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Syed Babar Ali

An Entrepreneur and industrialist of Pakistan Syed Babar Ali was born on June 1926.he is a Pakistani businessman and also former finance minister of Pakistan. He is the founder of packages limited, milk pack limited and now the Nestle Pakistan limited and the Lahore University of management sciences.

Syed Babar Ali received his education from Aitcheson College Lahore and for further studies he went to the Michigan University at Ann Arbor till 1947 and then he moved to newly created state Pakistan. He completed his education from the Pakistan University of the Punjab Lahore. He also further studied at Harvard school of business.

Syed Babar Ali was born to a middle class family and at that time his father muratib Ali owned a small shop in the walled city of Lahore. Later in his life his father became a top contractor of the British Indian army and supplying them with various services.

Career start of Syed Babar Ali

After finishing college and with the partition of Pakistan in 1947 Babar Ali joined his family in starting a cotton exporting business. Mostly export to India. Later on he started working for the development of great education institute in Pakistan Lahore University of management science. He has a great passion for getting knowledge. lums and Ali institute of education are two great venture of Babar Ali as he thinks.

In 1970 Zulfkar Ali Bhutto’s nationalization affected his 5 out of 6 companies leaving only packages limited. He later served in Benazir Bhutto’s government to set up the countries first ever fertilizer company. Syed Babar Ali also the chairman of Sanofi Aventis Pakistan limited and Coca Cola beverages Pakistan limited he believes in joint venture philosophy and most of his business are joint ventures with major multi nationals.
In 1992 he founded Ali institute of education for training of primary and secondary school teachers. Ali institute promoted the cause of world wide fund for nature where he served in various positions.

Babar Ali idea for establishment of packages

Babar Ali telling his success story before the audience as he is regarded as Pakistanis leading business man who owned a number of business ventures included the packages limited in Pakistan. Babar Ali laid the foundation of packages limited in Pakistan major clients of this company are the Uniliver and Pakistan tobacco company the sale of packages limited exceeded $ 141 million in 2013 according to Babar Ali 25% market shares of packaging industry are held by his company and remaining 75% of share by those who once work for his company.

Idea for establishment of lums

He conceive the idea of launching Lahore university of management sciences when he went to Harvard business school 1973 to study business management and stayed for 13 weeks in this time he realized that there must be a well-established business university in Pakistan for this purpose he further consulted Abdul razaq dawood who used to teach business administration at Punjab university at that time and he agreed to work with him. Lums was founded in 1985 and Syed Babar Ali became first pro chancellor.

About the establishment of lums Babar Ali said that when the Ussr invaded Afghanistan toward the end of the 1970, also jumped into the counter Russia and gave millions of dollars to Pakistan for fighting in Afghanistan America also funded at that time including the us aid to help Pakistan and Afghanistan so at that time he approach to us government and convinced the us ambassador to release an amount of $ 10 million under us aid to help build lums and at the end Babar Ali said with pride that lums had produced more than 10000 alumni since its inception and 33% of them for women.

Syed Babar Ali nestle Pakistan limited

He also setup largest food processing company in Pakistan. Nestle Pakistan proud of its commitment to excellence in product safety and quality and to providing value and aims to be the leading nutrition, health and wellness Company.

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