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The key deliverables in DEFINE phase

Let us have a look at the key deliverables in DEFINE phase. These deliverables are nothing but; the objectives of the DEFINE phase. Let’s discuss one-by-one:

The first key deliverable is to understand what the project is all about. In order to understand the project, we need to have sufficient know-how about the process as well. Once we understand the process, we will have insight into the causes of inefficiency and frustration so that improvements can be made. Process flowchart, Process map or Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document should be able to help you drill-down into the process

The second key deliverable is to determine the boundaries of the process area improve. Now, simply speaking, determining the process boundaries means understanding where the process begins and ends. The scoping study in a Six Sigma project normally consists of determining boundaries in terms of documenting a list of specific project goals, deliverables, tasks, costs, and timelines. In DEFINE phase, the project leaders are responsible for clarifying the purpose and scope of the project. They need to be well aware of the problem area and the kind of improvement; that is required to be made

The third deliverable is to identify all the stakeholders (Internal & External) served by the process. A stakeholder is anyone impacted by the project. The impact could be positive or negative; of course. Every process will have Internal &external stakeholders whom it is catering to. Depending on the kind of organizational setup, the stakeholders & their expectations would certainly vary.

In DEFINE phase, the project manager needs to identify all key and non-key stakeholders required to support and sustain the project and its improvement. Internal key and non-key stakeholders are normally your colleagues, supervisors, managers, directors etc. External key and non-key stakeholders are normally your vendors, customers, suppliers, creditors etc.

The fourth deliverable is to define stakeholders’ requirements. To add to what we previously discussed regarding identifying internal & external stakeholders, the project leader or manager, during DEFINE phase itself, has to define internal & external stakeholders’ needs, requirements and expectations. Just to give you a quick brief, defining customer expectations will have two steps. The first step is to describe customer expectations. The second step is to find out how feasible or viable the expectation is for the Six Sigma project to fulfill

The fifth key deliverable is regarding a plan to complete the Six Sigma project. A plan to complete the project is normally one of the components of Project Agreement and can be as exhaustive as it needs to be. The project plan normally consists of Resource plan, Stakeholder Management plan, Communication Management plan, Scope Management plan, Cost/Benefit plan etc.

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