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Ryan Tannehill’S Progress In The NFL

Ryan Tannehill’s hopes were high when he joined the NFL world in 2012. Like him, many couldn’t wait to have him prove his worth in the league following his impressive high school career which saw a handful of universities calling to have him join their college team. While it would be outrageous for one to assert that the quarterback has so far had an unremarkable professional career, it is arguably fair to say his performance since he was picked by the Miami Dolphins has been only average.

But then, there is no denying he is a fine play maker, littlewonder The Fins’ head coach insisted he’s relevant enough to remain the team’s starting quarterback. Adam Gase made the announcement recently (in March 2008) irrespective of the fact that the team coped fine without Ryan following his anterior cruciate ligament injury and a repair surgery that kept him off the field through out the 2017 season, handing Jay Cutler his place in the team.

Of course, there’s something about Ryan that the coach thinks is crucial for his team, but people like Miko Grimes, the wife of Dolphins ex-cornerback, Brent Grimes wouldn’t be eager to believe that Mr. Tannehill’s adds any unique value to The Dolphins. In case you missed it, Lady Grimes had a good time lashing Ryan on twitter sometime in 2015 following the team’s poor performance. She twitted that Ryan “stunk” wondering how many people the quarterback would get fired before the management realizes he’s the problem of the team.

You don’t have to form your opinion on what caliber of player Ryan is from whatever Miko has to say about the man, his deeds speaks for itself. While he finished his first season with The Killer Bees Defense setting new team rookie records in terms of passing yards and completions, his performance in the 2013 season game against the New England Patriots was super-dope. With 3 touchdowns, he reached 312 yards, had no interceptions and got sacked four times. He kept up with his fine performance in the 2014 season and it brought his a 6-year contract extension worth $96 million; this was in May 2015. Ryan proved that he’s worth the deal that season as he accumulated 12 interceptions, 24 touchdowns and 4,208 passing yards. The 2016 season came and he attained a career-high record, pulling-off 67.1 winning percentage, 12 interceptions with 19 touchdowns and 2,995 yards.

Among other things, his franchise records with The Fins includes his 2015 most consecutive pass completions. At 25, the record also stands as the NFL’s record for the year. From 2012 to 2016, Ryan Tannehill had the highest completion percentage at 62.2%. In 2014, he became the team’s player with the most passing completions and highest completion percentage in a single seasons, respectively at 392 and 66.4%. That’s not all, he placed a 48 yards record in 2013, becoming the longest rush by a quarterback. This was after he achieved 31 yards, the longest rush by a rookie quarterback the previous year (2012). The year also saw him break other team records for most passing attempts, most passing yards, and most passing completions in a rookie season. Accordingly, he exceeded previous records reaching 484, 3,294, and 282.

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