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The Diamondback Vital-2 Women’s Hybrid Bike

The hybrid bike of Diamondback Vital-2 Women’s has included 21 gears and it must be a bicycle with durability to go in the on road and off road. It’s a good bike to use as traveling, commuting, fun riding, exercising and many more purposes. This bike runs smoothly in the flat city road and concrete or typical cemented paths. The aluminum frame of the Women Hybrid Bike provides a sporty look that matched with the steering and seat that you never feel uncomfortable. This Women’s Bike presents ease of control with the suspension when you’re going to the up or downhill. Its best quality suspension system along with the massive amount of gears is accessible for declines or inclines. People like this women’s hybrid bike for all kinds of adventures as its steering reliability and impact has improved for a happy riding. The entire best quality bike provides that are present on this bike like modern, flawless braking system, acceleration techniques, suspension manufactured for safety and better convenience. It’s a nice choice within or a bike under US$500.

This women’s hybrid bike of the Diamondback Vital-2 is an amazing bike with the versatility that you need. It contains the Sporty Hybrid Geometry aluminum frame that offers rigid stability and the design keeps you always alert at forceful in the saddle. You should thank the 63mm suspension to travel to the downhill with confidence. The strong steel handlebars of the Diamondback Vital-2 add more power to the end of the front side. The grips come with dual density comfort that absorb the shock of the streets, so you need not use your hands, back and arms.

The features of drive-train with 21-gear allows accelerating, climbing and speeds to reach at the top. The vital parts of the bike has taken from the Shimano, including 7-speed shifters, TX-55 rear derailleur and TX51 front derailleur to make your shifting seamless and responsive. The brakes are from the Tektro linear that keeps you safe to slow down along with maintenance and adjustment. Moreover, its Kendra Cross tires, alloy rims with aluminum tunnel, pedals, saddle and suspension seat-post, all these will provide a perfect ride each time you get on the bike.

The Quick Features of the Diamondback Vital-2 Women’s Hybrid Bike

  • It’s a bike with aluminum sporty Hybrid and offers rigid, durable and upright design of geometry.
  • This Women’s Hybrid Bike has 63mm suspension to travel to the downhill with confidence.
  • The handlebar of the bike has made of steel that provides more strength.
  • Its Kraton grips absorb the shocks of the roads.
  • The Kenda tires and alloy rims of Double tunnel aluminum performance better on the pavement or dirt.
  • It has butted aluminum hybrid frame.
  • It contains EZ fire trigger shifting system with 7-speed Shimano Drive-Train.
  • The seat-post and suspension fork contain built in cushion.
  • It presents a smooth and efficient rolling with 700c road wheels.

Technical Details of the Diamondback Vital-2 Women’s Hybrid Bike

  • Bike Type is Road Sport Touring.
  • Bike Color is Light Purple.
  • Frame Material Type is Aluminum.
  • Maximum Height is 67-inch.
  • Minimum Height is 64-inch.
  • Number of Speeds are 21.
  • Height of the Package is (8.5 x 29 x 54) inches.
  • Weight while Shipping is 42 pounds.
  • Size of the bike is 15″ (Small).
  • Stand-over Height of the bike is 19-inch.
  • Wheel Size of the bike is 700 cm.


  • You can shift the gears perfectly and smoothly.
  • The brakes of the bike work flawlessly and you can stop it completely if you need.
  • Most of the parts of the bike come with assembled.
  • The seat post and front shock make the bike much easy to ride, even in the gravel and dirt roads.
  • You can comfortably sit on the saddle.
  • The bike has colored nicely with the picture perfect design.
  • The bike comes in an affordable price within or under US$500.


  • The package is not coming with specific instruction manual.
  • Most of the bike parts are assembled, but ensemble parts are hard to set for non-experience persons
  • Some complain about the sound during the gear change.
  • The gears and brakes of the bike need customizations.
  • The bike has no kickstand.
  • The pedals come too close to touch the front wheel and makes sharp turns.

Final Recommendation about the Diamondback Vital-2 Women’s Hybrid Bike

This hybrid bike features are than the money that you invest to buy it. The high end specifications make it really comfortable and smooth navigating and riding. The hybrid frame of aluminum makes the bike a must have item of daily work for the women along with a flawless gearing mechanism and suspension fork. These amazingly incredible features within or under US$500 is surely providing more than the price!

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