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Ryobi Trimmer Review

Having a problem tending to your overgrown hedge? Or maybe the overgrown bush at your backyard looks scary and needs attention as soon as possible? Look no further for the answer to this predicament as the Ryobi trimmer is a perfect choice.

Ryobi is a firm with a niche in matters landscaping and gardening making it an excellent partner.

Ryobi trimmers come in various forms to help solve the backyard issue of overgrowth and both will go a long way to help maintain the good and tidy look of your environment where plants are concerned. This makes Ryobi trimmers versatile in its adaptability mode to deal with the recurring backyard issues.

The first product is the Ryobi hedge trimmer which specifically will help in trimming and leveling up your flower hedge or overgrown bushes and is most suitable for hardy growths of these plants.

The second tool is the Ryobi string trimmer which utilizes a cutting string swath to help trim overgrowths. It is suitable for long grass and non-sturdy plant overgrowths.

Both Ryobi trimmers are electric and cordless and utilize a chargeable lithium-ion battery. The lithium-ion battery is powerful that translates to efficiency in terms of running time that is approximately thirty minutes to one hour nonstop. The power also ensures a full throttle movement that enhances speed in cutting and hence time-saving in the long run.

Pros Of The Ryobi Trimmers

  • The trimmers come in a lightweight body frame.
  • They are powerful trimmers.
  • Cordless hence allow ease of movement
  • Possess a chargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Large trimming radius

Cons Of The Ryobi Trimmers

  • Expensive replacement batteries.
  • Requires constant maintenance regime.
  • Long charging hours.

Pros In Depth

  • Lightweight Frames
  • Ryobi trimmers come in lightweight frames that way up to nine pounds. The battery and the trimmer engine take most of the weight but the weight is evenly spread due to the length of the battery and engine compartment.

    In the trimmers being lightweight, it translates to easy handling of the tool while operating it minimizing instances of fatigue or strain to the user. This will help cover vast areas with low effect on human energy used.

  • Powerful Trimmers
  • The trimmer tools come equipped with a powerful motor system backed up with an efficient, long-lasting lithium-ion battery. The motor systems transmit a huge energy potential to the rotating shaft of the string trimmer and the saw tooth of the bush trimmer. This makes the Ryobi trimmers powerful outdoor equipment that will cut through overgrowths quick and to precision.

    A powerful equipment translates to quick operating time due to the ease in handling. This will save a lot of time and manpower in the long run.

  • Cordless
  • The trimmer is cordless in that it does not feature an electric cord that comes from the electricity source to the equipment. This is favorable in two ways. First, it helps in the easy movement of the tool operator and he or she will not be restricted to an area at a particular time. This lack of restriction helps in trimming in different preferred angles and also allows the designing of the hedge or bush in various aesthetic shapes.

    Secondly, the cordless feature helps in averting problems like loose wires and tripping incidents which can prove to be so catastrophic.

  • Possess A Chargeable Lithium Ion
  • The Ryobi trimmers come equipped with a powerful, chargeable lithium-ion battery together with its charger. The chargeable battery is efficient in plenty of ways. It will firstly allow the operator to run it efficiently without the need for a direct connection to a power source. This means that as long as the lithium-ion battery is charged to its maximum level, it can be run effectively even with no power.

    The chargeable battery also imparts the cordless feature to the trimmers as they do not require connection to a direct electricity source for it to run.

    A chargeable battery is less prone to electric issues such as short-circuiting or emission of sparks that could be explosive. This is safe for the user and the environment.

    Finally, chargeable batteries are known for their long lasting feature. The Ryobi trimmers’ battery is no exception and will last for long with no visible sign of damage. This will be pocket-friendly in terms of replacement and maintenance of the battery.

    Also, Ryobi trimmers emit less noise due to their electricity running aspect. This will help shield the operator from noise and also eliminating incidence of noise pollution.

  • Large Trimming Radius
  • The trimmers have a huge surface area and radius structure. The hedge trimmer, for instance, has a long shaft with tooth-like projections on each of its sides can cover a large area lengthwise and the tooth-like projections will increase the surface area covered.

    The string trimmer has a twelve inch to eighteen-inch radii. This will cover a huge diameter at once per use.

    The large trimming radius will be a huge factor in clearing the bushy area as it will cover a huge patch at a moment hence a huge clearing threshold. This will save time and manpower and will prevent exhaustion.

Cons In Depth

  • Expensive Battery Replacement
  • The lithium-ion battery is powerful in energy production and it is long-lasting. These two are the key features that define a good battery. These being top notch features will have an effect of pushing its replacements cost higher up the ceiling.

    To prevent constant replacement costs, an operator should ensure that the battery is well maintained in charging by preventing undercharging or overcharging. Also, the operator should prevent short-circuiting instances of the electrode by placing the trimmer away from wet places.

    This measures will go a long way in keeping the battery in splendid conditions.

  • Constant Maintenance Practices To Be Observed
  • This applies to most equipment intended for a long-term use. Maintenance should be observed and undertaken constantly to ensure the Ryobi trimmers do not get damaged or lose their maximum functional capability. The maintenance regime will include constant oiling of the moveable parts, cleaning of the trimmers, checking for its electrical connectivity and replacements of parts such as fuses.

    The trimmers being electronic should be kept away from wet places to prevent short-circuiting and other electrical accidents such as fires.

