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Should School Uniforms Be Mandatory?

School uniforms can play a big role in improving student’s academic performance. School uniforms should be mandatory in schools. Students that worry about their clothes will be able to focus in school due to school uniforms. Parents with children that have problems with clothes will love the idea of making school uniforms mandatory. School is where students will wear school uniforms. School uniforms are important because it will help increase student’s academic performance.

Students should be for school uniforms because they decrease distractions, increase student engagement, and help create a safe school environment which increases student academic performances. Clothing distraction have decreased after school uniforms becoming mandatory. Clothes have been a big distraction to students. Their academic performances have improved after making school uniforms mandatory.

“Some experts believe that a mandatory uniform policy will remove this distraction and improve the student’s attention in class (Weebly 1). School uniforms will be able to decrease distraction and increase student’s academic performances. Students would receive better grades due to not worry what to wear to school because all the students are wearing the same clothes. School uniforms allowed students to focus on the board and not on their clothes. Student’s academic performances have increased due to less distractions.

Distractions have decreased because school uniforms became mandatory. “Schools that have implemented school uniforms have seen an increase in student’s academic performance and a decrease in distractions (Weebly 1. ” School uniforms will allow student’s academic performances to improve and distractions to decrease. As a matter of fact, school uniforms allowed students to have better attitudes in their classrooms. Student classroom behaviors have improved after school uniforms became mandatory. “Overall improved student behavior as a result of uniforms results in fewer behavior incidents on campus (Boutelle 36). ” Astonishingly, school uniforms changed students in a positive way. Students started to respect their teachers and the classmates.

Student had a better student engagement with the classmates and in their classrooms. School uniforms allowed students to act better in classrooms. Students are behaving better with school uniforms than without uniforms. “… perceived more positive behavior and peer interactions. They also reported fewer cliques, less teasing, and better self-esteem (Boutelle 37). ” Students are having better relationships with their friends and classmates. Students are not judged by how they dress because they are all wearing the same outfits.

Due to less bullying to occur, more students feel safe from being teased in school. Bullying and teasing has occurred less and students are able to focus on studying. As has been noted, students are able to learn better due to being in a safer environment. School uniforms will make gang influence or any cloth competitions to vanish. “Proponents suggest that school uniforms can reduce violence in schools by diminishing gang influence and easing competition over clothing as a source of conflict (Boutelle 35). ” School uniforms allow less violence and any dangerous actions to be made on school campus.

Students are related to gang things less than when school uniforms weren’t mandatory. Students will not be able to make any dangerous actions within gang related things on school campus. School uniforms will help students become safer and create a safer environment for students. “… school uniforms would prevent gang activity by not allowing students to wear gang colors or gang insignia (Boutelle 35). ” Students can’t wear anything inappropriate or gang colors or gang signs when they are wearing school uniforms. School uniforms create a safer school for students to learn and communicate.

As a result, students had better relationships with classmates and with teachers. “Teachers describe an improvement in peer relations and perceived their school environment to be more positive and conducive to learning when uniforms were worn (Huss 1). ” Teachers saw a big, positive improvement in students with peer relationships. Bullying about how a student dress has vanished because everyone is wearing the same clothes. School uniforms allowed student engagement to improve and school environment to become safer.

Safe environments are the one of the keys to student’s academic performances to increase. “Uniforms promote school safety and enhance the learning environment, and diminish the clothing competition (Boutelle 37). ” Results show that students tend to work better in safer environments. Cloth competition will no longer exist due to wearing the same clothes as the rest of the students. Student engagement has improved that allows bullying to diminish and that makes students to school as a safe environment. Students tend to take care of their outfit when they are wearing the same clothes as other students.

On the other hand, some parents are saying that students will find other ways to express themselves and they might turn worse than before school uniforms were implemented. “… students may turn to other avenues of self-expression that may be viewed as even more inappropriate than clothing… (Chen 1). ” A handful of parents thinks that school uniforms wouldn’t help their child. They seem to be worrying that their child will wear, accessories or other things that are worse than their clothing before school uniforms. But, other parents believe that school uniforms will increase school safety.

A dress code won’t make you sacrifice your style, but it will allow for a safer, more academically focused school (Brosnan 1). ” Dress codes or school uniforms doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself, you can express yourself with academic performances. Schools will become safer even after school uniforms become mandatory. Opponents believe that students will not be able to concentrate on learning. They believe that students tend to take care of their looks than their grades. “… opponents argue that uniforms may not be comfortable for all students, which will limit learning as students worry about their appearance (Boutelle 34). Opponents think that students are struggling in school due to school uniforms.

They believe that students will focus on their appearance than actually learning even with school uniforms. Opponents believe that students will still take care of their looks rather than their grades. There are people that believe that school uniforms will decrease clothing distractions. “Testimony was presented at trial that the uniform policy reduced clothing distractions… (Geddis 1). ” Students were distracted less by clothes because they were wearing school uniforms.

School uniforms help students to focus on the board to learn, not on their clothes. Allowing school uniforms to be mandatory is significant. School uniforms being mandatory is very important because it can help students improve their academic performances. School uniforms will help with less distractions, student engagement, and a safer environment for students to learn. Not only will student’s academic performance increase, but will also decrease distractions, increase student engagement, and help create a safer environment to help increase student’s academic performances.

School uniforms will make improvements to the school and to students. Parents, students or anyone can make schools a better place and help change student’s lives around. Students that want school uniforms should make a power point and present it to the town council. They should present the power point as fast as they can because if they end up presenting it later on, then students will not get the advantages earlier. Imagine a world with schools all over the world judging what other students wear. This won’t happen if school uniforms became mandatory in schools.

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