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Quality Analysis of PCA’s Skin Care line

Evaluation of the Quality of a Professional Skin Care Product

The professional quality skin care products in the market today are overwhelming to the consumers as the products are available over the counter and upon the recommendation of skin care professionals. PCA skin care is a line of products that was founded more than twenty years ago by a professional aesthetician who believed in the quality of skin care products. Consumers ought to understand the purpose of the products and the effectiveness in terms of nourishing the skin as promised by the cosmetologists. It is essential to understand what makes a professional skin care products such as the PCA skin care different from other products that are being sold in the market. It is also significant to understand the products that offer the most benefit in providing the best care for the skin (Barel et al, 2014).

The company manufacturing the PCA skin care deems that a healthy skin is one that is beautiful, with the skin care consistently delivering safe and effectual results with no allergic reactions. The quality of PCA skin care is enhanced because of the research that the company has carried out to formulate the product. The skin care product is proven by scientists who also recommend the product for a wide range of use. The product is noted to be essential in treating various skin conditions such as agitated pigmentation and skin sensitivity (Leyden, James & Rawlings, 2002).

The gentle form of the PCA skin care product allows the product to be highly effective in both forms of professional skin care products and the daily skin care products. The difference in terms of quality of the professional PCA skin care products is in the ingredients of the products. It would be better to recommend the PCA line of products to adult and adolescent consumers who would be willing to purchase the product because of its ingredients.

The stores that stock skin care products offer products, which are full of chemicals and oils that can cause skin irritation. On the contrary, PCA skin care does not contain harmful chemicals that are in the form of oils, fragrance, and synthetics. The skin care product is prepared to target and offer treatment to people who have severe skin conditions. The product can only be accessed with a permit from the doctors and aestheticians. The PCA skin care combines professional in-office care and other products that are used on a daily basis to speed up the results. With the persistent use of the skin care product, the visibility of the improvement in skin quality can be proved (Leyden, James & Rawlings, 2002).

The professional skin care product is offered at slightly higher prices in the market because of the quality of the ingredients used to formulate the skin care product. The skin care is better for sensitive skin as it lacks oils, fragrances and other irritants such as alcohol and lanolin. Those who use the PCA skin care report very minimal incidences of conditions such as acne. The professional skin care is free from harsh ingredients since it is backed by the research from scientific laboratories.

The PCA skin care also offers protection for the skin from the direct sun rays because of the sunscreen aspect of the product. Research has it that sunscreens are significant in the prevention of cancer; thus, they ought to be used on a daily basis. Despite the slightly higher price of the PCA skin care, the professional skin care product becomes cost effective in the long run. The product is useful in the prevention of conditions that may become severe and costly to the consumers (Leyden, James & Rawlings, 2002).

PCA skin care has been recognized by scientists to maintain the optimal skin health. Skin sensitization results from harsh ingredients, which causes the drying and irritation of the skin. Reports from research illustrate that the formulation of the skin care product is based on scientific evidence that the product is useful in maintaining optimal skin health and treating certain skin conditions. The product is different from most of the products that are found in normal drug stores (Barel et al, 2014).

Apparently, the PCA skin care delivers better results than the products in the drug stores because of the manufacture of the product in batches that allow for immediate results. The manufacture of the product focuses on the results rather than selling the product in large numbers to earn profits. During the product’s manufacture, reports indicate that the quality ingredients are added in large percentages to make the product more effective (Leyden, James & Rawlings, 2002).

The PCA skin care caters for a variety of skin conditions and types. The quality of the product is enhanced as the estheticians responsible for its manufacture often have experience in the cosmetic industry. The PCA skin care has the same ingredients as those that are found in over the counter. The difference in visible results is because of the concentration of the ingredients in the PCA professional skin care products (Leyden, James & Rawlings, 2002).

It is important to note that cheap skin care products often look like quality products because of the fancy packaging used. The selection of skin care products should, therefore, be based on the advice from skin care professionals and the desired positive results. Reputable skin care professionals would recommend professional skincare products such as the PCA skin care that would not cause harm to the consumers. The use of skin care products that are inexpensive could damage the skin and lead to premature aging of the skin. Inexpensive skin products could also cause the breakout of acne and other skin complications (Spot, 2005).

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