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Representation Of The Victims Of Trauma In Homeland Television Series

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Homeland television series offers a variety of characters. Moreover, almost every character in the show is faced with trauma in some way. Homeland’s two main characters Brody and Carry serves as the main representation of people forced to experience the trauma. Both the subject of trauma and the topic of PTSD have been examined many times in different television series. Nevertheless, “Homeland distinguishes itself by blurring the line between right and wrong, victim and terrorist”. Moreover, Brody is a pained protagonist as well as an insidious villain. On the other hand, Carrie is not an obvious heroine. Furthermore, even though their trauma is different, the both of them are learning how to live with it and consequentially, deal with its dreadful results. This sub-chapter elaborates on their own personal trauma, while highlighting the examples in which the trauma itself can be best seen.

Brody’s Trauma

To begin with, Homeland television series perfectly embodies the struggles of various people including the struggles of military veterans who are often faced with living down traumatic events they cannot bear to think about while attempting to live up to expectations that can almost always be impossible in both the public, as well as in private spheres. The perfect example of this can be found in the character of Nicolas Brody. Furthermore, the scene that serves as the evidence of this claim shows Brody’s body when he took his shirt off. This action only reviled a mass of horrendous scarring. This combined with the look of his wife face told more than enough about the trauma that he experienced in the years of his torment.

Carrie’s Trauma

On the other hand, Carrie has a number of psychological issues which add dimension that is more than obvious, to her character. Nevertheless, those same mental problems provide the even greater significance to the show. They serve to increase her own traumatic experiences from her time in Iraq. Moreover, her trauma in addition to her mental disorder is the main reason she does not have any trouble imagining the worst. This is also the reason behind her suspiciousness. The similar reason can be found for Carrie’s feelings toward Brody. To elaborate, a large part of her feels regretful for the pain, torture, and trauma he was put through. In addition, she recognizes the fact that he experienced that trauma while serving his country. He was subjected to inhumane treatment for large amount of time. This is bound to leave Brody in a broken psychological state. Carrie sees this, and consequentially, she feels sympathy for him.

Finally, viewers of Homeland television series are left to wonder why there is not more focus of how to treat the trauma. Both of Homeland’s main characters suffer its consequences alone. Finally, the only thing that this television series makes clear is that in the traditional frames of bad and good both villain and hero can also be the victims of trauma.

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