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The Description Of The Boeing American Multinational Company

Boeing is an American multinational company that designs, manufactures, and sell airplanes ( commercial or military), rotorcraft (helicopter), rockets, satellite, and missiles worldwide. Boeing is the largest aerospace company in the world right now. Boeing also ranked 27 in Fortune 500 list. Boeing is known for its jumbo jet 747, and the most used commercial aircraft, the 737. Behind his successful, Boeing has excellence in communicating externally. On their website, all of the external information is very easy to access. Their quarterly result and annual report can be accessed by only clicking a button. Their stock data and stock chart are easy to access in investors page.

The list of CEO, president, executive council and their vice president in each division is very clear. They even create their own website for their news, which is included in their newest product, new technology breakthrough, changing in their executive/president. Not just that, Boeing also create their own page for their multimedia (wallpapers and videos) to communicate their product. Boeing main channel for communicating externally is the internet (their own website).

In their website almost every information you can get about Boeing either about their product, their innovation, their company, their investors, their news and many more. For an example, in their homepage, they show us the new technology in landing gears, news about winning the MQ-25 contract (a kind of new unmanned aircraft), new T-X training aircraft and news about NASA astronauts for Boeing new spacecraft. Their website also can redirect you to many websites that relevant to their previous website, for example, social media, media room, career and etc. Other channels, they use our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn), which is redirected from their main website. And even separate them in regionals such as France, Brazil, Japan, United Kingdom, Middle East, Europe, Australia and many more. In their social media, Boeing is mainly posted about their new technology, their new product, and their community engagement program. For an example, on 4th September 2018, Boeing posted a post about new Boeing MQ-25 for U.S Navy in their official Facebook account.

All of those communications that used by Boeing is used to promote their product, and to know the current technology in the aerospace industry. Of course a company such as massive as Boeing need to have their internal communication also. For their internal communication, Boeing doesn’t publish any information about their internal communication, but for a company as big as Boeing, internal communication through e-mail is a must. For other channels, Boeing internal communication is the intranet ( a private network accessible only to an organization/company’s staff, so it is not accessible for public ), they called it Secure Logon.

Boeing is the most successful aerospace industry in the world, not just because of its creativity in technological advancement, and right managerial action, but also come from their communication skills. Without good communication skills, the company can lose it profit, employees, even their name. Boeing implemented a good communication skill. They create a website that filled by a lot of information (relatively complete), and it will be specified for further information. For an example, the news is in the sub-topic of the homepage, but for further news (past news, filtering the news, and many more), the new website will be redirected.

The information that is given is clear and well organized. Boeing is a great and successful company, but there is still a room for improvement though. Boeing may consider adding more channels in social media ( LINE, Snapchat) since a lot of people especially teenagers also use these social media. Also, Boeing can create their official fan group in Facebook, Twitter, and even in the real world. This will increase their loyal basis fans. For their internal communication, Boeing can more open about what channels are they used to communicate. Boeing also can more open in what type of internal communication they use either autocratic, consultative, participative or empowering.

For further information, there is a case where communication is very important. In 2013, lithium batteries caught on fire in Boeing 787. In 2014, NTSB releases the result of the investigation, Boeing is blamed for not considering and doing a test about the worst possibility of batteries failure. Boeing releases a news in his official website about the batteries issue and gives a commitment to fix it with solutions, so Boeing doesn’t just give an idle talk. This problem although make the stock decrease 3.4% but at least Boeing is still survived from the problem that can make destroy his big name.


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