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Personal Writing: Experience at the Mall

Go to the mall visit 2 stores. Write a descriptive essay about your experience.

My day at the mall, so many stores so little time. Some of the employees ran up to me to greet me and ask if they can help me with anything. Others just let me browse around and do what I wanted; they simply gave me breathing room. There are so many different techniques to get someone to buy what you need them to.

I went into a few different stores so I can compare how the people were going to greet me when I came in. The first store I visited was Forever Twenty One. They used the rule; meet the customer within the first thirty seconds that they walk in. I think they may have over done it on that. As soon as I walked in they screamed, “Welcome to Forever Twenty One, how may I help you?” That was what I pretty much expected. This is one of the neater and cleaner stores that I visited. Everything was folded nicely and the employees were dressed in nice clothes and watched every move I made. The most appealing and expensive clothes were advertised in the front window and in the front of the store.

My next visit was to Footlocker. The policy of meeting the customer in the first thirty seconds was out of the door here. I must have looked around there for at least five minutes before I was able to get some help. The employees usually don’t approach a customer in a shoe store while they’re still looking around. That could have been the reason why or it could have been the fact that the store was a little busy. When I was finally approached by an employee, it was more of laid back approach. “Hey what’s up, what can I do for you today?” Even though I was just there for an assignment, the employee made me want to make a purchase. The store was a little out of order from customers looking at sizes of different shirts that were folded nicely before. But most of all, it was a laid back store with slightly inconsiderate customers and down to earth employees.

After all of my hard work I was ready to relax, hopefully I would pick a store where I could sit down for a minute and relax. I looked around for a nice place to sit down and I ended up in another shoe store. Robert Wayne was the name. This store was small, but it had many products. There were only two people working the whole store. But those two employees were hard workers. There were about six customers in the store, including myself and all of us had the same polite service from the employees. When I sat down she simply asked, “Is there anything I can do for you today.” I told her I was just looking and she let me relax for a couple of minutes. It was just the thing I was looking for at the time. Robert Wayne was very neat and they played music throughout the store to give a comfortable, inviting vibe. All of the nicest shoes were displayed on a rack in front of the store and rest of the products sat on the remaining four walls of the store. There were also a couple different pairs of shoes in the middle of the store directly behind the chair I was relaxing in.

As my day at the mall came to an end, I realized that the urban stores made me feel like a valued customer. When I was in Forever Twenty One, I felt like I was obligated to buy something because the employees were watching me so closely. While in the other stores, I felt like I could just relax and be myself because that’s what the employees were doing. If every store were more like the two I enjoyed, I think shopping will give you more pleasure besides the fact that you’re getting something new.

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