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Review of Lizzie Velasques’ TED Talk

‘How Do You Define Yourself’ Analysis

In the TEDTalk, “How Do You Define Yourself?” by Lizzie Velasquez, she talked about how she was born with a rare disease that did not allow her to gain any weight and the various health problems she grew up with. All this became a struggle for her growing up, having to deal mostly with bullying and not being accepted by her peers.

But all of this resulted in her becoming stronger; she talked about she did not let a negative moment in her life define the outcome of the rest of her life. One moment in particular was when she saw a video that was uploaded of her calling her the ugliest woman in the world, gaining 4 million views and to kill herself. She was saddened by it, for obvious reasons. But, instead, she did not let this moment define her, she worked hard towards her dreams and goals, graduating college and writing books and becoming a motivational speaker. The purpose of her speech was to not let negative moments in your life define you as a person, but instead to let those negative comments motivate you and prove the doubters wrong.

Her delivery was very natural and sincere. She connected really well with the audience, but one thing I noticed was that she lost her train of thought for a moment and just laughed it off but she recovered really well from that one small mistake. Overall, she did really well because she seemed to move the audience and she was really confident in delivering her speech.

Lizzie Vasquez has a trait that many motivational and public speakers hope to possess, and that is the ability to automatically connect with their audience. Her speech flowed at a natural pace and she seemed very comfortable in telling her story. She is truly an inspiration.

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