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Research Paper On Raymond Sizemore

A skinny boy, Raymond “Razor” Sizemore was born on July 22nd, 1975. He was dark skinned, with honey brown eyes, and dark brown hair. Razor would turn out to be a good person like most of us. And just like us, though he was a good person, he did some negative things. It was Razor’s first day at the old preschool, two roads down from his small house with the red door on Trelawney lane. His father dropped him off on his way to work at the hospital. Razor’s father was a nurse at University Hospital in Newark. This job paid well, so Razor’s family was well off.

At Razor’s preschool he met his soon to be best friend, Jayden. All the young children in the preschool were coloring with crayons. Jayden and Razor both favored the same pale orange color, so they to drew a picture together. Razor thought giving the picture to the teacher would be a nice idea, so consecutively they handed their image of a big house with a green lawn to her. That was the beginning of a great friendship. This was one of Razor’s first honorable acts. After a few years of friendship, Razor and Jaden became best friends. They were inseparable, and like peanut butter and jelly, they belonged together.

One day, they were at Razor’s house after school when Razor’s grandmother ran excitedly through the door carrying the amazing news that Razor’s mom was giving birth! They rushed to the hospital in time to see Razor’s new born baby sister Ariana. Although Razor was unbelievably excited, he was also scared and a bit upset because he believed his parents would care for his newborn sister more. She was cuter, smaller, and everything that he wasn’t. He couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous. He knew it was wrong of him to feel this way, and he desperately wanted not to, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Several years later, Razor and Jayden made some new friends. They joined a gang of dangerous people of ages ranging from10-18 years old. They didn’t know what they were getting into when they first joined. They just viewed it as an easy opportunity to get some money, but it was so much more than they thought it would be. Not only was there so much horrible physical fighting, but there was stealing, running illegal drugs across town, and more. The big, frightening, gang leader, Ryan, decided it would be a good idea for Jayden and Razor to rob a store.

Jayden was up for it, he could have used the money, but Razor didn’t want to get in trouble. He tried escaping the gang, but couldn’t without getting beaten up by Ryan and some of the other older members. Though for Razor this was a small price to pay, his best friend didn’t take it as well. For the first time in ten years, Jayden wasn’t there for Razor. Razor was now eleven years old. It was a rainy, crisp weekend in April, and it smelled strongly of rain. Razor was in the car with his mother, father, and younger sister, all on their way to the small diner on Oakwood road, the one they go to every Saturday evening.

Razor ordered his favorite, the delicious cheese fries, but there was only one order of them left and his sister wanted the fries as well. His parents suggested they split it, but Razor didn’t want to and ate the fries himself. This upset his young sister, who started crying loudly and ran into his mother’s arms. His mother tried to comfort her by giving some of her own food, and Razor started feeling awful about what he did, but there was nothing he could do to take it back now. The crying eventually got so bad that the family had to leave the diner with Ariana still weeping as though she was a lost child at a large fair.

Razor and Ariana’s mother managed to force Ariana into her small, gray, infant car seat, which faced toward the back of the car and looked like a big basket. Still, she was crying a lot, hard enough to distract her father from his driving. He was struggling to pay attention to his driving with his daughter screaming endlessly in the back seat. Before he knew it, there was a car flying in from the side road at the intersection. Soon he realized what was happening, but it was too late at this point, and although he tried desperately to stop the car, he was unable to and they crashed into the other one.

Other than the continuous beeping sound of the ambulance and police sirens, it was silent. Everybody was being rushed to the nearest hospital, taken into urgent care. Ariana wasn’t crying anymore, due to the shock her body was in. She had a large cut on her face. Razor and Ariana’s father was in the worst condition. He had a broken leg, severe head damage, and some damage to his lungs as well. He would need to go into surgery as soon as possible. Razor, who was only slightly injured, heard the surgeons speaking to each other, “I don’t know if he’s gonna make it through this, man. said the neurosurgeon to his helper. “Yeah, man. He’s in a horrible condition.

Whatever. ”retorted the helper while laughing a bit and scrunching up his nose. This filled Razor with worry, as his father’s life was on the line and he did not trust the surgeons with taking care of him . Not after overhearing their conversation. Regardless of his opinion, his father had to go into surgery. At least he had a chance of survival that way. The next day the surgeon’s helper walked calmly into the waiting room, where Razor and the rest of his family were waiting desperately to know what condition his father was in. I am so sorry to inform you that Phil Sizemore has not made it through surgery…” Razor heard the words that made his world crumble and his heart drop.

He didn’t believe it. He couldn’t. “My dad isn’t dead. My dad isn’t dead. My dad isn’t dead,” he repeated to himself time and time again, but it wasn’t enough to change the fact that this was it. His father was dead and his family would never be the same again. It was time for Razor and his sister to live with their grandmother for some time. Their mother acted like everything was okay, but you could see the sadness in her eyes, like dark brown waves carrying dark, depressing thoughts.

