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The Best Rebel Movies

Rebel archetypes in movies are portrayed as the mean person or character that does not care about any rules they are being told.when you hear rebel people assume they are talking about a bad person or the villian but really it can be any character we just have to really understand the story. They tend to set trends instead of following them. They feel as if life has to many rules or people are always thinking to much, so they do the opposite of a normal human being.

There are different kinds of rebels in our day to day movies that we don’t seem to recognize. For example, the free spirit rebel lives and loves by their own rules, the maverick is different from the free spirit they are quiet and feel as if they do not need to broadcast that they are different.They are always flipping out on the goody two shoes for obeying all the rules which causes them to become a rebel as well because they see what it means to be a rebel from their perspective.

Rebel movies also tend to be teenagers because that’s when they are truly getting to know themselves. This makes it an easy target to get people’s attention through teen rebellion because everyone can relate in some aspect. It’s the time when your in between childhood years and adulthood and no one wants to be either they would rather be in the middle if they could choose.An rebel attitude/behavior should consist of rule breaking, trend setting, and thinking in a different mind set.

Some would stereotype a rebel as just a troublemaker. That is totally false because they are so much more than just troublemakers. They live by their own rules because maybe they are tired of being classified as a trouble maker. Rebels are not just troublemakers they are free spirited people who live by their own morals. The rebel that is mostly seen throughout films are the “outlaw” rebels. They have the mentality that rules do not apply to them and no one can tell them what to do because they are their own bosses. They are the ones causing trouble and are nowhere to be found or watching the drama unfold as it happens. They cause trouble just for fun because its a sense of freedom.

Out of all archetypes rebels are the most common archetype there is. It is definitely used the most throughout history and with the teen movie concept. It just makes more sense to have a rebel for teen because it’s the transition from childhood to adulthood. It’s the transitional period when we try to find out what works for us and what do not. But it takes time for the transition to happen and that is why teens have “phases”. Hints why parents always use the phrase “ It’s just a phase”. But really they are necessary to go through because who else knows what works for you better than yourself.

The movie Rebel with a cause(1955) was one of the best rebel movies that came out. Jim Stark(James Dean) was just a kid who was trying to find himself and adjust in a entirely new environment. He does not know whether he wants friends or if he wants to be a lone wolf. He makes a friend (Plato) but things go south when he starts to like his neighbor but her boyfriend(Buzz) is suppose to be a tough guy. He does not like jim so he challenges him to a race but things go left again when Buzz dies because his jacket got stuck on the door handle while trying to jump out.

Jim has this on his conscious which causes him to want to go to the police but once again things go south. Plato is beat up by buzz’s friends. He grabs his mom’s gun and go out to find Jim and warn him that the guy’s are looking for him. He finds them and soon after the guys find them as well. Plato shoots one boy then runs and breaks into the observatory and is spotted by a police officer. He started to shoot but stops a goes to hide. Jim and judy finds him and gets him to surrender but he runs and a police officer shoots and kills him. Jim was a rebel because he stood up to his parents to do the right thing even though he could have ended up in jail. Also he did not care that Judy was Buzz’s girlfriend he still fell in love with her regardless of the circumstances. He was trying to prove that he was not offended or scared to show he can stoop to their level even though he had a clean slate in this town. He did not have to surround himself with the crowd but being an outlaw and stealing cars to race them was the definition of the rebel outlaw.

This rebel is portrayed as the rebel when has a fresh start but trouble always find him no matter what happens of where he goes. Jim is destined to play this role in his new town because it’s who he is. We start to see a change when he starts to like judy. It’s like he starts to change be instantly goes back to being a rebel when he feels threatened or is being threatened. Overall he just another teen when wants to live outside the comfort zone but no one wants him to. “If I had one day when I didn’t have to be all confused and I didn’t have to feel that I was ashamed of everything. If I felt that I belonged someplace” Jim Stark.

Ferris Bueller’s Day off(1986) is another teen rebel movie. But it’s a joy in watching he be happy while committing these acts of rebellion. He lies to his parents to get out of going to school and they believed him. He causes trouble and avoids all the consequences. So he is trying not to get caught by the school principal while being mischievous. He need needs his best friend dads car to go into the city. His best friend Cameron is also a rebel but he does not have time for Ferris because he is dealing with his own emotions at the moment with his father. He is afraid to stand up to his dad which causes him to lose confidence.So when Ferris kidnaps him he has no choice but to listen to him for the day. He takes his girlfriend and bestfriend to chicago for an exciting day. But its kind of hard when he is ducking and dodging his father all day.

When people say blood is thicker than water thats what they hope for because in this case his sister is going after him to. But he rebels for the fun of it. This shows that rebellion is not always serious all the time. In this case Ferris uses rebellion to cause joy for himself. What teen would not want to play hooky in hopes of getting away with it. It’s every teenage dream to skip school and hang out amongst your closest friends. This rebel is unique but he justifies what he does by simply saying “I had fun doing it so I do not care about the consequences.” The rebel that thinks he is so slick to ever get caught misbehaving.

