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The Jedi Council Meeting Chamber: A Short Story

The Jedi Council Meeting Chamber was abuzz with activity. The twelve members of the High Council were urgently making their way to the chairs in which they sat every meeting. The chairs were custom made for each Master. Once the room had settled down, the Grand Master, a short, long-haired man with his dark hair tied loosely over his shoulder, addressed his colleagues. “I’m sure you all know why we are here, correct? ” he asked in a thick accent.

The other masters nodded solemnly. The recent attempt on Senator Lukasiewicz’s life-” He was interrupted by a small cough from one of the youngest in the room, a nervous young man with brown hair tied in a messy ponytail and emerald green eyes, dimmed with tiredness. The area around his eyes was slightly red and puffy from what was assumed to have been crying, and there was a large scratch down the side of his face.

The Grand Master narrowed his eyes. “What is it Master Laurinaitis? ” “I… uh… I’d rather not talk about that if it’s okay with you Master Wang… the young master said nervously, not knowing if he would be reprimanded for interrupting or not. “It’s still hard to think about, you know? He could have died if I hadn’t been there… And he’s still in a state of shock… ” “I understand,” the older male smiled sympathetically. “You and the senator are quite… close, are you not? ” At the green eyed master’s hesitant nod, Master Wang let out a sigh. “If you need to step out, while we continue to discuss, I will let you, aru. ” “No, no! I have no problem staying! I just… don’t want to think too hard about it. ”

Master Laurinaitis said quietly. I think you should go. Take a walk, perhaps? ” Master Honda, a young raven-haired man with deep brown eyes suggested, looking at the brunet. “Yah, it would be good for ye to get some air. If ye really need ta, go sit wi’ yer friend, we won’t stop ye,” a master with thick eyebrows and messy red hair butted in. This master, Allistor Kirkland, was the older brother of the Master of the Order and one of the other High Council members. “Alright… well, if you’re sure? ” At the nods from the older men, Master Laurinaitis stood up and quietly made his way across the room.

The Grand Master addressed the whole Council once again. “As I was saying, these recent… ” He looked at Master Laurinaitis’ retreating form, “events… have led the Chancellor and her advisor to hold discussions with me and Master Kirkland,” he looked to the Master of the Order, a messy-haired blond with overly large eyebrows, who nodded. “The Chancellor wants the best Jedi to guard the most important of the Senators and Royalty — those who are most likely to be attacked — in order to prevent more attacks from happening,” Master Kirkland said.

The other masters nodded. It was obvious this would need to happen. If any future attacks occurred and were fatal, the galaxy would be in a worse state than it already was. “Wh’t Jedi should guard wh’ch senat’rs? ” a tall, intimidating looking master with glasses asked, his deep voice making him seem quiet. “Yeah! We don’t want them to hate each other or anything! ” the man next to him, a blond with gravity defying hair and bright blue eyes, agreed loudly. “That is what we are here to discuss, da? ” the silver-haired man seated next to Master Wang said. Yes, aru. ” Master Wang agreed, sending a soft smile in the direction of the master next to him. The two had some mysterious past together, which caused them to be unusually close. No one knew exactly what had happened, only that Master Braginsky’s padawan at the time had disappeared and is presumably dead.

“Firstly, Chancellor Karpusi and Madame Hassan would like themselves and their sons to be guarded, considering the both of them are likely to be attacked, meaning their families are as well. ” Master Kirkland said. Master Honda, I take it you are quite close to the Chancellor’s son, Senator Karpusi, are you not? ” the raven-haired male nodded curtly. “Then you, and your Padawan, Nobuyuki, will be responsible for both the Chancellor and the Senator. Is that okay? ” The blond asked politely, to which Master Honda nodded again. “And it is quite well known that Master Adnan is friendly with the Chancellor as well, and Madame Hassan and her son, so he and his Padawan, Kuzey, will go with you, considering you permit it. ”

Master Kirkland went on. Master Honda nodded yet again. “Does everyone agree? The rest of the masters nod. “And,” Master Wang cuts in, “Are we in agreement that Master Laurinaitis should continue to guard Senator Lukaseiwicz and his assistants? ” The other masters nod their heads again. “Good because it would happen whether we all agreed on it or not. ” the master stated with a glance around the room. “Honestly that boy needs as much time with his friends as he can get…” he muttered quietly. “Yes, I agree, that’s a good idea,” the master to his right, a man with violet eyes, pale skin, almost feminine facial features, said with an unreadable expression.

Meanwhile, on the beautiful and artistic planet of Alderaan, the newly coronated King, Lovino Vargas, and his two younger brothers, Prince Feliciano Vargas and Prince Romeo Vargas, were preparing to make their leave for Coruscant. This would be the first time Lovino had gone to the urban planet since he was coronated, and the first time Romeo had gone at all. Of course, Lovino had not wanted his youngest brother to tag along, in case something bad were to happen, but the Prince had insisted, demanding that he should be able to see the galaxy.

