapes and styles. Every girl has their own unique preferences of frillies wearing which they feel the most comfortable. Frillies is made up of different kinds of materials and are designed in a whole range of designs. Therefore, when it comes to selecting the perfect pair of womens underwear, availability of choices is never a problem. In the following list, you will find a list of different kinds of womens frillies which are popularly worn by girls around the world. Read on to find out what suits you the best and will make you feel the most comfortable:

Boy Shorts

These are considered to be one of the most comfortable pair of womens underwear. The reason why they are called boy shorts lies in the way this pair of frillies has been designed. Based on the classic men’s boxers, boy shorts are rectangularly shaped and covers full coverage upto your bottom. Similar to a regular pair of panties, boy shorts go slightly below your hip. If you want your pair of frillies to be extremely comfortable and body hugging, look no further than a quality pair of boy shorts. They can be worn with almost any pair of garment. Especially when it comes to wearing skirts or trousers, boy shorts can work perfectly along with them. If you happen to purchase a seamless version of boy shorts, they could be worn under a pair of formal skirts too.


One of the most unconventional yet popular pairs of frillies are considered as thongs. They aren’t the most practical pairs of frillies but are popular because of the lack of a panty line. They are sought after due to its design essentially. Thongs consist of a waistband which is similar to the regular pair of panties. From the front of the frillies up to the rear, a very narrow string is present. Thongs are best worn under a pair of white jeans, swimming garments, shorts and dresses.


One of the most popular pairs of womens underwear, hipsters lie somewhere between bikinis and boy shorts. It is the best of both worlds. The design of the hipsters is made so that the waistband travels all around your hip. Hipsters usually sit lower as compared to a pair of regular briefs. They are known for being stretchable and comfortably body hugging. Additionally, they provide fantastic coverage and have bikini shaped holes for the legs to get through. If you are looking for a pair of undies which are shaped like bikinis but could be worn on a regular basis, a pair of hipsters is the way to go.

The above three designs are some of the most popular designs of womens underwear which is worn by girls all over the globe. Each to their own preferences and styles, frillies is selected accordingly.

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