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The Importance Of College Athletes Deserve To Be Paid

College athletes have made over two billion dollars for colleges all over the country. Over the years, college athletic programs have been a growing business for colleges to make insane amounts of money. Being a player at a Division I university can be an emotionally fulfilling experience; however, universities see it as an opportunity to profit more than multi-million dollar companies. College athletes should be paid. The way college athletes are so electrifying on and off the court or field should be worth something, but all they are worth is a $58,000 scholarship.

Duke University made over four million dollars being in the final four tournament in the 2015 season. In the 2015 article written by Nicole Pence, it states, “There have been a few schools in the NCAA who have adopted Obama’s idea of paying college athletes 5,000 dollars a year plus their scholarship. ” The growing business of college athletics will soon be bigger than the NBA. Colleges are all struggling with the decision to either spend more money on payrolls for athletes or lose good players. The college athlete is a fine tuned machine, but is viewed by universities as a money making machine.

Since the college athlete will never see a dime of a university’s multi-million dollar athletics program earnings, the college athlete is forced to get a scholarship and miss out on money that could help them pursue educational opportunities which would benefit them in everyday life beyond college ball. Athletes should be paid because they need essentials like household items, gas for their cars, food, and everything in between. The price of living has gone up an exponential amount and these players may not have come from the richest background.

Many players from low socio-economic backgrounds must scratch and claw just to stay competitive with teammates who come from affluent backgrounds. The price of gas is so high right now, players would be spending at least 200 dollars a month to put gas in their vehicles. The athletes are going to need clothes for everyday life and if they get sick they will need medicine. Some athletes even live off campus in apartments and have to buy food, so if they can’t afford food then they are stuck going hungry.

In the 2013 article by David Cooper it says, “ Minimum wage right now in our country is not enough for people to live on. ” College Athletes Deserve to be Paid What They Have Rightfully Earned The college athletes don’t make anything so they are definitely in poverty. When it comes to bare essentials these athletes are doing without. These athletes need clothes and deodorant and all the things u would buy for household products. These athletes need to have money for their basic needs such as; food, clothes,gas, and money to just have a start after school.

Athletes need to be paid because of all the money they bring in for their schools. NCAA schools bring in over a billion dollars a year alone. These schools make money off of ticket sales, merchandise, tv commercials, and Tv broadcast. The college athletes from bigger schools will always bring in more money because of how well the team does. The march madness tournament last year brought over 6 billion dollars worth of revenue for the Colleges that were involved in the tournament. In the 2015 article by Maxwell Strachan it says,“ University’s definitely can afford to pay their student athletes.

When it comes to making money the business to be in is owning a sports team and universities own some of the most successful franchises in history. The colleges even make money off of video games but the players can’t even get their names put in the game because the aren’t aloud to make money. Colleges make an insane amount of money off of their athletes and it’s wrong of them to not pay them. College athletes are kept out of their video games because the colleges don’t wanna lose money to the players. Every year a new NCAA video game comes out. The games are bought worldwide and are Very population.

When people pick up those games you notice that all of the players names are generated and fake. The players aren’t even recognized as members of the team. If it comes to having fun playing a great game then buy those games but if you are wanting to be your favorite NCAA players then these are not the games for you. The video games are well made and they look amazing but the players don’t even look like the real players from the teams in real life. Video games are very popular but taking away the rightfully earned money that these players make is wrong.

College athletes have to find ways to deal with college life, sports life, and their everyday lives. College students have to find deal with so much it’s like they are working full time jobs that doesn’t give time off. The students fight for free time but in reality they are always working overtime. They should be paid a wage like they are working a job. When an athlete misses a practice they are punished with hard running and deteriorating workouts. In the 2015 article by Nicole Pence Obama has said that ” The NCAA should pay the athletes a small wage of about 5,000 dollars a year.

This wage is small and affordable at every college. If the athletes were paid they would work harder and fight for more ours in the gym and more time to be the best. Athletes are always working hard to be the best and if it were up to the president the NCAA would pay the athletes. Students at Northwestern university have tried to form Union and it wasn’t aloud. The athletes wanted to form a union but they weren’t aloud because they aren’t workers. When athletes want to quit playing and going to school because they feel mistreated then someone should step in help.

It all comes down to being equal and these students deserve to be treated with the respect they worked so hard to earn. Major schools in NCAA shouldn’t think about resting easy either because if the small schools are willing to go on strike then soon the bigger schools will be influenced by the panic. In the 2015 article by Robert Litan it says that, “students are fed up with the ongoing negotiations when there athletes deserve pay. ” When the colleges accept the problem that’s when there will be a change. If the students keep up the fight and continue to stand for there cause there will be a change.

If the students have the will to stand for what they believe then this will cause these colleges to do something to make their students happy. Players are being punished for Signing autographs and it hurt Texas A&M during their 2013 season. Texas A&M had a struggle during their 2013 season with the suspension of Sophomore quarterback Johnny Manziel the kid who won the heisman as a freshman. Johnny Was suspended for signing autographs and not making people pay for them. The autographs were made simply for the enjoyment of some kids who idolized him.

Manziel was slapped on the wrist for signing autographs and not realizing someone was gonna make money off of them. in the 2013 article by Sean Gregory it says that Manziel was let back into the game during the second half to end it in an amazing fashion. If the players are gonna be punished for not accepting money then why not pay them why would you punish him for being a role model to some young boys. If the school wasn’t upset for loosing money they wouldn’t have suspended Manziel. So saying that college athletes need to stay amateurs and not get paid is unnecessary because they are gonna be punished for all the things they did.

