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The Day It Happened By Rosario Morales

The Day It Happened is a novel by Rosario Morales. The novel tells the story of a young girl, Esperanza, who witnesses the murder of her mother and is forced to go on the run. The novel explores themes of violence, loss, and hope.

The Day It Happened is a short story by Rosario Morales, a Puerto Rican poet and activist who was born in Puerto Rico but grew up in New York. This narrative takes place in an apartment complex on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, which is spoken about by one of the neighbors. Morales depicts an abusive Latino relationship during the 1990s, when machismo, domestic abuse, and love collide to provide a tiny glimpse into how many Latinas’ lives were like.

The story starts out with the narrator, who is a young girl at the time, talks about how her and a friend used to play in an abandoned apartment building. One day, they found a dead rat and started to poke at it with a stick, until the owner of the building came out and chased them away.

The girls ran into another neighbor, who was an old lady that always seemed to be looking out her window. The old lady told the girls that they should never go back into that apartment because a woman had been killed there by her husband. The old lady then went on to tell the girls about how she used to know the woman and how she was always being beaten by her husband.

The old lady said that one day she heard the woman screaming and ran over to the apartment, but by the time she got there the woman was already dead. The old lady then told the girls that they should never go back into that apartment because it was cursed.

The girls didn’t believe the old lady and continued to play in the abandoned apartment until one day they heard a man and a woman arguing inside of it. The girls then saw the woman being beaten by the man and ran to tell the old lady what they had seen. The old lady then went over to the apartment and started to yell at the man to stop beating the woman.

The Day It Happened, a narrative told by a 12-year-old girl who lives next door to the marital pair, recounts how everything occurred on one saturday evening, when Ramon, the abusive spouse, was returning home from work. Josie is described as “a lovely lady who kept to herself at home,” which implies that she had every right to leave her partner for a better life for herself and their forthcoming child. This instance of Josie leaving her husband is something that does not happen very often in abusive marriages.

The fact that Rosario Morales was able to write such a detailed, personal account of this event gives readers insight into the mind of an abuse victim. The story also provides a very realistic portrayal of an abusive relationship and how events like this can unfold.

In this particular short story, machismo may be defined as “exaggerated manliness.” It’s a common Latin [culture] practice for “the master of the house” to be… the ruler of his realm. (Ricardo A. Lopez, The Other side of Machismo) which is how Ramon regarded himself. If he beat her, he felt better because she was nothing more than a “wet rag.”

he was not content on just being the man of the house but he had to put her down for him to feel like more of a man. Morale’s shows how little power women had and how they were nothing without a man, “If there is no man, we are worthless.”(345) which is how most men felt back then.

The woman in this story went through a lot of pain because her husband felt like he needed to show everyone that he was the alpha and the omega. He wanted everyone to know that he could do whatever he wanted with his wife and no one could say anything about it, even if it meant hurting her.

This particular short story deals with a very important issue that is still relevant today: machismo and its effects on women. The story highlights how machismo can lead to abuse, both physical and emotional, as well as a feeling of worthlessness in women. It is important to note that machismo is still a very big issue in many cultures today, including Latin American culture. This story can help to open up a dialogue about the issue and help to bring about change.

She’d make excuses for him after the first six months of their marriage, claiming that he “can’t help himself.” (343) because of his terrible temper and how he used to brag about his strength, and because she knew that she could not ill-treat her husband. Because they are not the head of the household, Latinas endure many of the same hardships as their spouse.

The Latino culture is a patriarchal one, which means that men are always in control and have the power, while women are always supposed to be subordinate. In “The Day It Happened” by Rosario Morales, this cultural ideal is challenged when Josie, a young Puerto Rican woman, realizes that she does not have to put up with her husband’s abuse anymore and that she can leave him.

Josie had been married to Ramon for two years when she finally decided to leave him. She had grown tired of his abusive behavior and his constant put-downs. One day, after yet another argument, she packed her bags and left him. This was a turning point in her life, and she slowly began to realize that she didn’t have to put up with his abuse anymore.

Josie’s decision to leave her husband was a brave one, and it is an example of how Latinas are beginning to challenge the traditional role of women in their culture. This is a positive step towards equality for Latinas, and it is hoped that more women will follow in Josie’s footsteps.

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