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Stereotypes In Chemistry Class

How about the all Asia people look alike stereotype, I can say, I’ve insulted quite a few Asians as well as embarrassed myself when I mix up one Asian person for another. Just this semester, I has math class with an Asian girl, I noticed at the end of the day, I also saw her in my chemistry class. Towards the middle of the semester, I realized I would need help in math as well as her notes from chemistry on the days I won’t be attending. I decided to go up to her after pre-calculus one day to ask if she’s in my 3:40pm Chemistry class, to my surprise, she told me she wasn’t.

I asked her if she was sure because the other Asian looks just like her! She said no once again. I was pretty embarrassed, I told her sorry and walked away. I still convinced it was the same person, so I went to Chemistry that day hoping to see the same girl, maybe she misunderstood me I thought. As I walked in class, my eyes were focused on finding this Asian girl, she wasn’t there. She’s late, I thought. A few minutes later, she walked in, I said yes, that’s her! But it wasn’t the actual girl from pre-calculus I spoke to today.

I was more embarrassed for accusing the girl of being in my Chemistry class when she wasn’t. I was still in disbelief, I got caught perpetuating the old stereotype of all Asians look alike. I always tried not to hold that conception to be true but far too many times, I fell victim to perpetuating it. That isn’t the only incident I’ve had doing so, far too many times I’ll go to a nail salon, really love the lady who did my nails and always tell myself to remember her face. When I go back a few weeks later, I can never differentiate who did my nails from who hasn’t.

So yes, I do believe all Asian people look alike. It does not affect my life not one bit, so if my prejudice were to be eliminate tomorrow and forever, it will not change anything. I’ll probably be able to remember who did my nails last time so they can look great all the time. My prejudices have developed through past negative past experiences. I could have happened with any other group, but because I experience these stereotypes with people from the groups I’ve encountered on a continuous basis, I hold them to be true.

Will my prejudice ever change; I feel it will eventually as I gain more knowledge about the groups I hold the stereotypes against. We all fall into the trap of the labeling theory and confirmation bias, so it is human of us to box certain people in a specific category. It I feel it is up to us to be consciously aware of when we’re doing categorizing someone from another group and make sure we’re not discriminating against them. Because I know how it is to be discriminated against.

I noticed that our prejudice and discrimination doesn’t affect the people that are participating in the act, but for the people that are on the receiving end of it are affected. It affects one’s self-esteem, sometimes a person’s socioeconomic status, health, or even where a person can live. All because a person belongs to a group that another person holds judgment against. For instance, many blacks like myself feel that white people are racist. And until they’ve interacted with blacks, they hold each stereotypes true against all blacks.

When whites see a black person that does not fit in the stereotype they hold, they often refer to that person as “being different from the rest,” “special,” or “being an Oreo (a white person in a black person’s body. ” Many comments I’ve gotten before. They like to separate these chosen few into a different box to place them as the ones that are special. Now, our prejudice, doesn’t have as much of an affect on the whites lives as much as the whites prejudice against blacks.

We are the minorities so our prejudgments against white ends where they begin. Whites on the other hand, are the dominant group so they have the power to control the fate of our jobs, health, economic status, etc. I personally feel blacks hold prejudices and against whites out of fear and anger. We are often upset and scared that we often times know that the faith our future is in the hands of a white man. White people dominate the law enforcement system, education system, health care system, judicial system, as well as the corporate system.

I’m terrified that when I graduate, I won’t be able to get a job, because there will be countless of other white candidates that are better qualified than me because they grew up having better resources than I did as well as they started off in a better position just because they are from the privilege class. Or the person that interviews me wouldn’t think I would be a good fit for the reputation of the company I applied to, based on the appearance of my Afrocentric hair. All these things go through my mind. If this prejudice were to be eliminated tomorrow, I feel like I’ll be walking blind through the world.

This issue is real and I have to hold on to this prejudice to never forget that I’m apart of a group that has to work ten times harder than whites to get what I want. If I eliminated this, I feel like I’ll be apart of the groups of blacks who aren’t “woke” and believe that we have just as much equal rights and opportunity as whites. For me to give this prejudice up, the world would literally need to be a better place. More like a Utopian type of society, and I feel that will never happen, so my prejudice against whites are here to stay. This is my human right.

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