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The independence of the nation

From the ballads of freedom fighters to the horrors of British Raj and the human rights abuses in Indian-occupied Kashmir, we’ve only learnt that living life under no tyranny & violence means independence. We need a serious reality check because liberation from savagery cannot precisely be termed as the independence of the nation.

The human race is often called as social animals. The classification of this species distinguishes humans from bovines, reptiles, birds etc. Not only because they are self-conscious animals unlike other jungle creatures, but their right to have liberation from all the brutality that takes place in life. The canine population may seem liberated by frolicking in the streets every day but they are highly vulnerable to any mishap and disaster in tandem. So, what is the true definition of being an independent human being? “Those who do not move do not notice their chains” is a famous quotation of Rosa Luxemburg, theorist, philosopher, an economist of German descent. An invisible chain of hunger, poverty, religious intolerance and a weak economy has enslaved us, as a nation. The chain has unfortunately many links. Over the past 70 years, we have witnessed so many vicissitudes of life in our homeland.

From the dark days of military dictatorships to the dawns of democracy, no one was ever able to break this chain. Playing the blame game over this unpleasant and chronic situation has always been a favourite topic of discussions among the politicians and masses in all eras that only helped stave off the anger of the people. But should detesting and eventually lamenting each other suffice? Or had we better get moving? All you can change is yourself, but sometimes that changes everything. So, from where should we start the tedious yet effective effort of breaking the chain and liberate ourselves from the slavery?

Read. History of mankind is rife with surprises and lessons. We need to check out the rise and fall of the empires that world has seen in thousands of years. The source of precious information has been confined to books, which we usually don’t bother to read. It enables stronger analytical thinking skills when one plunges into books. Having strong information and right directions can lead us to the triumph. The transition to build a nation is not only associated with digging out the faded pictures of historical events. Befriending books can do wonders for those who want to excel in different areas of scientific knowledge.

People equipped with more education and appropriate skills can be more effective than they have ever been. It’s been a long time when we fought against our oppressors but we never defeated our true enemy and that is “Illiteracy”. The first step towards change is awareness without which we can never be well sensible enough to understand the matters of our rights and lefts. Let’s enlighten our generations and ourselves for a better nation and flag bearers of true independent citizens.

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