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TeamGantt for Students

TeamGantt is a cloud-based project management software that focuses on the use of Gantt charts in managing projects. This easy to use platform helps managers coordinate the schedules and efforts of multiple employees. Gantt charts have long been a staple of project management and remain in use today. Gantt charts are designed to make project management easy for everybody in the team, hence, they are always easy to understand by virtually everyone. Understanding them need not be complicated, all one has to do is look at timelines and their corresponding tasks.

TeamGantt reinforces this through the use of color and formats. For those who are unfamiliar with certain projects, the system’s Gantt charts can be shared and even edited, very useful for businesses who share project plans. With TeamGantt, you can place several projects in a single chart, it can also display ones whose timelines overlap. Projects are shown as task groups, which are sequentially listed. It is able to track individual tasks with project percentage completion aggregated from tasks to the entirety of the project. Users can likewise comment on tasks and have the same sent to other people relevant to the project. All comments are recorded and threads are organized as conversations.

The platform can benefit your business in many ways, here are some of them:

Team Collaboration: A strong point that stands out about Team Gantt is that the solution promotes collaboration among project team members. Gantt charts can be shared with individuals who are unfamiliar with particular projects. This is very useful for businesses who share project plans. Users can easily view and edit Gantt charts. Projects can be scheduled, along with all those involved in the project, clients included. Using the software, no team member ever gets left behind as all project-relevant individuals are informed of all progress being made.

Project Creation and Task Management: TeamGantt allows you to place several projects in a single chart and is able to display those with overlapping timelines. They are shown as task groups which are sequentially listed. Individual tasks can be tracked with project percentage completion aggregated from tasks to the project’s entirety. Another nifty feature is that users are able to comment on tasks and send them to other project-relevant people. The software records all comments and organizes threads as conversations. What’s cool about the solution is that it lets you create Gantt charts online through its drag-and-drop functionality.

Templates/History Tracking: All projects managed using TeamGantt can serve as templates for new ones. Current projects can be saved as templates and made available for future use. This is very useful especially when creating common tasks. Another great functionality is the platform’s ability to save project views. This is basically a snapshot of the project and all task status associated with it. Viewing saved projects enables managers to see changes in the project.

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