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The Christ The Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro

Christ the Redeemer is located in the Tijuca National Forest, at the top of the Corcovado Mountain in Brazil. It is considered an icon of Rio de Janeiro.

In 1850, the idea of building a religious monument was first suggested by a Catholic Priest and was funded by the Catholic community of Brazil. In 1989 after Brazil had become a republic, a Law was put in place separating the church and the state and Brazil wanted to have its monument commemorating the centenary of independence. Consequently it was not until 1920 when a group petitioned for support to build a landmark statue became a reality.

The design, created by the French sculptor called Paul Landowski, was chosen from several ideas and construction began in 1922, taking nine years to finish. It cost $250,000 to build Christ the Redeemer. That equals ?2.3 million British pounds today. The construction, supervised by an engineer named Heitor da Silva Costa, was made from reinforced concrete and externally composed of soapstone, imported from Sweden, due to the resistance of the material in extreme weather over time. This monument has huge significance and meaning as it is not only an Icon but holds cultural purpose and symbolism to Brazil as it shows there religious beliefs and importance of Jesus.

The right arm points to south Rio de Janeiro and the left arm points to north Rio de Janeiro and represents Christ love all and will embrace all that comes to him. At the base of the Landmark a chapel was placed which is used for ceremonies.

The original idea for a monument to Christ came from a group of Brazilians who, in the wake of World War One, feared an advancing tide of godlessness. As Christ showed benevolence and Tolerance, Brazilians and tourists feel and share the same qualities. The statue, at the weight of 635 tons and 120 feet tall, reached in 220 steps, is the most visited place in Brazil at over a million people a year.

In 2006, Christ the Redeemer was proclaimed a national heritage and shrine, and a year later it was included in the list of The Seven Wonders of the World. It is considered the largest art deco in the world and fifth largest of Jesus in the world. The Redeemer is a classic symbol of Rio De Janeiro, with its long history and meaning to its existence. Even till this day, after over 80 years, It still manages to amaze and astound people with splendour.

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