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Summary Of The Meta Physical Secret The Law Of Attraction

The video, The MetaPhysical Secret: The Law of Attraction, was exposed to the public in 2006. Since then, many individuals that live across the world have been impacted in some way. The Law of Attraction states that “Like attracts like”, our thoughts influences our realities, and lastly, pleasant thoughts will bring forth a life of health, wealth, and happiness. These three terms are primarily what the MetaPhysical Secret emphasized. The law of attraction is one of the twelve universal laws.

The other universal laws are as follows: Law of Action, Law of Correspondence, The Law of Divine Oneness, Law of Vibration, Law of Attraction, The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Compensation, The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, The Law of Relativity, The Law of Polarity, The Law of Rhythm, and lastly, The Law of Gender. The basis of the Law of Attraction implies that humans are disconnected from the desires of their heart. The goal of humans should be obtaining our desires.

The film states that people have to bring themselves into vibrational alignment so that we can reach our goals. According to the law of attraction, everything in our macrocosm has a vibration and gives off energy. When individuals yearn for something, humans diffuse a vibration. The vibration that is released into the universe causes the Law of Attraction to respond. Humans feelings, thoughts, the five senses, and desires give off vibrations. Our five senses are a result of our beliefs. The law of vibration instructs humans to line up our energy with what we want to attract.

The basis of the Law of Attraction is that we are “separate” from the things we desire and must bring ourselves into “vibrational alignment” in order to attract or bring those things into our experience. As the clip goes on, the speakers began discussing the importance of wealth and abundance. They state that the first step to being wealthy is being grateful. Once you acknowledge your aspirations, you have to do what you need. The implementation of action involves the law of Action. If you want to be wealthy and prosperous in life, you have to put in the work.

The speakers also mention that if helping other is beneficial to your life and others. The energy you put out will come back to you. In order to progress, we have to stop worrying about others opinions and determine the cost of the things we want in life. Knowing the cost of things, we want, will give us an idea of what we need to do in order to obtain that thing. Those who are implementing the universal laws into our life, have to create an environment that promotes wealth. We are what we attract whether it is good or bad.

Regardless if we are a good person if bad things happen or negative individuals come our way, based on the law of attraction it is our fault. The law of attraction affirms that if you aren’t wealthy or have not acquired your desires than it is because of your thoughts and beliefs. You have to believe in yourself in order to reach your goals. All thoughts are the beginning of all real things. You have to believe and understand that you have the ability to do something and execute your plan. For some, it is beneficial to write out your goals or create a vision board.

An important factor is trusting what you are attracted too. There is a reason why certain things appeal to us. There is a reason for everything. It is better to just do something instead of wondering later what the outcome could’ve been later on. An inspirational quote by T. Harv Eker from this film is “One step in the right direction is worth a hundred years of thinking about it. ” Speakers such as Joe Vitale, Bob Doyle, and Fred Alan Wolf, expounds on how relationships, love and health tie into the law of attraction. When it comes to relationships, whatever you are looking for in a spouse you should be as well.

It is okay to give constructive criticism. Bring out the best in your partner and never try to change them. It is not the criticism that affects us, it is how we react to the critics. It is extremely important to love yourself. If you have confidence, you will handle critics well. Having love for yourself is not conceit, it is simply a healthy consciousness of who we really are. The universal laws teach us to have a heart of forgiveness. We cannot be stuck in the past and expect to reap bountiful benefits. It is smart to learn from the past and progress. Mental health is just as important as physical health.

The meta-secret to health is listening to our bodies. According to the definition of the law of attraction, I am subject to using it daily. Each and every day, I attract a variety of individuals. I give off an energy daily whether it is positive vibes or negative ones. The vibrations and energy that I give off are what attracts people on a daily basis to me. I currently use the law of attraction by being enrolled in college. My major is Global logistics and international business. My primary goal is to travel and open a business. Me attending a university is a major step to reaching my goals.

The law of attraction teaches that in order to be wealthy and abundant in life, you have to put in the work. Another application of the law of attraction is me helping others. I often give money to the homeless all the time, I do community service and I also give advice on a daily basis. A debatable question to those who practice the law of attraction is Do you feel as if the law of attraction conflicts with religious beliefs. The religion I practice is Christianity. When applying this law into my life, I have to be careful. The bible is what Christians is supposed to live by not the universal laws.

The law of attraction mentions that individuals should find out what they want and ask the universe. As Christians, we do not ask the universe for anything. We go to God and ask him for the necessities and wants of our hearts. God is the giver, not the universe. Also, the law of attraction focuses on living a great life and doing anything to have great health and wealth. Christianity is about living your life according and preparing for eternal life. Christians are not so caught up in their earthly lives because their main focus is the afterlife with God in Heaven. There are a lot of benefits that can come from Law of Attraction.

Following the universal laws can relieve stress. Stress is caused when you give the conditions of the circumstances power to control you. Once you get everything in line, your life becomes easier. Success will come because you are utilizing your full potential. Laziness will diminish. Other individuals impact on my life will fade because I am not worried about their opinions. My mind will be at peace and I will be more relaxed. Due to me working to my full potential, I will begin to feel content. I will also be more focused on important things because I have separated myself from the negative aspects of life.

My response to the movie, The MetaPhysical Secret: The Law of Attraction is that the picture quality was terrible. I disliked the foreign captions. Some parts of the video were not in English. The parts that were not in English left me wondering what they were talking about. Since the captions were in a foreign language, I was unable to read and translate the speaker’s words. Another weakness is the sound of the video. Sometimes the sound was different from the speaker’s mouth. Some of the strengths in this film was some of the lecturers were entertaining.

The content they discussed was interesting at times because they added real life examples. Though the picture quality was bad, I could tell the video was put together nicely. They displayed keywords and quotations throughout the movie. Each keynote speaker seemed passionate about the information they taught. The graphic and video transitions were nice as well. Overall, I enjoyed the video though at times boring. The orators broke down the universal laws in ways I could understand it thoroughly. The pictures caught my attention and the speakers were motivational.

In the interest of the youth, there is work that should be done to appeal to a younger audience. I would tell the videographers or creators of this movie to eliminate the background music. The background music is not exciting; it makes some people sleepy. Though these speakers are motivational, the creators might want to change some of the orators. The younger audience needs excitement. The video has to be engaging. The graphics have to be nice and the picture quality needs to be improved. Another way to appeal to younger individuals is adding real life applications that they can relate to at that age.

If people can relate to it, they will be more into it. When the speakers were discussing wealth, they should discuss some of the rich individuals in today’s society that apply the law of attraction to their lives. In conclusion, I feel as if living by the law of attraction makes people’s life easier. There are many benefits that come from the implementation of this law simply because you are eliminating the detrimental aspects of life. When trying to progress, we have to remember that we are what we attract. Our thoughts play a vital role in our lives. If we believe it, we can achieve it. What we put into the universe, we receive back.

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