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The Issue Of Customer Service In United Airlines

United Airlines is an American International airline that serves North America, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe and wherever in the world people want to travel to. “In 1929, William E. Boeing and Frederick B. Rentschler, and their associates founded United Aircraft Transport Corporation, which was a mix of both aircraft manufacturing and air transport (Britannica, 2017).” In 2018, people are starting to lose trust in the aircraft company because the managers weren’t doing their job well enough to make citizens happy or to make the citizens happy for what they want. Americans that choose to go Untied are starting to realize that United’s customer service, diversity and culture and the leadership roles weren’t acting when something is going wrong.

Customer service has been a big issue. “When Untied sold a toddler’s seat to a passenger on standby. One of its employees shoved an elderly passenger to the ground and no one was there to help (Matousek, 2018).” This shows the extreme carelessness that United has towards its people. Over the years United Airlines have had several number of customer service incidents whether its damaging the person’s personal property, not checking the tickets properly, treating them with disrespect and lastly mishandling their pets. According to Mark Matousek he explained in a deeper thought, “The company’s operation and financial performance lagged which brought to the conclusion that the customer service wasn’t all that great (Matousek, 2018).”

But United wants to make some changes for the future to provide the essentials to the people. Weakness before making their change is experiencing the security to check your stuff they aren’t quick about it and they take their time, they aren’t quick and fluent in checking people’s bags. United is hoping to some day change their attitudes; “United will also establish a customer service solutions team to provide agents with creative solutions (Matousek, 2018).” Creating solutions to better the company has many ways. One way, getting a visual is great. Visuals are great is because they can give people ideas that can either work or not, and if it doesn’t, the planners can make more visuals for creating many solutions that will be better than the last. United has a strength for customer service. “Great customer experience with inflight entertainment and good branding through extensive advertising (Z., n.d).”

According to the United Airlines SWOT Analysis, “United has a heavy dependence on third-party service providers for customer service, maintenance, fueling operations (Z., n.d).” United in many ways are being over worked and or being rushed to get things done. Diversity and culture play a huge role in United Airlines. “A Kentucky physician was dragged off a United Airlines plane for a reason that is so unprofessional when it comes to organization (Majlergaard, 2018).” According to Finn Majlergaard, “He was removed because the plane was overbooked and United evaluated that he was less important than the passengers who couldn’t come onboard. But the thing is, the people waiting to get on the plane weren’t passengers, but United Airlines employees. The United Airlines corporate culture showed it’s true face very clearly (Majlergaard, 2018).” “The company’s customer satisfaction ranking in the JD Power and the Associates North American airline survey for the 12M ending for Mar-2018 was 708, which was the lowest among the regions global full-service airlines and a decrease from its score of 716 in 2017 (CAPA,2018).”

This statistic is very embarrassing for a well-known aviation airline. It should be way higher than what it is now. But in the future United wants to connect people and unite the world. They want to make sure the United family is as diverse as the communities they serve around the globe. Making the diversity window big as possible to serve those who want to be treated well.Leadership plays a huge role in every company that is known nationally whether it’s taking in the responsibility of something big or being honest about someone’s opinions and or ideas. United made a promise and also setting values that mean a lot to them. “Every customer deserves to be treated with the great levels service and a great sense of dignity and respect.” According to Denise Lee Yohn, she explains how “United mistreats animals being sent to the wrong locations and or not treating them well while on the plane (Denish Lee Yohn, 2018).” This shows that the leadership United has, it seems to have no respect to anyone or anything, no matter if it’s a human, dog or even a soda can. Be grateful for the items we get in life. “Setting perspective values, empowering and equipping employees, aligning employee experiences and customer service (Denish Lee Yohn, 2018).”

United soon wants to change the problems they had before to wanting to be more welcoming. In order for this to happen is the manager of the company has to make certain changes to hiring and firing employees that either is in a good or bad mood.Untied Airlines in the past have had many issues regarding the Functions of Management; planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Planning for great customer service wasn’t great because before they had no resolutions on how to fix it.

Citizens who fly with United are so irritated about United’s management they are writing terrible reviews so they can alert others before they make a mistake. But in the long run, United Airlines is starting to make a change of their weaknesses and turning them into strengths and to run a good company, managers need to understand customer service, culture/diversity and leadership roles because without a good manager the company won’t be ran well enough to make it stay in business.

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