The NCAA has allowed coaches the option to discreetly cut injured players from the team no matter what the contract is about. When a player is injured they are just kicked out of school and labeled as underperforming student athletes. There have been one year contracts made up and signed by athletes for the simple fact to be cut when a problem occurs with them. Mark Emmert the president of The NCAA says that he has worked out With D1 schools and allow them to give athletes a $2,000 stipend.

In the 2011 article by Joe Nocera said that “ This seems like a payment plan. ” , But Mr. Emmert says “ No we do not pay our athletes. ” Nytimes. om said that an interview with former president of the University of Washington, “ If we pay college athletes like there employees of the college, it will be the death of collge athletics. ” Going back to the idea of it being ok to drop injured college athletes then why is there a stipend paid to them if there cut. Athletes are being mistreated and this is just another reason how. So colleges are cutting their players they no longer want to deal with and paying them off like nothing happened. Colleges are making the argument that if you pay students then you are essentially going to have to make them employees of the school.

If you make the athletes employees that will kill the way the sports are looked at. If they don’t want to make them athletes then don’t but you can still pay them a small portion of the money they generate for the school. The amount of money they bring in is insane and it has to be a modern monopoly. With all the revenue you have to ask yourself why not allow these young men and women a right to some of this money. In the 2014 article by Veronica Majerol it says that “ The NCAA takes in about $800 million in revenue a year from the march madness men’s basketball tournament.

With that much money a student athlete is essentially worthless to the schools. All this says is that college athletes are unpaid employees working to find other jobs after they are no longer helpful to their schools program anymore. When a student is forced to fight for everything they earn on their team it’s hard for people to see how they should not be rewarded. The other side has said a lot about paying these athletes but they aren’t good. When you look at this situation through their eyes you see Athletes as ATM’s.

An opportunity of endless money that can help out your school and yourself with whatever you need it for. After coming to the conclusion that Athletes should not be paid because they need to stay amateurs in the sports, the other side says that athletes should not be paid because the school can’t afford the big outburst of money. Smaller schools in the NCAA have more trouble affording their own staff and can’t handle the debt of paying student athletes. Espn. com had an interview with the president of Notre Dame and he said that “ in order for the sports to stay on the level that they are, they cannot pay the athletes.

With the students only being amateurs at the sport if they are to be paid then they would lose all respect as athletes and make respect as stars. In theory these students are paid in full with their education and their school life. Being said all of the colleges are being leaned into not paying their athletes. In the end of this argument the sides have been trying to stop athletes from being paid through the rules that they have made to stop the schools from paying their athletes what they are worth. The NCAA has made rules stating that athletes can not be paid.

With these rules against these athletes there fight is useless without support. when the NCAA has restrictions on things that only benefit them it’s hard to say there right. Having to make a decision on this the students have still continued to fight for their worth. In the 2015 article by Dave Zirin it said “If the NCAA weren’t colluding against them, would they get paid? ” And the answer is, “Yes, they would. ” In defence the NCAA says that not paying their students keeps greed away from their schools. Keeping greed away from the schools so that you can be greedy. When it comes to paying somebody the NCAA has found ways around it.

Last year Duke celebrated winning the NCAA national championship and ever since people have been asking whether the BLUE DEVILS should be paid or not? Coming back to last year there have been several occurrences of student strikes and the attempt to form a union. With the NCAA denying the students a union there are reasons to ask then why not start paying the athletes so that they can have a say on if you are underpaying them. These athletes deserve a say in whether they should be paid or not. These rules are defying the constitution by taking away their freedom of speech.

In the 2015 article by H. Clay Mceldowney it said “ Under the current DI model, many Olympic sports are funded substantially by the revenue-generating sports. Looking at the total number of athletes on scholarship, if every big time football and men’s basketball program offers players $5,000 stipends, it will cost, collectively, between $300-$500 million. ” With the price of this option schools have the ability to afford to pay their student athletes. Having to keep in mind the smaller schools who don’t have the funds to pay their athletes the government should help them.

So the only thing to conclude on this is that the NCAA can definitely afford to pay their athletes. Money being made from sponsors is another big part of why college athletics are a business. The NCAA charges large companies huge amounts of money to have a commercial during their tournaments and games when there televised. When you see a commercial during a game all that is, is a way to make you buy a product that supports a team that you like. The money that the NCAA takes from these endorsement deals does not go to the athletes or athletic programs it goes to paying for their needs when they’re not the ones who made that money rightfully.

Gatorade has spent over 2 million dollars a year on endorsement deals with different teams and sports events from all over. In the 2013 article by Matthew Kish it says that “If a school is sponsored by NIKE then the Swoosh has to be on the team’s equipment truck. ” If the team has to be sponsored then they have to make money off of the sponsorship deal for the school to take the deal. Sponsors help out with equipment and all kinds of things so with the money the schools save from sponsors the athletic programs should have extra money left over.

So there are many ways these schools save money and there are many ways they make extra money. College athletes are well trained money making machines that are mistreated and unappreciated, college athletes have been fighting for every minute they are in a game but it doesn’t help them when they have to deal with life after college ball. College athletes need money for their basic necessities. Colleges are a huge money making business and they use their athletes for their personal gain. Colleges are even making video games to exploit their players and steal more money away from them.

Athletes need some form of payment for the hard work they do and for colleges to take profit from the player’s success is wrong. Coming down to the end people have to realize that the economy is getting tough and without a way to make money people are having to scrape by on scraps. You have to wake up and realize that student athletes are working jobs without pay it is like there are labour laws being broke. When you are sitting at your next college sporting event think about how those players work so hard to entertain you and all you do is cheer.

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