Their mother stayed in bed all day when they left. She didn’t show up at work. She didn’t eat or drink much, and she couldn’t take her mind off of what had happened. It was May 10th,1980, Ariana’s sixth birthday, and after frequent checkups in their mother’s bedroom every weekend, it was time for Razor and Ariana to go back home. Still, their mother would not leave her room. Not even on her own daughter’s birthday. At this point, one could say she was depressed, and all she saw is the dark side of things.

She had no will to do anything and did not see a point to life. Ariana did not receive a birthday present from her, but moving back home was good enough. Soon after, it was Razor’s 12th birthday. Like on Ariana’s birthday, Razor’s mother had not gotten him a present. Not because she was too sad to this time, but because she could not afford it. Razor’s family was now in poverty due to the fact that after her husband’s death, Razor’s mother never showed up at work. Even if she did, it would be too late now and her boss would not allow her to return to her job.

When Razor discovered that he had not received any birthday presents from his mother like he has every previous year, he pieced everything together and stormed out the house. Razor was upset, very upset, and he was running down the beaten up, dirty street, to what had appeared to be nowhere. He had no destination, nor did he have an idea of anything that had been going on at home. He had now come to the conclusion that his grandmother had been helping his mother pay the expensive bills. Razor continued running until suddenly he bumped into his old best friend, Jayden. Except Jayden looked different now. He was taller.

He dressed, spoke, and even walked differently, in a manner that most people might find extremely intimidating, and Razor would’ve probably began running away quickly if he hadn’t known him almost his whole life. “Why you cryin’ bro? ” questioned Jayden, stopping Razor in his tracks. Razor hadn’t even realized he was crying, but still he told Jayden everything, as he had still trusted him after all these years of friendship. “I might have an easy way for you to get some money real quick, bro,” slurred Jayden. Razor knew what this meant, but he was not in the right state of mind to make correct decision, and wanted to make money badly.

This is how Razor ended up joining his old gang. “$200. I’ll hand you 200 if you run these drugs across town for me tonight. ” Razor did not think this was the best idea but he wanted money and this was the best and quickest way to earn it. Razor agreed and was handed a small bag of intoxicating white powder. He put it in his navy blue jacket pocket and started walking across town to deliver the cocaine, but he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. There were police all over and the cocaine fell out Razor’s jacket pocket without him having a clue of it.

Suddenly he saw an officer approaching him, and momentarily he was confused, but he looked down and saw the bag of cocaine on the floor by his old, beaten up shoe. He was horrified. He could hear the sound of the policeman’s footsteps chasing after him, and all he could see was his own fear, as he was living his own nightmare. Without thinking he hopped into the nearest car, which happened to have been left unlocked. He hit the gas and drove as fast as he could, but he did not know how to drive and continued trying to steer the car to avoid things in his way.

Razor continued driving, and there was no hope for him now. He couldn’t figure out how to make the old car stop moving. Eventually he gave up. He wasn’t even trying anymore, and about fifteen seconds later, he crashed into a tall telephone pole. Sirens were going off from every direction, and there was panic in the air. It was about five A. M, and still mostly dark outside, with the sun beginning to rise. The moon was out and bright. Illuminating the scene along with the street lights and the sirens. His mother was called outside, and fell to her knees at the scene that was in front of her.

She saw her own son, in a stolen car, his body was halfway through the cracked windshield. The front of the car was badly dented. Her son was dead. How would she tell her daughter? How would she deal with herself? This event, although huge to people close to Razor, passed quickly as it was so common in the area. His mother was angry. She wanted everybody to remember Razor, but people did not seem to care much. This upset her because Razor was a good person. Finally, she had enough. Razor’s mother spoke with his principle and demanded to speak to all the children attending the school.

The next day, everybody gathered together and Razor’s mother performed a speech that she had prepared the night before. The children at the Catholic school which Razor previously attended sat down on the dirty floor and Razor’s mother stood in front of them and started speaking. “My name is Tabitha Sizemore. As most of you might know, I am Raymond’s mother. My son recently died in a car crash,” she stumbled on her words, and her eyes were tearing up. This was the first time she spoke about what happened to anybody. She did not even tell her own daughter what happened, but she continues speaking. This time not from the speech she had written. He had reasons.

He had his reasons to jump into that car, and I don’t blame him for it. It was my fault, after my husband’s death, I should have gotten better for him. But I didn’t. I was selfish. Raymond was a good person. He might have done some wrong things sometimes, but don’t we all? Any one of you could have easily been in his place. He was just a kid, tryng to understand life and trying to find out what to do, but it got the best of him. Please don’t forget my son,” she was crying now, “He was a good person and although he is dead he will live in my mind forever, and hopefully in all of yours. ”

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