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Peter Edward Rose Research Paper

Peter Edward Rose, Sr. was born on April 14, 1941 in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. As a young boy he played baseball and football at western hills high school. During Rose’s sophomore year he was starting to struggle with school. He either had a choice to go to summer school or else he would fail his father Harry Rose decided that it would be best for him to repeat the grade instead of missing a summer playing baseball. During his high school years rose thought that he was not good enough to graduate out of high school. His grades were not always the best but somehow he managed to pull it together and make it to his senior year.

Pete’s senior year he had played his four years of sports so he joined a league called the AA class baseball team. During that time he played catcher, second base, and shortstop and had a . 626 batting average. The Cincinnati reds had been looking at rose for a while already and they decided to trade some of their players to get a chance at Rose. Rose made his major league debut on April 8, 1964 against the Pittsburgh pirates and he went 0 for 11 before finally getting his first major league hit on April 13th, against the Pittsburgh pirates he hit a triple off of pitcher Bob Friend.

Getting to the end of that year he won the National league rookie of the year award collecting 17 out of 20 votes. Rose entered the US Army Reserves after the 1963 baseball season. He was assigned to Fort Knox for six months of active duty. At Fort Knox, he was a platoon guide and graduated from the United States Army Basic Training in January 18, 1964. He got married to a woman named Karolyn Englehardt. On April 23, 1964 he made his return back to baseball playing in the Venezuelan winter league with a Leones del Caracas team during the 1964-1965 seasons to improve his batting.

Rose made his appearance back into the MLB in 1965, leading in hits and at bats and finishing sixth in the NL MVP balloting. Throughout his first ten seasons he had never accomplished anything like this he had 200 plus hits, and his . 312 batting average was the first of nine consecutive . 300 seasons. He hit a career high of 16 home runs in 1966 and switched from second base to right field the following year. In 1968 he had a 22 game hitting streak going then missed three weeks with a broken thumb injury then getting to the end of the season he had a 19 game hitting streak.

Rose had one of the best offensive seasons of his career in 1969 having a career high batting average of (. 348) and tying one of his other careers best of 16 home runs. In 1973 Rose led the league in hits and batting average and he would end up going on to win the NL MVP award. In 1975 Rose won an award called the Hickok belt for being the best athlete of sports that year. He also won sports illustrated magazines “Sportsman of the year” award that year. The following year both him and the Cincinnati Reds won the World Series and without him they could not have done it.

In 1976 the reds swept both of the teams that they played in the NL championship series and in the World Series. They were one of the only teams to go undefeated in the postseason. On May 5, 1978 rose collected his 3000th career hit. In that same year rose would go to get a 44 game hitting streak in ended by a pitcher for the Atlanta Braves striking him out. Rose finally found his true position in the infield at first base and that would be the last time that he would switch positions.

Rose figured that somehow the Reds we going to get rid of him because he felt that things between him and the Reds were not like they used to be such as the way that they treated him. In 1979 it was time for rose to part ways with the reds because the Philadelphia phillies thought that rose was the one that would lead them to a world series and ended up signing him to a four year 3. 2 million dollar contract. Rose and the phillies missed the postseason his first year there. In the next couple of years they went on to make it to the postseason and making it to two World Series.

The worst season that Rose has ever had was his second world series that the phillies made it to. He had a . 245 batting average with 121 hits he was even benched at the end of the season in 1983. His only appearances would be to pinch hit. Rose was not a very good pinch hitter with the stats not favoring him. He had 8 hits in 21 bats and a . 381 batting average. In 1983 the phillies made it to the post season with Rose being benched and only having pinch hitting appearances they ended up losing to the Baltimore Orioles 4 to 1 in the series.

In late October of 1983 the phillies released rose then a month later he signed a one year deal with the Montreal Expos. On April 13, 1984 it was the 21st anniversary of roses first hit and he also had another memorable moment that day by hitting his 4000th career hit. After all of this Rose got traded back to the Cincinnati Reds and playing in the infield. He was the second player to have 4000 career hits joining Ty Cobb. On September 11, 1985 rose broke Ty Cobbs record with having 4,192 career hits. Rose was now getting close to the end of his baseball career.

His final at bat was not a good one with him striking out but his final amount of hits was 4,256. On November 11, 1986 rose was dropped from the reds and was considered a retired baseball player. Rose was always proud of the way he did and he always had over a (. 300) batting average or better throughout his whole career. After rose got dropped from the Reds he became a manager for them through the years of 1984 to 1989 and he had a record of 426 to 388. On April 30, 1988 rose was involved in a verbal conversation with the home plate umpire and he also physically touched the umpire.

The results of his actions during that game were that they gave him a thirty day suspension from managing the team. Soon after his suspension for the altercation with the umpire he was punished again for some betting on a baseball game. On February 1989 rose was questioned about the alleged betting on baseball incident. After evaluating the results of the investigation of the betting on baseball games that Pete Rose did they found that he bet on 52 of the Cincinnati Reds baseball games in 1987.

The amount wagered on those games was anywhere from the amounts of 2,000 dollars all the way to 10,000 dollars a day. The result of this was that the MLB made rose join the ineligible list which meant that he could no longer have anything to do with managing the Cincinnati Reds until the MLB committee decided it was the right time for him to come back and that he has learned from the mistake that he has made. One of the things that rose had to do is that he had to go to therapy to try to solve and stop his gambling addictions.

Pete Rose’s record as a manager was 412 to 373 which was a decent record comparing to the wins and losses that the other managers in the MLB had at that time. During roses time of therapy the committee did not give up on the case of rose they kept on digging into it further to try to prove that he did not have anything with the gambling case that it was just allegations that were just put on him. They later found out that the allegations were true and that they wasted there time trying to prove that Pete Rose was not guilty of doing something that he did.

In the later years of 1998 rose tried to apply for reinstatement back into the MLB but none of committee ever took any actions involving the reinstatement so rose never made his comeback as a manager for the Reds. On April 20, 1990 rose pleaded guilty to two charges one of filing false income tax returns not showing the amount of money made off of selling autographs and memorabilia. Another one was from horse races that he won money from. On July 19th Rose was sentenced to five years of security prison camp at the US penitentiary in Illinois and was fine the amount of 50,000 dollars.

On January 7, 1991 after paying almost half of the amount which was $366,041 in back taxes and interest and was finally released from the prison. He also had to do a mandatory 1000 hours of community service. In 1991 rose had a chance at being in the MLB’s hall of fame but for the bad actions that he made in the years past years the committee did not want anyone that was on the ineligible list to be able to be one of the inductees in the hall of fame. Rose is the only member to this day being on the major league baseball’s ineligible list.

After all of this Rose has made some appearances on many different things such as being a Fox sports commentator also appearing on shows such as WWE’s Raw as a wrestling commentator. Ever since his mistake of gambling he has cost himself a lot of damage because he could have been in the hall of fame and maybe could still to this day be involved in the MLB such as being the Reds manager or maybe even being another teams manager but the price of this is that he will never have anything to do with the MLB because of something stupid that he did in the past.

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