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Reaction Paper on “What’s so great about a Jesuit education.?”

In the article, the author was trying to explain how special Jesuit schools are compared to other schools by stating three characteristics he has observed in all schools he visited — cura personalis or the care for the whole person, the spirit of magis — to do more and be more, and being men and women for others. Indeed, these characteristics make the school worthy of enrolling to because after all, it’s not just about the academic lessons, it’s also about the holistic transformation of the person. Jesuit schools are better than other schools because of the characteristics they instill into each individual.

Yes, Jesuit schools may be pricier than ordinary schools even if they have the same learning curriculum. But the worth of studying in this school will all be paid off with how much you can acquire from it. As a new student, I took the risk of enrolling to such institution with merely a dream. That is, to hone my skills and learn more since the school is known for its academic excellence. But little did I know that this school will not only provide me with great knowledge, but it will also cultivate me as a person. Just after two months of studying in a Jesuit institution, I can say that it truly is worth it because I have never been more driven to be educated, to do more, and be more my whole life than I am right now.

Aside from the school’s academic rigor and well-rounded education, it also aims for the person’s holistic transformation. This means that the institution also aims for the overall transformation of a person. Included is the growth of the person through Christs’s likeness by prayer, worship and service, and being able to discern judgments in order to know the right way of acting in the world. It also aims to produce servant leaders that can change the world for the good. Citizens who are not just aware of the issues that are happening in the country, but also participates and acts in solving the issues in his/her own way.

There’s always this stereotype for Jesuit schools – that they are mataray and mayabang just because they all come from a rich family. But that’s completely wrong. You know why? Because I experienced it firsthand. Going into a new school run by Jesuits, I always thought my first day would be bad because of the stereotype. But it turned out better than I expected it to be. People were very friendly and accommodating even if they do not know you. They will offer their help with whatever you need even if they’re rich or not. Well, you can’t really tell the students if they’re rich or not because you can’t see any hierarchy nor classes. Everyone is equal and welcome in the school. After reading the article, I’ve also learned that all Jesuit schools are really like this. At first, I always thought that only Ateneo de Manila embodies these characteristics. But since they are all based on Jesuit education, then they all possess and embody these precious characteristics. It’s because they believe that it is best to make most of your talent by doing service for the greater glory of God

The article is somewhat an eye-opener for people who don’t really have any knowledge on Jesuit schools. Once you immerse yourself into a Jesuit education and learn about their practices, you can really say that they are different in a special way than ordinary schools and are better than what people say they are. Although it may be pricey, it will also give you skills that are more than its worth. It is a place where you can develop your gifts, cultivate your soul, and grow with God to become the best version of yourself.

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