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The Mortality Doctrine

The book, The Rule Of Thoughts was an amazing book. It was written by one of my favorite authors James Dashner. Dashner grew up in Austell, Georgia where he was one of six children in his family. He later went to Utah for college at Brigham Young University and started writing books that were for young teens. His books typically had the adventure, survival, and science-fiction genres. He then proceeded to write The Maze Runner which was one of his most famous books. So today I am writing about the Mortality Doctrine series.

The book is about Michael a teenager who recently discovered that he was not real but was put into the body of Jackson Porter which made him a human. He is then learned that Kaine, a cyber terrorist, is doing what he did to Michael to a bunch of people all around the world. Michael then has to meet up with his friends Bryson and Sarah to help take down Kaine. They go through a lot of places to find him. The book Rule of Thoughts is based in the far future of earth. It is based in the real world and a virtual world. It is mentioned all over the book of whether they are currently in the wake or in the sleep.

The sleep is there virtual world where anything can happen, the wake is the real world where it is the same as today just a lot more advanced and futuristic. The setting of this book is what makes it so good because it describes what they are currently experiencing in the virtual world or what they are doing in their real world. In the book Rule of Thoughts there are four main characters that very well developed. The main character of the book is Michael. Michael is the main character of this book and he is the best coder out of his friends. Although he is the best coder there is one person that is better than him, Kaine.

Michael was a tangent that was transferred into the body of a human named Jackson Porter. Sarah is Michael’s best friend that he does everything with in the virtual world. She is the plan maker of the group as Michael’s first goal is to find her to come up with a plan on taking down Kaine and helping Jackson Porter. (pg 53) If Michael doesn’t have Sarah he has no plan. Bryson is also Michael’s best friend. He is under Michael on the line of coding as he is not bad but not the best. Bryson usually is the one that takes one for the team and gets them out of trouble.

Kaine is the antagonist in the book as he is killing people and putting tangents into their bodies. He is just a bunch of code which is why he is the best at coding, he is also a tangent like Michael but has been alive a lot longer than him. Those are the four main characters of the book. There were a ton of main events in this book so it is hard to label just a few. First, you are with Michael as you left him last in The Eye of Minds, you listen to Michael and how he is experiencing his new human body. He is captured by two men sent by Kaine, but loses them getting off a train right before the doors close and running for his life.

Michael meets up with Sarah his friend from the last book and tell her all that happens since they last saw each other on the flaming hot trail. Sarah parents are then captured by Kaine and they must find a way to defeat Kaine and get her parents back. Next, they find their other companion Bryson and tell him everything since they last saw him to when they see him now. They are then sucked through games until they are right to where Kaine is. Kills Sims then try to kill them, but other tangents help them escape and tell them they are on his side. Then, they all meet up in the wake like they said they would for a very long time.

They meet and stay at some apartment that they bought and work on a plan that will last the rest of the book. They then go to talk to Agent Weber, who said she needed his help to find Kaine and defeat him once and for all. Finally, they wake up in a prison cell. Agent Weber tells them that a human intelligence cannot be destroyed(pg. 314). Two days later Gerald, Sarah’s dad shows up and tells Michael that his prison days were over and a group of tangents lead by Helga(Michaels Nanny from the first book) rescued him and Nancy(Sarah’s mom. ) Then he pulls Michael through the open door and we are left waiting for the next book.

The part of the book I found to be most interesting is in chapter 1, when Michael awakes in the his new human body after finding out he is a tangent. I found this interesting for many reasons but one of the most interesting reasons I liked it is because of how Dashner took exactly how the book before ended and continues it in this one not missing a single detail. I also liked it because it shows how Michael is feeling in his new body and how he is feeling about taking away Jackson Porter’s body. This book series is maybe one of the best books I have read in a very long time.

I liked this book for so many reasons it is hard to count. This book had everything I usually like in a book. I loved how Dashner mentions a lot from the other book so if you forgot a detail that was needed to learn more in this book, he mentions the scene from the last book. I also was a fan of the story line and found the book to be very interesting by the events and characters they encounter. The finale main reason I liked this book was because I felt like the characters were very well developed and that I could relate to Michael in some ways. I highly recommend this book and would give it a 9/10.

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