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Phenomenal Woman By Maya Angelous

Maya Angelou is regarded as one of the most famous poet who she is a black woman. Maya Angelou is a women’s activist essayist and her work enveloped the battles and triumphs of a dark lady in America. She is one of the artists who utilize poetry as a media to express her separation from her condition. Maya Angelou through the Phenomenal Lady introduces that sexuality of a lady isn’t specifically identified with a pretty face. It’s about how a lady feels inside herself. This sonnet praises the intensity of a lady and the speaker is depicted as a solid and certain lady. Her capacity, her conduct and her certainty turn into the internal puzzle that makes her to be a phenomenal lady. Maya used the repetition and refrain in the word phenomenal to describe the woman and make a summary in the fourth stanza to emphasize the beauty of the woman which attract the men although her skin is not white. Moreover, she used literature technique as she depends on real story. Besides, she uses the literary device. She also used the irony to deliver her message. imagery in addition to metaphor.

Through this poem the speaker attempts to make an impression on the readers to assess themselves in spite of the fact that their physical appearance isn’t great. Maya Angelou contends that the sexuality of a lady isn’t specifically identified with a pretty face. It’s about what a lady feels inside herself. The speaker attempts to clarify that she isn’t wonderful. In spite of the fact that she doesn’t have beautiful body, she can attract the people. Her capacity, her conduct and her certainty turn into the inward riddle that influences her to be incredible lady. Her insight and articulation demonstrate that she’s sure. Her means, her arms, the palms of her hand, and her strolling are great since they radiate certainty and pride of being a lady. When she walks between men, she walks carefully and influences the men to give huge regard for her. The speaker portrays what she has and it influences the men to respect her. She is glad for everything in herself. In the stanzas, the speaker announces that she is a marvelous lady and she indicates how sure she is with herself and through visual symbolism as well, the essayist additionally can see the speaker’s conduct. The manner in which she walks and grins influences her to be an exceptional lady. Lyman B Hagen’s Heart of a Lady, Brain of an Essayist, and Soul of a Writer demands that the lady portrayed is effectively coordinated to the writer herself. Angelou is a forcing lady no less than six feet tall. She has a solid identity. IN the fourth stanza she makes a summary for what she tackled in the previous stanzas, in order to make sure that the readers understand what she said. Maya Angelo is additionally uncommon in her portrayal of the women’s activist belief system. As indicated by Ghana and Anza, her portrayal of lady all around is a sort of self-portrayal with respect to a touchy lady, as the condition of being in actuality with all its various shades, hues and symbols. She doesn’t decrease herself into a sexual model of lady rather overall individual with the receptiveness of an entire identity. Mother’s idea of a lady is best communicated in the lyric Extraordinary Lady where she contends that internal excellence is what makes a lady outstanding, not the outer excellence.

What recognizes Maya as an author is the way that, every work depends on real life experience she experienced from her adolescence to grown-up life. Additionally, another key distinctive factor is her literature technique, which sways between straight forward thoughts and complex emblematic ideas. In her works, she shows her triumph over various life difficulties, and this is the thing that places her in a situation to move and impact the lives of numerous individuals around the globe. This paper intends to show that Maya Angelo is a phenomenal literary poet, will display reasons and confirmation to emphasize this contention. In any case, before depicting this phenomenal lady, a short history of her life will be given to build up the foundations of her uncommon abstract ability. Angelinos personal literary style is what makes her emerge among other abstract creators of her opportunity. Unman Ghana and Shrubberies Anza express: The life and work of Angelo are completely interlaced. Her work is personal. She investigates her continuous development from a dark child to an adult lady. A sort of painful procedure is in reviewing and recalling her past which is broken and eviscerated in pieces. It genuinely mirrors the pith of her battle to defeat the confinements that were set upon her in an unfriendly domain. Angelinos verse and individual accounts shape a substantial picture wherein the emblematic Angelo ascends to end up a purpose of cognizance for Afro-American individuals. By describing her story in her accounts and sonnets, Maya can catch her gathering of people’s consideration since they can identify with her predicament. Also, she motivates her readership that in spite of the difficulties of life, everybody can in any case make it. Joanne Brannon in modern American women writers confirms that readers of her poems value its mood, verse symbolism, and authenticity. The individuals who read Angelinos work incorporates the two commentators and lay readers, and she has accomplished a measure of genuine documentation in their eyes by rising above fierce prejudice, sexual manhandle, and destitution to wind up one of America’s most praised contemporary journalists. Basically, Angelo looks to pass on the sentiment of amazing quality in the entirety of her works. For instance, in the sonnet Still I Rise Angelo passes on the message of not giving up notwithstanding difficulty, that notwithstanding when life was extreme, despite everything she triumphed.

Further, Maya’s work is phenomenal because of her utilization of various literary devices, for example, symbolism, imagery, special personae, reiteration, anaphora, authenticity and musicality. Ghana and Anza express that, the surface of her verse is the skeleton engineering of the reality. She owes the specialty of transposing emotions into dialect expressively. She knows how to incorporate the emotions and thought, energy and reality, dynamic and solid, fact and reenactment’s realities. The utilization of local axioms, slang and everyday dialect loans it a shade of its own and shapes her origination of personality, self and affirmations. She pleasurably blends cadence, assortment, musicality, variety as particular highlights in her verse’. Remarkably, most of Angelinos verse is melodious, which is owing to her profession as a performing artist. As indicated by Lyman Hagen, The vast majority of her other verse could without much of a stretch be set to music. It is intentionally melodious. It is intended to evoke mixing passionate reactions. A lot of it is intended to indicate fun with the milliamp. Basic Gathering Notwithstanding the predominant accomplishment of Mother’s work, the general faultfinder understanding is that her work would scarcely be well known, were it not for her personal approach.

The poem has a profound ironic. American market develops their own particular standard of excellence which just commends reasonable shading, sharp highlights and blue eyes. Here Maya Angelou presents a solid defense for the individuals who don’t fall into this classification. Herself being a delegate of Afro-American inception, she parodies the imagined ideas of excellence and discovers happiness in her freed self which resists any structure. The sonnet begins with gnawing reaction from a writer who is remarkably fearless. She couldn’t care less to fit into the shape of magnificence that mainstream culture develops. Notwithstanding the nonappearance of a glimmering figure, she draws consideration from her male suitors. Astounded by her prevalence, numerous ladies ask her the reason. In answer, the artist parodies all the excellence generalizations and declares the matchless quality of her freed self. She doesn’t have an apprehension of uncertainty about her amazingness and never truly tries to change herself to attract more male attention. Her lack of concern, her dismissal of generalization, her incomparable quality of certainty turns into a secret which her male suitors can’t demystify. This failure to dissolve the puzzle makes them more defenseless against the artist. The artist never does anything funny to draw attention and it is her gentleness of action, the oozing confidence, the guaranteeing grin, the light movement of feet, and the sharp grin make her a victor.

To conclude, Maya through her use of literary devices like refrain, and irony, and through her modern technique expresses the stereotype of the black woman. She neglected the people who compare the black woman to the white woman. She showed that even her black skin she is beautiful and men follow her wherever she go because the beauty comes from her inner confidence. Moreover, she used the repetition in order to confirm her ideas.

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