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Political ideology in the USA

Political ideology can be defined as a set of rules, regulations, values ??or beliefs held by an individual or group of individuals in particular that define or establish norms rather than how society behaves and provides evidence of some social order. With this in mind, it is important to emphasize that each person in the community belongs or lives in a form of ideology that determines how they want to see society as a whole and thus fulfills their expectations. In the community. There are different political ideologies that exist throughout the world.

However, the most common and well-known political ideologies in contemporary society are liberalism and conservatism. In particular, most people in the world today belong to conservatism or liberalism. Governations and liberalism often seem to be polar opposites, and there are many differences between them to support this idea. Some of these differences in the past and present are religion, economics, culture and the environment.

Between liberals and conservatives when the questionable point is religion, the two sides have completely opposite points of view. Religious conservatives believe that their religious rules should be effective in state government, and that government should not impede religious freedom, but according to liberals, there are no religious expressions in government and religion should not interfere with government.

In addition, religious conservatives support the fact that religious symbols can be in public and governmental places, but liberals strongly oppose that idea. With respect to the economy, conservatives want a competitive system of free market and capitalism and a private company. Because in their ideas, free markets produce more opportunities and higher standards than the economic system regulated by the government, but liberals prefer a market system regulated by the government in a restrictive way, because the government can protect society against them. large companies and, to system, the public interest motivates the government.

Another issue that conservatives and liberals differ from each other is culture. Conservatives are strongly connected with traditional and cultural values, so they are opposed to radical changes. On the contrary, liberals do not attach much importance to traditional and cultural values ??than conservatives, so they are open to a rapid, intense and extensive social innovation based on rational and applicable reasons.

When conservatives and liberals discuss environmental problems, they are the same ideas about wanting a clean world, but their ideas are separate about the causes of pollution. The conservatives affirm that the human being can not affect the lasting change in the nature of the earth and, at the same time, blame the government for harming the economy with environmental policies. On the other hand, liberals believe that the human being harms the environment and therefore believes that some changes must be made. In addition, liberals claim that conservatives do not protect the environment.

Conservatism and liberalism are compared to each other since they were formed. Conservatives and liberals think and defend that their ideology is superior to the other and struggle to prove that theirs is more reasonable to live. With all the information, there are many problems for which both parties are right, but clearly it seems to be missing a point from both parties. For this reason, there is no way to show one as superior.

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