He also happens to encourage Cameron to stand up to his dad without really knowing so he is also a helpful friend. “ Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”Ferris Bueller This rebel represents the youth of all kids. He just simply wants to live life to the fullest without missing an opportunity. But he did not care about the risks that could happen when his parents found out. He was just living in the moment.As an audience we wouldn’t want our kids to be defiant but it is a lesson to how to raise our kids. We see in the movies that his parents are to gullible and do not enforce the rules. So we would think to be more stern with the kids so they know to be more obedient and respectful as a teen.

Schindler’s list made in 1993 but the story takes place in the 1930’s. He is a Nazi spy and businessman who starts to play both sides during World War two. At first he was not bothered by jews being stripped of their homes and families but then came the breaking point when he has no jews to work for him because they were being put in camps. This is now his problem because he not making any money because his labor is gone. So he visits one of the camps to only find out the person in charge(Kommandant Amon Goeth) just kills them from the balcony. Schindler bribes the Goeth and gets some workers back. Then things come to a stop when the camp is being closed so the jews are being sent off to be killed.

Schindler ends up helping some women and children jews escape their deaths. This shows rebels can also do a good deed. He was doing something that was illegal and dangerous and could have got him killed. He was a hero to the jewish community for what he did or what he was trying to do. He was a rebel because he went against the cause of enslaving the jewish people. He made them workers so their life would be spared and he did not care about what they did as long as they gave him labor in return. So in schindler’s list it was necessary to have a rebel in the story because if not more jews would have been slaughtered and being put to their deaths. “It’s Hebrew, it’s from the Talmud. It says, “Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire” Itzhak Stern. Even though he died an honorable man his business was not making any money. The money he was use to getting was not an option. His business could not have ran without the donations from the jewish community. The message in this movie was so much more than him just being a rebel. He was risking his life to help others. It took a lot of courage to help others from being killed. It was a mass genocide of jews because of their faith and beliefs.

The film/musical Cry-Baby made in 1990 is one of the most self explanatory films about rebels out in the film world. It first starts out in a school setting but all the characters are getting shots. Allison sees wade walker also known as Cry-baby. Crybaby is told to stay away from Allison by her grandmother and her boyfriend. Cry baby gang “The Drapes” follow Allison’s grandmother and kind of flirt with Allisona little. They then let them be and pull up to the Turkey point which is the Drape’s hangout. Then Cry-baby is gifted with a motorcycle by his grandmother and his uncle. He takes off to go find Allison who is at her grandmother’s talent show. She goes with crybaby to the Drapes shindig they are having.

Crybaby’s sister pepper and his friends hatchet face and wanda gives Allison a Drapes makeover. She then is called on stage by crybaby to sing the song”king,Cry-baby” on stage. Afterwards they get a little intimate and talk about how they are both orphans and how his father was the “ABC Bomber” who blew up stores in alphabetical order and when he got caught he was given the electric chair and his mother got the chair as well because they thought she was apart of it. Allison’s parents died in in two separate plane crashes. Her parents got on different planes just in case one crashes she would have a parent left. Sadly both plane crashes which left her in the custody of her grandmother. Allison’s boyfriend Baldwin leads the squares to turkey point to get revenge. A riot breaks out against the Drapes and Squares and it all goes down from there.

The Drapes including Allison gets arrested for disturbing the peace but everyone went free except for Crybaby and pepper’s kids. Allison is heartbroken because Crybaby is in jail but quickly gets over it the next day when she hears a reporter’s story over the radio about Crybaby and lorena getting engaged and having a baby which is false. So she get back with Baldwin to make Crybaby jealous. But he tries to escape from prison only to find his way to the barbershop of the prison. The Drapes go to the new theme park to get Allison and when they get there she is singing Mr.Sandman with “The Whiffles” which is a quartet.

They then take Allison to sing “Please, Mr. Jailer” outside the prison to get Cry Baby released. He gets released and finds out Baldwin’s grandfather was the one to flip the switch on Crybaby’s parents in the electric chair. Crybaby challenges Baldwin to a chicken race which is when both cars go towards each other until one turns away. They make it interesting by getting on top of the cars. Baldwin tells his friend to put Allison’s grandmother in the car saying “Mrs. Vernon-Williams,you were born a Square and you’re gonna die a Square. You’re coming with me.” The song “High School Hellcats” is being sung by Allison through all this commotion. The grandmother is calling out for help from the car,pepper is giving birth, and Allison is on the back of the motorcycle riding to her grandmother but Baldwin calls chicken so the motorcycle stops and Allison flys off right into Crybaby’s lap. Then he cries tears out of both eyes.