So, Lovino had decided that Romeo would come but was to stick to Feliciano like glue at all times to avoid getting lost. It was unlikely the redhead would obey this rule, because he was a teenager and teenagers do whatever they want, but also because the youngest Vargas brother had a knack for getting lost, even in places he knew like the back of his hand. However, with the news that there had been an attempt on the Senator Feliks Lukaseiwicz’s life, which they had received from the three Alderaanian senators, Roderich Edelstein, his wife(Elizabeta Hedervary) and Heracles Karpusi, many safety precautions were to be taken.

Romeo would ? hopefully ? understand the gravity of the situation, meaning: he would do as he was told by his elder brothers. However, at this moment in time, the youngest brother was not following any of the directions he had been given. They were leaving for Coruscant shortly, and he hadn’t packed anything, packing being something Lovino had told him to do the day before. Of course, Romeo had forgotten and was currently rushing around his room, throwing things into a bag.

There was a brisk knock at the door, and the teen looked up in alarm, thinking it to be one of his brothers, but visibly relaxing when he saw it was only Marianne Bonnefoy, his sort-of advisor, and closest friend. The pale, blonde girl tutted at him, glancing disapprovingly at his half-packed bag with an exaggerated sigh. She straightened her glasses and put her hands on her hips. “You’re supposed to be leaving now, you know? Weren’t you supposed to have done that yesterday? ” Marianne said, frowning as Romeo finished tossing clothes around and slammed his bag shut.

Oh- uh- about that… I kinda… forgot. ” Romeo smiled sheepishly, his face flushing slightly. Marianne shook her head, striding across the room to the Prince. “You really should write these things down, Your Highness,” she smiled softly, opening up Romeo’s bag, taking everything out, and folding it all quickly before putting it all back. There was now a large amount of room in the bag. “You forgot all of your clothes for Senate meetings and other events,” she comments, while Romeo rubs the back of his neck ashamedly.

The girl adjusted her glasses, before crossing the room quickly and grabbing everything her friend had forgotten, packing them all up nicely. “And look at that, there’s even leftover space for you to bring extra food! ” Romeo’s eyes light up at the mention of food, and his face breaks into a large grin. “You’re right! ” he goes to the small cooling chamber beside his bed where he stored all his snacks, to take out a number of tomatoes and other fruits and foods, stuffing them all into a container and stashing it in his bag.

The redhead closed the bag and picked it up lazily, slowly making his way to the door. “Hurry along, now, we don’t have all day! ” Marianne spoke with an impatient tone, also walking towards the door. “I expect someone will be along to get you about now. ” As the blonde said that last word, the door to the room slammed open, revealing what had to have been King Lovino. Brown eyes blazing with fury, the brunet stomped over to his taller brother. “What the hell is taking you so long, huh? We’re supposed to be leaving now, you idiot! ” The King fumed.

You don’t want me to regret my decision to bring you along, do you? ” Marianne glared at Romeo, but there was a twinkle of amusement in her eyes. “Fratello! ” the Prince whined. “I was just leaving my room now, you know? ” He held up his bag. “See? My bag’s all packed like you told me to! ” Lovino looked at the girl, who pretended to know nothing, just shrugged and fixed her braid. “Fine. Just hurry your butt up! ” The King said angrily, hands on his hips. And so Romeo and Marianne followed King Lovino all the way to where their cruiser was waiting.

As they drew closer, the trio noticed Prince Feliciano standing by the ship with Senators Edelstein and Hedervary; their white-haired son, Franz; Francis, the top cook and advisor of Alderaan; and Michelle, the dark-skinned adopted younger sister of Marianne and Francis. “Finally,” Senator Edelstein clipped, pushing his glasses further up on his nose. “We were just about to leave without you. ” “You’d better not have! ” Lovino retorted with a glare to the older man, causing the senator to huff and turn away to walk aboard the ship. “Feli say your goodbyes and go aboard.

We’re already late enough thanks to this idiota,” Lovino glanced accusingly at Romeo, who’s face flushed. The middle prince hugged the two girls and Francis and bounded aboard excitedly after Senator Edelstein. “Well, bye Mari~! ” Romeo said excitedly but nervously, extending his arms for a hug from his friend, who complied. “We’ll be along at some point,” Marianne smiled, ruffling the prince’s hair affectionately. Michelle hugged Romeo after Marianne broke away. “Oui! We’ll be able to see you in a few weeks, I’m sure of it! ” And now the prince was being hugged by Francis. “Take care of yourself now Romeo,” the man said with a smile.

Si, I will,” The auburn-haired prince hugged the blond man who had pretty much raised him, before turning towards the ship that would take him away from his home for the first time. Senator Hedervary broke away from the cluster of others to help Romeo with his bag. Her brown hair was delicately styled into a bun, but leaving multiple strands falling into her face. Though her face was stern at Romeo’s being late, her eyes sparkled warmly as she led him aboard. Franz trailed slowly behind them, his violet eyes(identical to his father’s) looking over everything thoughtfully and carefully, the artistic gears in his brain surely turning.

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