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Review on the “That’s So Raven” show

I choose to discuss “That’s So Raven” show. It is a family comedy television show that aired on Disney channel in the 2000’s. I choose this show because it shows how Black Americans are discriminated against the white people. The show is about a high school girl who has physic visions which allow her to be able to see into the future. On February, 4th 2005 the show released an episode called “True Colors.” This episode was their Black History Month special and addressed issues about racism which we still encounter in our lives today.

In this episode, in particular, Raven (the main character) who is an African American female, and her best friend, Chelsea, who is a Caucasian female, both applied for a job at a clothing store. The manager of the store had both girls complete different tasks related to the job including folding, organizing, and selling an entire outfit to one of the customers. Raven excelled at all tasks and Chelsea humorously and miserably failed at all tasks. Raven did not get the job but, her friend Chelsea did. Raven was confused about the manager’s decision to hire her friend over herself because she knew she had performed better in the interview. Raven then had a physic vision into the future where she sees the manager of the store telling her friend Chelsea that she “doesn’t hire black people.” Hurt by what she had seen in her vision, Raven, her friends, and her family discuss times in their own lives where they experienced racism.

Blue, M. (2012). The Best of Both Worlds: Youth, Gender, and a Post-Feminist Sensibility in Disney’s Hannah Montana. Feminist Media Studies. 660-675.
The author of this article shows how Disney channel portrays contemporary United States girlhood and the aspect of femininity in connection to celebrity where the main character is seen as post-feminist Subject. This article will be useful as it will show how women are discriminated because of their gender.

Bell. R. (2015). Racializing Raven: Race and Gender in That's So Raven. Humboldt
Journal of Social Relations, Vol. 37, Race, Gender & Class in Popular Culture
(2015), pp. 55-66

This article shows the difference between schooling of black American girl and the image in the media. This article is useful as it will help me to show how black American girl is discriminated despite succeeding in school.
Collins, P. H. (2004). Black sexual politics: African Americans, gender, and the new racism. Routledge.

This book shows how black American children are denied an opportunity to join schools like other children in America. The mother of the author did not get a chance to go to school. The book also shows how black Americans are denied opportunities even to access social amenities with the whites. The book is significant as it will help me to show how black Americans are seen as lesser people because of their skin colors.

I will use the theory of existentialism to show different peoples on how to solve the existing problem of discrimination. I will also help many people to view other people despite their color or gender as human beings. For example, black Americans should be viewed and treated as the whites because they are also human beings.

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