Crybaby was born a rebel because of who his parents was. When seen that Wanda and Milton has Squares as parents but choose to hang with the Drapes. The rebellious side is in all teens no matter the background. Also shows that adults have a rebellious side also. They are just looked down upon how much money they have or what they do with their life if it’s not like a proper gentleman or young lady. Crybaby was the outsider with criminal parents and a criminal record. To teens he is the cool kid but to adults he is seen as a delinquent a menace to society. But he also brought squares and Drapes together.

The audience sees Allison being welcomed into the turkey point by pepper, hatchet face,and wanda but Crybaby was not accepted by Allison’s grandmother or the judge or any squares. It was really hard to be accepted by squares when they didn’t share the same beliefs. For example when everyone got arrested and everyone was let go but just for being the leader and disturbing the peace he was sent to jail until his 21st birthday. His punishment was very harsh for no reason even though the squares started the riot.

He was also in an unfair situation because they were going to believe the squares over the drapes. It’s like society did not give him a chance. But love changed him,he was more in love with Allison and to get a second chance in life was everything to him which cause him to cry from both eyes. Crybaby’s rebel archetype would definitely be the outsider. The one that is not accepted in society because he is different. Teens would whether find their own path then to be told what path to choose. Take Milton for example his parents was very religious but he said he wants to live life. Everyone should understand that they just want to live life.

In these films the rebel archetypes we can see that the word rebel automatically has a bad connotation. But it has been proven that not all rebels are bad but that they can be extremely helpful. In each one of these films the rebel Archetype is portrayed in a different way. It could just be the directors wanting a certain character to be unique to a certain situation. The one thing all of the directors have in common is that they know the meaning and understanding behind being a rebel. They understand that it can be multiple meanings to understand a word. This goes to show that no two movies are the same even though they claim to have similar characteristics. Aslo shows the different type of rebels during the 50’s,80’s, 90’s and 30’s even though schindler’s list the movie was published in 1993.

To execute the perfect rebel the audience need the perfect background or scenarios that shows use in the movie which character plays what. In most movies its suppose to be clear as day who is who but some directors likes for the audience to decide because movies can mean different things for different people. It is all about how the movie is interpreted. The films are represented well with the different kinds of rebels. What makes a rebel archetype is what they are doing that is so different from everyone else in the movie. They are rebels in a sense but they are always coming around and developing into a different persona. When directors create rebel characters it is centered around what is not accepted in society or not normal for others. They are created to take the audience out of their comfort zones. The are designed to have people say this character is crazy for doing the things they are frowned upon for doing. It gives the audience a sense of life like a purpose to their life.

It is almost impossible for a fictional character to be just one archetype. It’s hard for a human being to be just one archetype. It takes multiple archetypes to makeup a personality. Over time their mentality starts to build and experience different things throughout life so they can get a different feel on life. They are still growing as a person so they are bound to feel diversity.That is why in some movies we see the hesitation in a character before they choose their action. This show at least they are thinking about their decisions. So they have the opportunity to choose what they want to be. Emotions also play apart in choose what personality/archetype a person would be. But it takes multiple archetypes to make up a person or character realistically. But depending on what the director feels about what characteristics should a character has is entirely up to them. They can create the rebel that has a lot of hate,the rebel that has that free spirited mentality,or a rebel with all emotions.

Throughout movies rebels has been seen as one type of person. That person would be always angered,moody,and enraged. But with the proper knowledge it is proven and with evidence that rebel has more than one meaning. Also depending on the situation or mood they are put in can immediately bring out the inner rebel.Everyone has that in them but most choose go with the flow like everyone else instead of being their own person and living by their rules. They are the confused teen or adult in the society that is classified as normal but what is a society without the outsiders,know-it-alls,and the judgemental people.

With that being said society should not put people in a group without better judgement and should just accept people for who they are with no questions asked unless they are committing a crime. They should not be labeled as a troublemaker just because they are different because maybe that is their normal. They are always being judge over their morals on what they think is right or wrong. If that is how they choose to live their life its their choice to choose that path. As for adults they can just guide and hope they choose the correct path. But parents act as if they were never a teen before who made crazy decisions. Teens can not help how they feel in that moment and that’s when the rebel comes out if the situation is bad.

To fully answer the question rebel archetypes are portrayed as a menace to society but in all communities. Not all rebels are bad for society, in schindler’s list Oskar schindler saved a lot of jewish lives because it made no sense to kill millions of people just because of their religion. He was saving them by saying “as long as you make pots and pans I do not care what religion you practice.” He was a hero even though he went broke because he lost his support. Crybaby brought together the squares and the Drapes into a closer community which was needed because it was a lot of tension between them. Ferris Bueller was just trying to live life without skipping a beat. Jim was suppose to have a clean slate but it is really easy to fall into old habits. Schindler’s action changed the world it had a huge impact.

These movies all have life lessons within them. This shows that even in different time periods no matter what happens there are rebels and they will always doing what they want. Not all rebels are the same but all have the same concept in them. Not all rebels are bad people, not all rebels are good people, but they do have a purpose which is to be the outcast be a different person and not fit into society because there is no such thing as an perfect person.

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