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Quality Website Design Company Threats And Weaknesses

Quality web design company performs various business tactics and other business transactions via a developed website. The company mainly performs. The company is well associated with business opportunities like marketing advertising and financial services with professional employees working under them. They try to provide quality services to their client in such a way that there will be no security issue in the organization anymore. The quality website design company do come across some security issues through to their day to day operations. For example, a company can, be doing very well in software and hardware but has some security issues that the quality web design company needs to help overcome. Therefore, the company basically specializes on building and designing a website and improve the any business and attract as many clients by designing a very attractive website. Below are some of the weaknesses encountered by the company.

Software Policy Weaknesses

Quality web design company facilitates client operations through published services inform of corporate websites. In these websites the clients are given a chance to survey the organization’s database. By this there arises an issue that if some graphics and templates were availed to the clients, they can be translated, modified and used unnecessarily in various forms.

Hardware Weaknesses

Likewise, there Quality web design company is facing some hardware issues. Their devices which are in use by the end users and their clients and the most surprising thing is that all these devices have no security passwords, anti-virus software or even anti hacking software and this may result to the system crash. The situation gives a very open chance for intruders to get into the system and steal the data which may pose a very major threat to the company. Some new features must come into practice like assigning some passwords for the computers and soft wares to develop the web in appropriate way. This will reduce the chance of threats to occur in the organization.

Vulnerabilities and Recommendations

The main problem that can be brought forth by the existing company software weaknesses are the problem of data leakage. The primary solution to this type of security vulnerability is trying to limit the length of time an individual is given access to computers in the company. Access may even be denied to certain people and full-time access should only be granted to the senior level employees in the company

Installing antivirus in the computers may help limit the chances of attack to network resources. Even in the event that the attack occurs, the measure prevents data from loss and stops the attack and can notify the right persons in the organization about the attack attempt.


The above measure to computer vulnerabilities are recommendations given to the company to keep their site from different types of assaults and vulnerabilities. They may change as indicated by the computer features and web architectures. They do cost a bit for the company however aversion is superior to fix. In that way epitomizing important safety efforts may cost for the organization. However, toward the end if any assault happens, they are the ones to survive and keep their information. Keeping in mind the end goal to do as such, fundamental quality programming’s must be introduced and observed by time, so the odds of the risk to happen can be limited inside less time.

Impact of the attacks to the business

Giving a deaf ear to the above-mentioned recommendations that can help prevent of limit the likelihood of the attack happening can affect the business negatively. First there will be an increase in the number of attacks. If a website lack all the essential security features, the chances of vulnerabilities being exploited are very high that the efficiency of the website will become very low,

The company will make losses in the long run as the weaknesses greatly disables the efficiency in the company’s instructions. A lot of important information is lost and the end result is that the company will be losing a lot of funds in trying to recover from losses.

Effects of the threats to the company’s competitive edge

As it’s the case in any business, client or customers would like to be associated with the company or an organization that provides the best quality services and has a good reputation. The event of threat occurring will make the image of the company be greatly damaged and this greatly affects the company’s competitiveness. No client will ever again like to be associated with the company when he/she knows that the company has security issues and is not a reliable company. The competitor company’s offering the same services therefore win the day.

Conclusively, all companies should do an annual assessment of their network because so many things change on a daily basis. Companies have to keep updating their systems or will end up wondering how a hacker was able to hack the systems. When it comes to hardware you have to know what you want and how evaluate the hardware before you purchase it to ensure that it will accommodate the company’s needs.

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