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The Benefits and Importance of Statistics in Our Lives


Statistics is a topic that I have never really thought of until now. I didn’t know how it worked or how important and interesting it really is. It can open a whole new world of understanding the way we live as humans and why we live that way. Through statistics, we can gain a new perspective, help to combat crime, and see how the world has developed. There is so much that can benefit from statistics and I think it’s going to continue to surprise, innovate, and monitor the world. The world can become safer and healthier if we monitor what is good for us and what is not.

What I’ve learned is that through statistics we can make sense of the world. It opens up a whole new perspective. We can understand the world that is around us just by using statistics. Knowledge is gained using number and graphs that have been recored. Many people don’t like to admit how useful stats are. This is because it reveals the truth. It shows what really is happening and what has happened. People what to push the stats aside because they believe in one thing but that’s only what they want to believe. It may not be what is actually the truth. So the importance of statistics grows. Not only does it open a new perspective but it opens up new opportunities for success in your life. It provides jobs and pays very well. The demand is growing for statisticians. This is a clear indicator to me that the world is realizing the importance of statistics.

Statistics can help to combat the crime in our cities. Making communities safer is a benefit from this technology that is growing in the world. I learned that there is a program that tracks crime in cities and displays it for citizens to look at and stay safe around their neighborhoods. This is a great safety feature that is powered by statistics. This would not be possible without public data. More and more data is becoming public and this is how a program like that can work. Public data also makes citizens more powerful. It provides a lot of information at our fingertips. Public safety officials become more accomplished and stats being recorded help to figure out where they need to focus their time. They look at what types of crimes are being committed and where. Statistics are also necessary to monitor governments and for the governments to monitor us as citizens.

Being able to see how the world has developed is something that is very interesting in my opinion. Using stats we can see how the world has become more healthier in two hundred years. Standards can be drawn from that data and we can see how the world is going to continue in the future just based on stats. There is a strong bridge between history and statistics that I have learned. We can use stats to better understand the history of the world.

In closing, statistics help us to gain a new perspective, combat against crime and see how the world has developed over the course of history. We can see things for how something really is. Stats are a clear description of the world. They help to explain why something has happened. We normally just think of the what instead of the why. Through stats, we can also analyze feelings. Our eyes are open to the full effect of the world. Statistics are for our curious minds. Many of us want to find out information. I am more excited now to discover statistics in the classroom and beyond. I think it is going to benefit me in the future and open my mind up to a new perspective that I may not have realized before. The world can be looked at in a much different way after understanding statistics.

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