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The Midtown Redevelopment Authority (MRA)

The Midtown Redevelopment Authority (MRA) is transforming a long-time vacant space into an urban oasis. Midtown Park is destined to become the premier urban park space in the heart of Midtown Houston. Once completed, the park serves as a world-class destination that enhances quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors.

The full six-acre site bounded by Main St., McGowen St., Travis St., and Anita St. – which was commonly referred to as the SuperBlock for many years – is being jointly developed through a public-private partnership between MRA and Camden Property Trust. This dynamic mixed-use project includes a public park, retail space, and public parking garage developed by Midtown Houston, and a private eight-story multifamily residential development by Camden.

Midtown Park offers three acres of new public urban park and open space with complementary pedestrian-oriented streetscapes. The park’s larger greenspace – located on the 2.5-acre site south of the multifamily development – will include a great lawn, a flexible pavilion, a wetland stream and trail, native landscaping, interactive water feature, playground, public art, game courts, market areas, and a dog park. A wide array of festivals, performances, markets, and other events will keep the park exciting throughout the year. Additionally, the park will feature a half-acre retail plaza located adjacent to McGowen St., which will include a full service restaurant, a food and beverage kiosk, and public plaza space next to the METRORail station. The park’s underground parking garage will provide 400 spaces for public use.

Successful parks are a key component of sustainable infrastructure and a healthy vibrant quality of life. Midtown Park will act as a catalyst to attract new development and bring a new level of revitalization to an already vibrant Midtown Houston community. In 1999, the Midtown Redevelopment Authority began working with developers to assemble a six-acre tract of land located in the heart of Midtown Houston and construction began in 2015.On Saturday, February 4th and Sunday, February 5th, 2017 the park hosted the Super Block Party as part of its soft opening, which included food trucks, live music, line dancing instruction, and interactive games.

In late summer 2017, Midtown Park will open to public and include amenities like an interactive water feature, Reliant dog run, and unique playground with climbing sphere, sound tubes, misters, swings and interactive pipe sections. The park will begin hosting regular events in addition to being an anchor in the community.

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