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SWOT Analysis of Coca Cola Company

The history of Coca-Cola began in 1886 when the curiosity of a pharmacist in Atlanta, Dr. John S. Pemberton, led him to make a drink with a certain taste that could be sold in the soda fountains. He created a tasty syrup, took him to his pharmacy, where he mixed it with carbonated water and was considered “excellent” by people who tried it. The employee and accountant of Dr. Pemberton, Frank M. Robinson, gets the name of the “Coca Cola” drink, as well as the distinctive brand design that is still being used.

In 1894, due to the increasing demand for Coca Cola and the need to make the drink portable, Joseph Biedenharn installed a bottling plant in the Mississippi River, becoming the first to pack Coca Cola bottles.

One of the biggest challenges for the first bottlers was the lack of uniformity of the packaging of the 1000 bottling plants of that time. The bottlers agreed that coca cola needed a standard and distinctive bottle and in 1916 the bottlers approved the exclusive contour bottle. The new bottle of Coca Cola was so distinctive that it was recognizable in the dark and distinguished the brand from the competition. The bottle with Coca Cola side dish was registered in 1977.

The company has operated a franchise distribution system, where The Coca-Cola Company only produces concentrated syrup, which is then sold to various bottling plants around the world that own exclusive territories.

Our 2025 Vision “In our quest to be the best FMCG Company across our markets, we continue to focus on our product portfolio and package innovations. We work to increase the number of our sales points and improve brand equity for our entire sparkling portfolio. We aspire to be the preferred partner of our customers and offer our consumers a wide choice of products fit for every lifestyle and occasion. We remain on-track to fulfill our plans to achieve revenue growth and increase our profit margin, taking firm steps towards our goal of being a great place to work.

In line with our goal of being a good corporate citizen, we continue to show leadership in sustainability, transparency and corporate governance. We strive to establish CCI as a safe place to work, respecting and complying with human rights and workplace rights. We work to support the wellbeing of our consumers with effective policies, product innovations and active lifestyle programs”.

  • CEO:
  • The CEO of Coca Cola International is Burak Basarir

  • Field:
  • It is a nonalcoholic beverage company

  • Products:
    • Coca-Cola
    • Diet Coke
    • Sprite
    • Sprite Zero
    • Fanta Orange
    • Fanta Citrus
    • Minute Maid Cappy
    • Kinley
  • Packaging:

Coca Cola is packed in pet bottles and cans with different sizes:

  • 250 ml
  • 330 ml
  • 500 ml
  • 1500 ml
  • 2250 ml

SWOT Analysis of Coca Cola Company

Strengths in the SWOT of Coca Cola

  1. Brand Equity:
  2. In 2011 inter brand awarded Coca cola for the highest brand equity award because of vast global presence Coca cola is one of the top brands with the highest brand equity.

  3. Company valuation:
  4. Coca cola has valued around 79.2 billion dollars this includes brand value, the numerous factories and assets all around the world and the complete operations cost and profit of Coca cola.

  5. Vast global presence:
  6. If you visit a country there are really few chances that you cannot find coca cola. Coca cola is present in 200 countries all over the world. This is a really big achievement and makes coca cola unique from all others.

  7. Largest market share:
  8. There are only 2 competitors in the market of beverages Pepsi and Coca cola and coca cola is the winner because of the largest market share. Amongst all beverages, Coke, Sprite, Diet coke, Fanta and other are the growth drivers for Coca Cola.

  9. Fantastic marketing strategies:
  10. Coca cola have a very different marketing strategy, coca cola targets people of all ages whereas Pepsi is always trying to target youngsters. The branding through different famous actors and showing importance of coke at different events is also very a unique marketing strategy.

  11. Distribution network:
  12. Coca cola has the largest distribution network because of the challenging market for its products. On the other hand, due to this successful distribution network, Coca cola has been able to command such a high market presence.

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