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Teen Dating Analysis

In the article “Teen Dating Guidelines” by Jessica Childs it argued whether teenagers should have rules on dating set by their parents . Parents should set rules for teen dating, because it’s best to have your teenager follow rules about dating. The rules set by the parents should change as the teenager grows older. As a teenager dating could have many risks but it can also help. One of the risks is having their hearts being broken, which parents should talk to their teen about. I’m currently in a relationship and my parents have put some rules but they also talked to me about what to do when my heart gets broken.

It really helped knowing that my parents care about me and the rules that they made are fair. One rule that parents shouldn’t use is to not date someone more than a year older or a year younger, because if both teens feel the same way towards each other then age shouldn’t matter. More rules should be set during middle school then in high school because during high school teens become more responsible and they are more careful with their actions. Even though teen dating should have rules it shouldn’t be banned by the parents at all.

I agree with Clark when he said “Dating for teens should happen in stages and parents should be there to set guidelines for each age and phase. ” (paragraph 5) . As the teen grows older the rules should change with the teen. If parents keep the same rules that they used in middle school in high school, then it may cause some problems to both the teen and the parents. One rule that could affect the teen if it isn’t changed is no one on one dates. That rule can affect the teen because it would mean that the teen wouldn’t be able to take the person who they’re dating somewhere.

If my parents made this rule for my relationship then I would have a tough time when I want to spend time with her. I know that some rules won’t be changed by parents but honestly they should renew the rules but not change it completely. Parents should talk to their kids about relationships and dating as a teenager. This is a topic that all parents should talk to their teens about because it will help the teen with his/her experience with relationships. My parents didn’t talk about dating until near the end of eighth grade and honestly it would have helped me if they talked to me sooner.

When my parents talked to me about dating they told me that one of the risks of dating as a teen is having my heart broken and if I was sure that I knew the all the risks, then I could date. That really helped me because it made me realize that I needed to be sure about my feelings instead of jumping to conclusions. As a teen I advise all parents to talk to their teen about dating. I agree with some rules but I disagree with others, because not all rules seem fair to me and other teens.

Some rules set by parents can make their teen feel more restricted to who they can date. One rule for example, will be to not date someone more than a year older or a year younger. I disagree with this rule because teen dating shouldn’t have age limitations. For example, I am dating someone a year older than me, and no problem has occurred about our age differences. My parents at first didn’t agree with the age difference but then they decided if I truly cared for who I am dating then age shouldn’t be a problem.

I was relieved when my parents told me that because a one year age difference didn’t bother me at all. It also helped ease my parent’s concerns when I told them that we were in the same grade. A rule I agree with is that when a teen dates during middle school they could talk through the phone and text but only if parents can have access to their phones and the teens know that their parents check the texts, etc. This rule should only be applied during middle school because in high school the parents teen would feel his privacy being invaded.

If i had a phone during middle school, I know that my parents would have checked it and I wouldn’t mind them checking my phone, but now in high school I would feel that my parents don’t respect my privacy. Many rules should be used but other rules shouldn’t be used because not only would the teen break the rule, the parents would be more harsh on the rules afterwards. In conclusion, parents should have rules when it comes to teen dating but they also should talk to their teen about dating and relationships.

I know that some parents are more protective than others but that shouldn’t be a reason to ban teen dating. If the parents protect the teen from experiencing a relationship during high school, then how would s/he be prepared after high school. It’s best to experience something and be more prepared for it later than not experiencing it at all and not being prepared for it. The rules should change with the teen as s/he grows older, the rules shouldn’t be the same. The rules that parents use during middle school should be more different than the rules that they use during high school.

Also, parents shouldn’t use the rule of their teen not dating someone more than a year older or year younger. If the teen is sure about how s/he feels and the other person feels the same way then there shouldn’t be a rule restricting them from dating. As I said before, parents should talk to their teen about this. The parents can really help the teen with dating and the parents could give the teen advice for teenage dating. Finally, Rules should be set for teen dating but the parents also need to talk to their teen about dating and be aware that the rules may affect the teen in different ways.

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