  • Long Charging Hours
  • Being a powerful battery, the lithium-ion battery will tend to take a long time in charging for it to operate without any hassles. This charging time will go up to seven hours uninterrupted for its maximum performance. Undercharging or overcharging may destroy the battery.

    Best Alternatives To Ryobi Trimmers

    Ryobi trimmers just like any other product have competitors with a capability of giving it a run for its money. Among the best alternatives incase Ryobi trimmers are out of reach are the following.

  • Mitox Trimmers
  • Mitox is another player in the landscaping industry providing equipment to maintain your lawns, hedges and overgrown bushes in your area. Mitox specializes in mostly petrol powered handheld trimmers suitable for both woody hedges and overgrown grasses.

    Mitox trimmers come in a variance of shapes and sizes that make it versatile in its functionality. This makes it an alternative to consider

Pros Of Mitox Trimmers

  • Powerful equipment
  • Comfortable to use due to the rotating handle
  • Sweeper attachment brushes away clippings.
  • Easy to fire up.

Cons Of Mitox Trimmers

  • Consumes a lot of fuel in petrol.
  • Can produce smoke that can at times be unbearable and even pollute the environment.
  • Petrol run trimmers tend to be noisy.

Flymo Trimmers

Flymo is another company that specializes in trimmers for landscaping and gardening purposes. It has in its possession an array of both hedge and grass trimmers that can work to attain the purpose of maintenance of your garden or lawn.

Flymo has both electric and petrol run trimmers.

Pros Of Flymo Trimmers

  • Option to choose between petrol run or the electric version
  • Easy to start on both versions: electric or petrol.
  • Versatility in shapes and sizes to allow easy trimming exercise.

Cons Of Flymo Trimmers

  • The petrol version is way heavier due to its tank.
  • The petrol version is noisy and yields a lot of fumes.

Bosch Trimmers

Bosch has a vast variety of trimmers among other gardening and landscaping tools and supplies. It majors mostly in cordless trimmers that are being rather popular due to their ease of use and movement.

In its trimming tools, it has the cordless hedge cutters and the cordless grass trimmers both of which can reduce your backyard bush cover effectively dependent on the hardiness of the growth.

Pros Of Bosch Trimmers

  • Cordless trimmers are easier to move around the working area with minimal risks of tripping while allowing maximum mobility
  • The variance of shapes that can trim a lot of hedges even those that are higher set.

Cons Of Bosch Trimmers

  • Exhausting in terms of maintenance.
  • Consumes a lot of energy.

Gtech Trimmers

Gtech is another entrant to the landscaping and maintenance sector and they come in with their cordless trimmers that are adjustable in angle to the hedge or bush. Lightweight in frame and battery operated it is a close alternative to Ryobi. The hedge trimmers come equipped with extendable heads running on a powerful 18v motor. They can reach vast heights in trimming of bushes.

Pros Of Gtech Trimmers

  • Adjustable trimmer heads.
  • Lightweight frame.
  • Powerful motor enhances its efficiency.

Cons Of Gtech Trimmers

  • Long hours to be endured in charging its battery for the perfect performance.
  • High cost and attention to be paid for maintenance.

Black And Decker Trimmers

Black and Decker has been in the landscaping sector for long and has trimmers both corded and cordless with a variety of shapes to enable the trimming of almost all bushes presented to it. The string trimmers feature a twelve-inch cutting swath that provides a wide cutting radius per surface area. The cordless string trimmers come equipped with motors of 20v, 40v, and 60v making it have a powerful threshold of operation.

The hedge trimmer is also a powerful equipment with hardened steel.

Pros Of The Black And Decker Trimmers

  • Powerful trimmers as a result of the powerful motors 20v, 40v, and 60v.
  • Large cutting radius as a result of the twelve-inch cutting swath in string trimmers
  • Cordless trimmers allow for a large unrestricted movement while on the operation.
  • Come in a variety of shapes that enhance its trimming versatility.

Cons Of The Black And Decker Trimmers

  • The corded trimmers may restrict ease of movement.
  • High energy consumption in charging of its battery or when connected to an electricity source.

Stihl Trimmers

The last alternative will be the Stihl trimmers. These trimmers come in a large variance from electric powered trimmers, battery-powered trimmers, homeowner and professional trimmers. All of these varieties are designed according to the intended purpose or situation but aim toward a better common goal of making your landscape appealing in relation to its surrounding plantation.

The trimmer heads come in various configured angles to enhance the smooth operation.

Pros Of Stihl Trimmers

  • Versatile in terms of configuration and purpose .i.e there is a professional trimmer as well as a homeowner trimmer.
  • Features an adjustable blade.
  • Relatively lightweight.
  • Large cutting radius.

Cons Of Stihl Trimmers

  • Excessive consumption of fuel in electricity.
  • High maintenance costs in addition to the attention it requires in maintaining it.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that Ryobi trimmers are the best option of trimmers available as seen by its wide range of features. Its competitors are almost at par with it, but it has managed to stick up to the challenge. The tool’s versatility in relation to its features is recommendable more so the lightweight feature which comes to hand.

The efficient fuel source in terms of the lithium-ion battery makes the Ryobi trimmer a product on its own galaxy that will definitely arouse a keen sense of interest even on those with nil association to landscaping.

The ease of operation is outstanding and it will require a less amount of time in training for personnel to use the trimmer. This is in addition to its speed in operation which reduces instances of fatigue and time wastage

If looking for the ultimate trimming experience to last a lifetime, look no further than at Ryobi trimmers.

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