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Religion Analysis

Now a day, “religion” is not just a word with a simple definition but rather a word that is enchanted with multiple different meanings, globally. The reason upon this, is, due to the evolution of humanity. The evolution of humanity has rises multiple issues to try and accommodate an accurate meaning to the word “religion” that fits all of the beliefs, faiths, and practise of everyone’s interest. That being said, in the article ” Atheists Are Something More Religious Than Christians” is a reading about the Pew Research Center that formed a survey to see how many people believed in a God and prayed by asking these two questions; “Do you believe in God with about certainty?” and “Do you pray daily?” With the results of their discoveries, they found that there were four different ways that human beings were defining religion through their own perspectives.

However, in this articles, there were three main ways that “religion” “faith”‘ or “believed” was defined. First of all, some saw religion as praying daily. Another way was attending to religious services monthly without actually believing in any Gods but participating. Lastly, some say that religion is when you believe within the absolute certainty of a higher power. Definition of “Religion” is the action of praying daily First of all, throughout the reading there were many times that the author referred to the word “religion” by using synonyms such as; “faith” and “belief” yet, they were all introduced with different concepts of each sector’s “true” meanings. The first reference that the author does to the word “religion” was with the ideas of praying. The author stated that a certain percentage of the population, that they have gathered from the data, thought being religious was through the aspect of praying daily. However, what does it mean to be praying? Praying is described as an act of communication among a God. That being said, in the article, the word “religion” had a meaning in which any who prayed to any God’s were considered fully religion, despite the number of times you prayed per day, every person was viewed on the same level.

One of the sectors presented being religious was to be praying daily, for example, surprisingly enough, 50% of Americans considered themselves faithful if they invoke with God. Contradiction to its subject, this definition being implied to “religion” is unfair for some human beings. The reason upon this is because not everyone prays on the same level and believes in a God the same way as any other individuals. Therefore, there are still some contradictories with the definition that some sector of the data had created to the word “religion”. Definition of “Religion” is the action of attending to religious services Furthermore, in the word, there are many people that have strong believe in supernatural, whether it is about ghosts, the afterlife, a God, and many more, complicated the meaning of specific terms such as; Religion. As previously said, some views being religious by praying daily as of attending rituals. In this case study, it is proven by a survey among over 1500 individuals that some members do not believe in any supernatural’s yet, att4endings religious services.

How is the lack of believing in the supernatural yet, still participation within services, make the individual religious? Some believe being an atheist is best due to the impurity of God’s “story” yet, the other’s is just for a sense of direction in life and to demonstrate their strengths and weakness. Linking the new discovery to the article, many American’s suffered from having lost their faith in supernatural deities yet, some say they are still “religious” as they attend the “religious” rituals by signing with others and wanting to think deeply about mortality. In support, in a San Francisco church, there was a “religious” service founded as “Beyonce Mass” that allowed anyone who lost their faith to join and sing Bey’s songs that had religious content. For them, this is a way that religion is used and demonstrated with the absent of believing in a God, being Atheists. Definition of “Religion” is believing within a higher power Lastly, the last main definition that the author stated from one of the sector’s was that religion is the believing in a higher power. Many people in the world, have a hard time wrapping their heads around the idea of believing in something that cannot be proven logically or scientifically but rather with their hearts. Being religious is like being in love. Nowadays, it is more likely for a couple to have affair. An affair is the unfairness of an act between the seeing or another person, not your spouse, repeatedly and having strong feelings and hopes of expanding their relationship. However, the meaning of it is not the problem but rather, why does it happen? The answer isn’t as simple it is because it is an unexplainable action just like believing within a higher power. Some data sector’s believed religion was praying daily, some was attending services, and this one was believing within a higher power.

What is believing in the higher power? According to the article, it is described as American are thankful to have God in their presence as it entered them into the pledge of allegiance. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that America becomes more religious, where the national motto comes from ” In God We Trust”. Due to the believing in God, American’s higher power, it made them stronger, bonded them as a nation, and made them who they are today. For this sector, believing within the higher power saved them. To conclude, after reading the article ” Atheists Are Something More Religious Than Christians” as opened up many new definitions for the word “Religion”. It was a group of people who gathered and started to gather some data by asking questions to see whether an individual was religious which raised new dentition of “what religion is?” The studies demonstrate how poorly we understood the “beliefs”, “faith”, or “religion” between cultures such as; atheist, agnostic, and christens have a different concept of what “religion” is. Some viewed religion as praying daily, other’s were attending rituals, and some were believing within the higher power. Everyone has different interests and experiences which leads them to have different perspectives on the meaning of “religion”. We need diversity in the word but, we also need an accurate definition of every word that will suit it’s purpose while fitting every individual’s needs. It has been centuries that educated scholars, social scientific, physiologist, and many more have tried to formulate a definition. With the evolution of technology and humanity, could the solution be inventing a word for every religion that could describe with what they view that religion means?

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