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Police Brutality 2019

Police Brutality “We have a lot of people that are oppressed. We have a lot of people that aren’t treated equally, aren’t given equal opportunities. Police brutality is a huge thing that needs to be addressed. There are a lot of issues that need to be talk about, need to be brought to life, and those we need to fix.” said Colin Kaepernick. Police brutality has been on the rise in recent events. The brutality is not because there are a lot of people dying during interactions with police but the events or needless physical strength that lead to death. Almost at 99% cases in 2015 have not resulted in any officers being convicted of police brutality. By instilling periodic mental health screenings, requiring, a minimum, four -year degree in either criminal justice or criminology, and regulate a routine yet, random illegal substance testing, the rigorous percentage of police brutality could see a outstanding downfall.

Police officers held at a high ethical standard, thus the mental or psychological screening serves as a way to eliminate the bad seeds or unwanted personalities. When screening for potential law enforcement candidates it allows us to identify how the applicant responds to emergency situations or confrontation also, gives us the ability observe their basic abilities. Psychological screenings can also give the department in which is hiring as to why the applicant is aspiring to take on such position. Taking in all the components helps the evaluator determine whether the applicants psychological profile is fit for the law enforcement profession.

Career fields are becoming increasingly competitive. Candidates having a 4 year degree in criminal justice or criminology will give the edge over applicants who only have a high school diploma. There are many benefits to requiring a 4 year to degree. It will enhance the law makers domain duty. It will inspire personal growth. Colleges have enforced web enhanced classes which makes applicants more proficient in technology. Acquiring a degree in some sort will demonstrate self determination and problem solving techniques. Police officers who attend college are more pleased with their job making them to use less force on citizens. College educated officers also understand the policing and criminal justice system.

Now as I said earlier the law enforcement is a very challenging profession putting the physical and mentally abilities to the test. Therefore the stressful environment on law enforcement personnel leads them to explore a “quick fix” that lend a hand in performing their day-to-day tasks more effectively. Illegal use of anabolic steroids has risen among within the law enforcement society. Personnel of the the law enforcement use steroids for several different reasons but the main reason law enforcement uses the drug is to have that “bulletproof mentality” or cutthroat leverage. Steroids help boost lean body mass, strength, and combativeness. This type of abuse has its adverse side effects as well death. The steroids leads to increased hostility and aggression with decreased anxiety also an intensified dominant behaviour. Impaired judgement is another side effect which veers the person’s state of mind or capability of thinking right. These are just a few effects that would lead to police brutality, which is why if we comprise of a routine illegal substance testing this would eliminate the use of steroids or any illegal substance. Law enforcement personnel must understand they can perform their daily tasks and have a strong body without use of steroids or illegal drugs. They should focus on the right working out routines, proper nutrition, and get plenty of rest.

Overall, it may be said if police departments want to see a change in the use of excessive force by their officers they need to instill a periodic psychological screening which determines whose fit to do the job, requiring the applicants to have a minimum four-year degree in either criminology or criminal justice to acknowledge the profession in which they are wanting to pursue, and provide a routine illegal drug test to knock out the ticking time bombs.

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